Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Second season of Rachael vs Guy: Celebrity Cook Off premieres January 6th

The first season of Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off had a huge start. The series premiere was seen by 3.524 million viewers, had a rating of 1.1 and ranked 3rd in the cable ratings, well, that night anyhow. Now the series is back with a second season, with the season premiere set to air on January 6, 2013, at 9pm ET/PT.

The mentors of the show are best-selling cookbook author Guy Fieri and Food Network icon Rachael Ray. Both of them will have their own teams of four celebrity contestants. Each week there's a challenge between the two teams, with losing team having to send one of their member home. The winning celebrity won't have the chance to take anything *home*, well, except for him- or herself, but the charity he or she chose to play for, will get $50 000. And by the end of the day, that's what the show is all about.

In this second season the list of competing celebrities is as follows: Chilli, Cornelia Guest, Dean McDermott and Johnny Weir will be part of Team Guy; Gilbert Gottfried, Kathy Najimy, Hines Ward and Carnie Wilson will be part of Team Rachael.

Both of the cooking mentors are happy to have the chance to go against each other again to determine who in reality is the best cooking mentor.

"Rachael's like family, and when we go into the show, our sibling rivalry comes out. It’s fierce, but we have a blast," said Guy Fieri.

If you're fan of great cooking shows and aren't scared of celebrities with knives, be sure to tune on on January 6, 2013, at 9pm ET/PT for Rachael vs Guy: Celebrity Cook Off.

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Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Provoked Gabriel Aubry Thanksgiving Fight? I Believe It.

If you've been following Halle Berry news lately, you know that she and fiance Olivier Martinez wanted to take Berry and Gabriel Aubry's daughter Nahla to live in France. You also know that Gabriel Aubrey said NO WAY and blocked this in court, because, you know, this would mean his daughter lives halfway across the world from him.

So (reportedly) what did scheming Halle Berry do? She took advantage of Aubry's violent past and planned a fight between her ex and her fiance on Thanksgiving. Word had it that Aubry threw the first punch, but only after being strongly antagonized by Martinez. Now, Aubry's saying that he'd been bullied by Martinez for weeks and was forced to admit that he threw the first punch even though he did not.

Now, let's keep in mind that Aubry could be concocting this whole story in his memory (as the incident did occur several days ago) but I would believe that Berry and Martinez could set this up in an attempt to undo the court ruling that they can't move to France with Nahla. Berry hardly has a stellar track record of being nonviolent herself, and I'm sure she's used to getting her way. When (according to PerezHilton.com) Berry and Martinez spent $3 million on a custody battle to move Nahla to France and lost, you can be sure that Berry wasn't thrilled. This fight could serve to get Aubry deported, giving Halle back her freedom.

I'm not sure Aubry's story is entirely true, but I would definitely believe at minimum that Berry and Martinez purposefully set off Aubry's temper and instigated the fight in order to win their custody battle. And that, for sure, is shady, shady, shady.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Extreme Cougar Wives: WTF?!?

TLC aired a special tonight called Extreme Cougar Wives. It's about women that are dating younger men. Not like, five years younger men...like, 30+ years younger men.

We first met Kevin (21) and Jude (in her fifties). The pair had known each other for years...in fact, Kevin had dated Jude's daughter in junior high. Kevin, at age 21, approached Jude about a relationship, and she reluctantly went for it...but it worked.

Hattie, a woman in her seventies, was up next on the show. She likes guys under 30. (We've seen Hattie on TV before, by the way...I believe she was on Strange Sex a while back for being a cougar.) She's very much into sex and bring a 'young soul'.

Stephanie and Octavio were last. Stephanie's husband died while they were having sex, so she turned to younger guys. Octavio, at 13, was seduced by a friend's mother. So, essentially, they're psychological trainwrecks.

(So far, this show hasn't painted a terribly flattering image of cougars and their cubs.)

The show isn't all about the fun of cougar / cub relationships - it's also about reality. Jude and Kevin had to be sneaky about having sex...Kevin lived with his parents! So to circumvent this, Jude had to sneak out of Kevin's bedroom window. Wow. Then Kevin had to tell his family about how he's doing a commitment ceremony with Jude...and they did not approve. (Kevin's brother attended the hand-fasting commitment ceremony and he looked kind of like he would throw up...and I don't blame him, as Kevin addressed the time when Jude was like a mother figure to him.)

