Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Week In Review: 10/27/12

Teen Mom's Leah Messer is pregnant again. The Teen Mom star (formerly Leah Sims and currently known as Leah Calvert) is expecting her third child, this time with husband Jeremy Calvert. Apparently being a teen mom to twins didn't teach this young mom a thing. I would guess that Leah wanted this baby so badly because she and Jeremy recently had a miscarriage, but I think that unfortunate incident should have been a reality check for the 20 year old. She's living her life publicly on television, and that can't be the healthiest way for this vulnerable young woman or her children to grow up.

If you've been following the drama, you know that Breaking Amish was revealed for being less honest than it appeared to be. The premise of the show was that young people were leaving their Amish and Mennonite communities to go to NYC. However, news broke that the participants hadn't been Amish / Mennonite for quite some time, and two participants (who pretended to only begin dating on the show) actually had a child together. In what seems like an effort to alleviate their PR nightmare, TLC will be airing a two-part tell all in which the allegations of trickery and lies will come to the surface. The first episode will air on Sunday, November 11th, and it's sure to be surprising - after all, aside from the truth of the participants once being religious, it seems that most of this show is a lie.

Joe Simpson seems to be in some kind of downward spiral these days. Joe Simpson, who was recently convinced of a DUI, is now involved in a divorce from wife Tina Simpson. I will say, the pair had a good run - they found fame for daughters Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Simpson and kept their marriage alive for 35 years - but I would guess that his creepy and unethical behavior finally got to Tina, leading her to want to split from her husband. That's just speculation on my part, but between Joe's creepy comments about Jessica's breast size back in the day to his recent legal issues, I'd think Tina's reached her breaking point.

VH1's Couples Therapy seriously hit gold with the blondes they cast this season...and their husbands. While the show makes me feel kind of sick, I can't stop watching how co-dependent Doug Hutchison is on his wife Courtney Stodden...and how much she controls the guy. While I've never had a positive impression of their relationship (as I'm not entirely sure that would be possible), I didn't realize how much Courtney was the manipulator in it. I thought they shared the responsibility, however, I'm pretty sure she controls everything about their relationship and Doug's just an insecure, easily influenced person.

Shayne Lamas doesn't do herself any favors on the show. She's constantly combative towards her husband Nik Richie and towards Doug & Courtney. I don't think she'll be leaving this show with any more fans than she had before - she may even have less.

I do have sympathy for Tiny Hailey, wife of Joel "JoJo" Hailey. Her husband clearly has an alcohol problem and that girl has fought long and hard to stick by her man through his madness.

Snooki's gone out and gotten herself a jewelry line filled with affordable accessories. I took a look at the pictures and while they don't look super cheap, I'm sure the quality is about as high as Snooki's intellect when she appears on Jersey Shore. I don't know why every celebrity thinks he or she needs a fashion line these days. Actually, I probably do know - they do absolutely none of the work but the line sells like wildfire because of the celebrity's fans. I guess I shouldn't hate - I'd make millions of dollars doing nothing too, if I could.

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