Octavio and Stephanie had no picnic either. Stephanie's 65 and Octavio's 28, and while Octavio wanted his friends to accept Stephanie, it was not happening.

Hattie...well, last year she hooked up with an 18 year old. That kid could be Hattie's grandson. It hardly sounds responsible to me.

Don't get me wrong...there's nothing wrong with dating someone older or younger than you. But when your date is 30 years older or younger, you are bordering on creepy territory.

Sister Wives - 11/25/12

Kody began by addressing that he and his wives specifically raised his kids together as a family, despite the fact that being openly polygamist has been recognized negatively in society. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Kody and the moms went to some of their kids' school for parent-teacher conferences. The moms and Kody went as a group, and all of the parents planned to attend each conference together. Meri noted that she was nervous about meeting teachers as a polygamous unit even though their situation is very public. The first meeting was with Ms. Hess, Mariah and Madison's Spanish teacher. The family noted that she tried very hard to be socially acceptable with Kody and the wives - she tried to look all of them in the eyes.

Next up was Coach Alia. This year she has Aspyn in class but previously had some of the other kids in class.While her grades are good now, Aspyn had some trouble in Coach Alia's class because she'd missed too many classes. On the couch, Meri addressed the fact that Mariah sometimes asked to take a day off from school but was told no. She noted that Mariah often said that Aspyn gets to miss school, and Meri counters by saying that she's not Christine. When she noted this on the couch, Christine's mouth dropped. She looked absolutely horrified. Ouch, sore topic!!!

Dr. Guido was third, and he complimented Hunter as a student. Dr. Guido noted that he knew nothing of Hunter's lifestyle and didn't have any problems with him. The fact that he was well adjusted in school was a relief, considering that he had a lot of trouble adjusting to the move to Las Vegas. Dr. Guido noted that Logan's not a problem either, although he hardly speaks in school. He was positive about Madison's performance as well.

At this point, the show broke off to a sidebar about Logan's use of f-bombs and other curse words. The moms aren't exactly thrilled with this.

Mrs. Reuel was next. She's teacher to Mykelti, who aims to be a fashion designer. Mrs. Reuel noted that Mykelti can be placed at a table with anyone and get along with them.

House Issues

Back at the house, Meri got an email saying that she couldn't get the hobby room and pantry that she wanted unless she got the fifth bedroom in her home. (If you recall, the Sister Wives got their loan agreements and were planning to build houses together in Las Vegas.) Meri brought this up to Kody. Kody looked stressed and said they'd talk to the realtor.

On the couch, Kody said that each wife would get the same budget for her home. Janelle and Christine aired their concerns, with one of the pair noting that originally she was concerned because she felt Meri should get a smaller home because she had less kids. The other said she felt fearful that she'd lose out on something she needed in the name of budget equality. Meri said she truly loved the wet bar that she couldn't have without the fifth bedroom. Kody reiterated that all of these desires created the idea for housing equity.

The family met with the builders to ask questions. Kody brought up the issue of the wet bar. The builders explained that a floor plan doesn't exist with the wet bar but without the fifth bedroom so they can't make it happen.

Back on the couch, Meri discussed her concerns: she didn't want to be judged by having the extra room, she doesn't need the extra room, etc.

The builders said that it would be five months from breaking ground on the homes to moving in, and they could start building a week after having approval from the families.

Logan Graduates

Logan, headed for UNLV next year, graduated high school. Kody blamed Janelle for the fact that no one knew what was going on for Logan's graduation. Kody said he wasn't blaming, just noting that the graduation planning was disorganized, but it sounded like blame to me. Drama, as usual, ensued. Hunter was told that he had to dress up, but he saw that others weren't dressed up and was upset. Robyn was asked to bring a camera to the graduation. This would have been fine except she planned to come a bit late because Solomon couldn't sit through the whole graduation...and she got epically lost on the UNLV campus. Kody ran out of the auditorium to find Robyn, and the wives worried that Kody would miss the graduation. Fortunately, Kody made it back, but Janelle missed the exact moment that Logan's name was called, and she was devastated. About 15 minutes later, Robyn walked in and realized that she'd missed the big moment. She was noticeably angry.

Addressing the Baby Issue...Again

Kody and Meri addressed the issue of Meri having a baby yet again. For someone that really wants more than one kid of her own, Meri sure flip-flops a lot.

Meri visited her sister Elaine, who also struggles with fertility issues. The difference is that Elaine had just had another child. Elaine told Meri that the motherly instinct comes back so that shouldn't be a concern. Elaine noted that Meri doesn't seem as desperate as she did five years ago to have a baby. During those years, Meri tried multiple fertility treatments, not including in-vitro. Elaine encouraged Meri to try it once, and Meri then seemed unsure about how she'd feel if she did get pregnant.

On the couch, Kody told Meri to "get God's opinion" on the situation. He also told Meri that she needs to decide what she wants to do because he would have more kids no matter what. Kody put Meri on the spot but she couldn't make a decision in the moment. Kody offered two months to make a decision, and Meri countered by saying she'd decide by the end of the year. They then settled by saying that the decision would have to be made by the time they move into their new homes.

During the show, some of the children's wishes about plural marriage were addressed:

Mariah wants a plural family.
Aspyn does too but isn't willing to wait for it to happen, so she'll take it as it comes.
Madison does not believe that a polygamist lifestyle isn't for her because she doesn't want a big family.
Logan plans to have "one wife...and maybe one later".

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Couples Therapy: Too Short Will Not Put Courtney Stodden in His Music Video

On the episode of Couple's Therapy that aired on 11/21/12, it seemed that after a lot of hesitation, Shayne Lamas finally had a breakthrough.

The first event was to revisit Shayne Lamas' complete lack of appreciation for the special date Nik Richie planned for her. If you recall, Shayne used every excuse in the book to hate the date - she said she couldn't horseback ride because of her boob job and all kinds of other crazy things. Dr. Jenn Berman saw right through Shayne's excuses and said she's trying to sabotage things, as she usually does. Granted, Shayne had some valid points about Nik's surprise date - not bringing sunblock and other things were valid - but her insistence that Nik is trying to sabotage her is absolutely crazy. Dr. Jenn called Shayne out on her actions - she told her she was acting like a spoiled brat and she needs to stop pushing her husband away. Shayne admitted that she was acting out and said she'd try to stop acting so "my way or the highway".

Joel "JoJo" and Tashaunda "Tiny" Hailey talked about going on a date, but JoJo brought up drinking, and that was a major disappointment to Tiny.

In the group session, Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison spoke first. Doug admitted that it hurt that he lost his family over his marriage to Courtney. He later told Dr. Jenn that Courtney's the first woman he's been with that isn't damaged, and Dr. Jenn explained that based on his background, he's accustomed to being around damaged women, and this can negatively affect his relationship in the long run.

JoJo and Tiny were next, and Tiny addressed the alcohol issue. JoJo made it clear that he'd be drinking, no matter what. Tiny was visibly frustrated and made the case that she's been there, by herself, for JoJo in the hospital when he's overdone the alcohol. Dr. Jenn emphasized what JoJo needs to do, but it seemed like he couldn't absorb her words.

Next up was the touching story of the episode - we met the parents of a teenager named Sarah Elizabeth who passed away from cancer. Her parents talked about how they made it through the situation and then gave advice to the Couples Therapy participants. They advised the participants to remember what brought them together and it will keep them strong. They credited the support they got from each other to make it through Sarah's struggle. Nik and Shayne seemed deeply affected by their story, and it seemed like they would apply the wisdom learned to their own relationship.

Doug Hutchison talked to Too Short about how Courtney Stodden is multi-talented (I'm not convinced, by the way) and tried to get him to collaborate with Courtney on an upcoming project. Too Short (who Doug referred to as Too Small) said he would not be working with Courtney and could only see her as a whore in one of his videos. Ouch.

JoJo walked into a conversation between Tiny and Dr. Jenn, and was acting out and being accusational. JoJo demanded that Tiny tell him what she's saying, and she said straight up that she doesn't want him to drink. JoJo didn't take it well, and during his rant, the show cut to the end sequence, so we can be sure that we'll be hearing more about this next week.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This Whole Kevin Clash Thing? What a Mess.

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? Remember that song? With the whole Kevin Clash saga going on, it's more like Can you tell me how to get, get away from Sesame Street?

Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo on Sesame Street, was initially accused by one male of the pair having an illegal sexual relationship while the accuser was underage. Evidence showed that the pair did have a relationship - but after the accuser turned 18. That was only the tangible evidence at that point. Kevin Clash denied all allegations of wrongdoing and paid off the accuser to shut his mouth. The original accuser, a wannabe model with a criminal past, didn't seem that credible, so Kevin could have been off the hook...if the accuser decided to recant his story and stick with it. Which he didn't.

So, you've got this guy, who said Kevin did stuff with him, then took it back, then said it again. That sounds...inconsistent.

So then walks in Cecil Singleton, who said that he and Clash never had sex while he was underage, but they did some groping and dry humping, and how he wants $5 million in damages. It sounds a little opportunistic, but if this is true, it's pretty screwed up. Clash, at this point, stepped down from his role on Sesame Street, which was a really good idea, but also sort of seemed like an admission of guilt.

So, here's the thing - I believe Kevin Clash did have an interest in, um, young men. And I think that's a pretty solid reason not to be a star on a children's television program. But I do question whether it can be proven that he technically did anything illegal, and that might get the accusers caught in a bind in court. Was he immoral? ABSOLUTELY. Trolling on underage people is not okay, no matter what. But if he technically didn't have sexual contact with either man - or it can't be proven - the guys don't have a case. It's kind of like what went down in some high profile cases in the past (think OJ Simpson's trial) - if you can't prove it, you've got nothing. Which makes me question the motive behind the actions of the two accusers. What do they really want? Justice? Or fame and money? This trial could have been kept much quieter than it was if they truly just wanted justice.

I hope the two accusers are simply seeking cash and fame, and if they are, the truth will set Kevin Clash free. Unfortunately, being that Kevin did have relationships with both men when they were of age, it's not looking too good. I do hope that the guys are just looking for their 15 minutes in the sun and none of this is true, but...well, I just don't know at this point. Thoughts?

Monday, November 19, 2012

11/18/12: A Week In Review

The Trisha Goddard Show did the impossible this past week - the show got Michael Lohan to take a paternity test, and it proved that 17-year old Ashley Horn (who he previously denied) is his daughter. If you do the math, you'll realize that Michael Lohan had a daughter with Kristi Horn while he was still having kids with Dina Lohan. This makes Ashley Horn the half-sister of Lindsay Lohan, who claims that she's never even heard of this mystery half-sister before! This seems to be pretty clearly a lie, which is lame, but even lamer is that Lindsay wants nothing to do with her half-sister. That's not fair - Ashley shouldn't suffer for Michael's indiscretions.

Sister Wives, again, showed wisdom from the children that the adults can't seem to accomplish. Mariah showed so much emotion as she told us why her mom, Meri, should have another child. (Sister wife Robyn would be the surrogate.) Meanwhile, Kody and the wives plunged forward with their desire to buy a bunch of separate houses, despite Robyn's massive debt and the fact that they just don't need them. Seriously, Brown family, let's be realistic! Oh yeah, and Robyn's sister's name is Taralyce...Robyn seriously lucked out in the name department in her family!

The Breaking Amish: The Shunning Truth Part 2 was a disappointment for one main reason: Rebecca didn't reveal who the father of her daughter is. While some Google searching will tell you it's Abe, and Rebecca's ex says it isn't his, we don't have confirmation because the pair is so hush-hush about the whole thing.

Kim Kardashian received death threats after tweeting positive thoughts towards Israel after Hamas rocket attacks. While I agree with pretty much nothing Kim Kardashian does and says, she doesn't deserve the negativity she received for her innocent tweet. She tried to cover up the error by also tweeting for Palestine, but that didn't do her much better, so she deleted both tweets and released an apology. I think people being critical towards Kim for this is ridiculous - she simply wanted to show support for people in a positive way. I guess you just can't do anything right anymore!

Secretly Pregnant, again, did not disappoint. This week, we met a 40 year old woman, Susannah, who was married but separated from a 25 year old man who already fathered two of her children. While she seemed to want to be with him, his criminal past got in the way, as did the fact that both Susannah and her husband were financially supported by their parents. This show is great - I can only imagine what the participants' families are thinking when the main participants have them on video but they don't know why.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Joe Simpson Bones Men; Family Divided

If you follow the celebrity scene, you've probably heard that Joe Simpson, father of Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson, has found his way into a messy divorce from his wife Tina. Why? Well, primarily because he was boning a wannabe male model and a male escort...and spending family money on those endeavors.

Here's my thing - everyone deserves the right to be who they are. So even though it may have been a challenge for Joe to shed his religious image and admit that he plays for the other team, he should have done it the right way. Here's my take on the situation:

When Joe realized he was gay, he should have addressed it with his wife so they could handle it together. But he didn't, so...
When Joe decided to cheat, he should have realized his wrongdoing and stopped until he could separate from his wife. But he didn't, so...
When Joe spent the family's money to pay for his affairs, he should have confessed and apologized. But he didn't, so...
When Joe's story came out, he should have owned it, apologized to his family and turned this into a lesson about how it's okay to be gay and religious. But he didn't, so...
The family is divided (each daughter is siding with a parent) and the whole situation is a mess.

Last I checked, Joe isn't openly admitting anything to the public and instead is hiding behind a makeover. My hope is that he turns this situation into a positive to the best of his ability and allows himself and his family to move forward. My heart goes out to the Simpson family - not because Joe's gay, because that's totally fine - but because Joe didn't have the decency to discuss the situation with them before the story went public. It's not as if the Simpsons haven't faced divorce and scandal before...they can take it. But Joe could have made this into a much less negative situation through honesty, but instead cheated on his wife and spent her money on his own secret endeavors. Shame, Joe Simpson, shame.

Ariel Winter's Mom Accused of Abuse; Brother Denies Claims

Ariel Winter of Modern Family fame has been removed from her home and put in the care of her sister Shanelle Gray (formerly known as Shanelle Workman) because of claims that their mother was abusive towards Ariel. Their brother, Jimmy Workman, says the claims are false, but evidence seems to point in the other direction.

First and foremost, sister Shanelle was removed from mom Crystal Workman's care as a child because of similar abuse allegations. While Jimmy can deny that the allegations against the siblings' mother are false, this incident happening twice seems a little too coincidental. Plus, mom was quick to defend herself by saying that she has letters from doctors and stylists that she doesn't abuse her daughter. Well, that's great, but who in their right mind just has letters sitting around that they don't abuse their kids?!? Isn't that typically a given? Or at least something that most people don't need to have because they're treating their kids fairly?

Secondly, the allegations aren't primarily about physical abuse. While it was cited that Crystal slapped Ariel, a bulk of it is emotional or less trackable abuse - calling her fat, withholding food, etc.

Ariel has been appointed an attorney and is in her sister's care, although her earnings are still in an account that her mother, not her sister, can access. The fourteen year old's custody with her sister is only temporary - the case will go to court and further decisions will be made.

Whatever the truth, we certainly hope Ariel is in a safe and happy place where she can thrive and continue her successful career.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why Vision Therapy Should Be Covered By Insurance: A Plea to Insurance Companies

I realize that the question “What is medically necessary?” is not easy to answer. Sometimes the answer isn’t a challenge, like when it pertains to treatment for ‘obvious’ medical issues. But sometimes the answer is less clear, like when it comes to chiropractic therapy, psychotherapy or vision therapy, the answer is less clear.

In this blog, I want to address the issue of vision therapy. I was born with strabismus, which most people recognize as a lazy eye. However, there’s much more behind strabismus than the physical affect of the disease. Strabismus causes one eye to turn off, forcing a person to rely on solely one eye. This, in turn, causes:

Lack of depth perception (which affects perception and driving)
Eye strain (which affects life in general)
Learning challenges (which makes it difficult to realize academic and athletic abilities)

All of these things, in conjunction with the physical effects of strabismus, lead to a key problem: depression. So, what I don’t understand is why my insurance company is perfectly okay with paying for me to see a therapist for multiple years so I can accept what’s wrong with me, rather than allowing me to spend 52 weeks total seeing a vision therapist to correct what’s wrong with me.

Allow me to share my story. I was born with a lazy eye as part of my strabismus. I had three cosmetically corrective surgeries throughout my childhood and none of them worked for an extended amount of time. Now, as an adult, I’m told more surgery is not an option because it’ll only make the problem worse (as I already have scar tissue in my eye prohibiting full movement), and aside from that, cosmetic surgery does not fix the underlying problem.

As much as I’d like to have the ‘magic’ surgery to correct the positioning of my eye, it doesn’t fix the following, which vision therapy does correct:

My depth perception
My eyes’ ability to work together
My ability to better interpret space and my surroundings
My ability to find a sustainable solution that won’t ‘fade’ in a few years
My ability to read without eye strain
My ability to live without constant headaches

What’s confusing to me is that my insurance company (Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program) would be willing to pay for my strabismus treatment if I was under 18 years old. I’m not sure if this would cover vision therapy (I don’t think it would) but it would cover surgery. So here’s why this is inappropriate:

This makes surgery the better option for budget-conscious parents of children with strabismus. Surgery is NOT the answer. Well, surgery may be part of the answer, but it without vision therapy, it’s significantly less effective.
I’m being forced to pay out of pocket for vision therapy because of my parents’ mistakes. It is not my fault that as a child, I wasn’t given the option to attend vision therapy.
I have been forced to live my life plagued with depression because of strabismus. I didn’t even realize until recently the tie-in between my visual issues and depression. I thought:
I was simply not athletic. So, I couldn’t catch a softball. So what? I’m just not good at it. WRONG. I wasn’t able to see where the ball was in space and time.
I wasn’t a good dancer. Actually, that was because of my vision problems, too. I favored one side of my body based on my visual imbalance. Therefore, I never learned how to use my body as a whole and learn how to dance properly.
I didn’t pay attention while reading. I spent so much of my life reading paragraphs, then stopping to think about them and realizing that I’d retained practically nothing. Was it my inability to pay attention? NO. It was the way I learned to compensate and favor one eye, therefore changing the way I read. It’s still amazing to me how much anxiety I get when I have to read out loud because I do not read the way that normal people do.

Let’s not forget the constant self-consciousness that comes along with a lazy eye, even as an adult. I’m tired of being told “Oh, it gets less important as you get older.” REALLY? Is that the answer when a therapy that can fix the problem exists, but only if you have enough money to pay for it because insurance refuses to help?

I understand why insurance companies are hesitant to pay for vision therapy. There’s no ‘concrete’ evidence that it helps, unlike with more physical treatments. However, vision therapy has helped people improve their self esteem, improve in school, improve their driving, improve their overall vision and more. I know plenty of people have asked insurance companies for vision therapy – I’ve spoken to many who have fought the fight and lost. Yet for some reason, insurance companies refuse to believe that it helps, even though people have shelled out the cash and had proven results. My insurance company has denied me time and time again – despite the positive results, despite the letter of medical necessity, and despite the fact that I’ve proven that it has the ability to save them money on my coverage in the long run.

Below is an excerpt from the vision therapy appeal letter that I wrote to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program. Even though I detailed the benefits of vision therapy, my appeal was denied.

I submitted my claims initially and was denied, so I got a letter of medical necessity to prove that this therapy is needed for my well being. The reasons I need this therapy are as follows:

Headache treatment. I am headache prone, and have prescription medication for the headaches I have on a constant basis. These headaches have decreased significantly since beginning vision therapy.
Treatment for eye strain. It does not seem that others have severe emotional distress when being required to read out loud. For me, this is difficult because of the extreme concentration that it requires. My eyes often tear up due to strain, and I trip on my words because of how much effort it takes to multi-task with reading out loud while maintaining focus on the letters. While reading normally is easy (aside from the blurring of the words and eye pain at times), reading out loud is nearly impossible because I have to take in the words one at a time or in small groups, rather than in large chunks as my eyes have been trained to do due to overcompensation for visual problems.
Emotional well-being. Having eyes that point in different directions has taken a toll on my self esteem, and because of this, I’ve been in and out of emotion-related therapy for since childhood. I’ve also taken antidepressants, which I was recently able to stop taking because of the improvement in my eyes, and therefore, my self esteem.
Personal safety. I do not see depth, which makes driving difficult for me. While I’ve never been involved in a moving violation because I’m extremely careful, the depth I am working on gaining through vision therapy will make me a better driver. It will also make me less accident prone, being that it will help me not walk into objects as much. (I know this sounds ridiculous but when you can’t tell how far an object is away from you, tripping on things is pretty common!)
Visual proficiency. Until beginning vision therapy, I did not properly use my peripheral vision. Through treatment, I’ve become better as looking all around, not just in front of me, allowing me to function better in society.
Vision therapy has begun to fix all of these issues with extreme success, and over the planned one-year course of treatment, it will continue to improve them even further.

If you are a potential vision therapy patient, or someone who has been denied coverage for vision therapy: Please comment on this blog post and share your story. If we stick together, we can make a difference, and hopefully we can get vision therapy coverage for those who need it in the future.

If you are a representative of an insurance company (specifically the company that denied my claims): Please email me at lessthanreality@gmail.com. Maybe we can make this right.