Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Week In Review: 10/27/12

Teen Mom's Leah Messer is pregnant again. The Teen Mom star (formerly Leah Sims and currently known as Leah Calvert) is expecting her third child, this time with husband Jeremy Calvert. Apparently being a teen mom to twins didn't teach this young mom a thing. I would guess that Leah wanted this baby so badly because she and Jeremy recently had a miscarriage, but I think that unfortunate incident should have been a reality check for the 20 year old. She's living her life publicly on television, and that can't be the healthiest way for this vulnerable young woman or her children to grow up.

If you've been following the drama, you know that Breaking Amish was revealed for being less honest than it appeared to be. The premise of the show was that young people were leaving their Amish and Mennonite communities to go to NYC. However, news broke that the participants hadn't been Amish / Mennonite for quite some time, and two participants (who pretended to only begin dating on the show) actually had a child together. In what seems like an effort to alleviate their PR nightmare, TLC will be airing a two-part tell all in which the allegations of trickery and lies will come to the surface. The first episode will air on Sunday, November 11th, and it's sure to be surprising - after all, aside from the truth of the participants once being religious, it seems that most of this show is a lie.

Joe Simpson seems to be in some kind of downward spiral these days. Joe Simpson, who was recently convinced of a DUI, is now involved in a divorce from wife Tina Simpson. I will say, the pair had a good run - they found fame for daughters Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Simpson and kept their marriage alive for 35 years - but I would guess that his creepy and unethical behavior finally got to Tina, leading her to want to split from her husband. That's just speculation on my part, but between Joe's creepy comments about Jessica's breast size back in the day to his recent legal issues, I'd think Tina's reached her breaking point.

VH1's Couples Therapy seriously hit gold with the blondes they cast this season...and their husbands. While the show makes me feel kind of sick, I can't stop watching how co-dependent Doug Hutchison is on his wife Courtney Stodden...and how much she controls the guy. While I've never had a positive impression of their relationship (as I'm not entirely sure that would be possible), I didn't realize how much Courtney was the manipulator in it. I thought they shared the responsibility, however, I'm pretty sure she controls everything about their relationship and Doug's just an insecure, easily influenced person.

Shayne Lamas doesn't do herself any favors on the show. She's constantly combative towards her husband Nik Richie and towards Doug & Courtney. I don't think she'll be leaving this show with any more fans than she had before - she may even have less.

I do have sympathy for Tiny Hailey, wife of Joel "JoJo" Hailey. Her husband clearly has an alcohol problem and that girl has fought long and hard to stick by her man through his madness.

Snooki's gone out and gotten herself a jewelry line filled with affordable accessories. I took a look at the pictures and while they don't look super cheap, I'm sure the quality is about as high as Snooki's intellect when she appears on Jersey Shore. I don't know why every celebrity thinks he or she needs a fashion line these days. Actually, I probably do know - they do absolutely none of the work but the line sells like wildfire because of the celebrity's fans. I guess I shouldn't hate - I'd make millions of dollars doing nothing too, if I could.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Negative Effects of Reality Television on Teens

Below is a guest post from a wonderful blogger, the author of Please give her article a read and share your comments!

Studies show that the average American will watch about 9 years television in his or her life, according to The average amount of television time a child gets is roughly 1,480 minutes a week. That is about one day and a few extra minutes if converted into hours. While people may consider it just a sign of the times, watching television may affect how your child thinks.

With the emergence of reality TV shows, more people are turning on their television sets to watch what goes on in the lives of their favorite showbiz personalities. Sadly, reality television is more than just entertaining. It can alter how you child thinks about himself or herself. Although you have raised them to adhere to good old moral values, your teen may prioritize fame and wealth over anything else. Blame it on reality TV.

Teenagers and children fail to realize that these shows are scripted. They believe the brawls to be real and that may cause them to seek out more fights at school. If they see their idols having one night stands, they may consider it the norm and become more promiscuous. Your teenage daughter may also wonder why women in reality shows look so good all the time and she does not. She may not be aware that they have makeup artists to retouch them before each scene. They look fit at all times because they have personal trainers and diet consultants to help maintain their figures.

While many parents may shrug it off and say that they tell their kids that these shows are scripted, they forget that their younger children and teenagers are at impressionable stage where they are still developing mentally and emotionally. Exposure to these shows may negatively affect how they see themselves in the future. They hear about multi-million dollar endorsements and the lust for fame replaces all the morals instilled in them when they were younger. Reality television glamorizes problems like drug or alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, catfights, promiscuous sex and so much more. It teaches people that opening your private life to the world is healthy for the right price.

Many consider reality television the basest form of entertainment. However, they watch these shows anyway. Rather than scoff it off as a fun albeit annoying habit, think about what these shows can do to your teenager. If you notice any disturbing behavior in your teen, you may choose to consult a counselor and browse through sites like for tips on how to deal with your child.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Week In Review - 10/7/12

Remember I said that TV will air just about anything these days? I certainly do not take that back, now that I'm hearing about the latest soon-to-be celebrity ability show. So let's see...we've already covered dancing and we're onto...diving? It's true. ABC's looking into a show called Celebrity Splash in which celebrities learn and compete in diving. While the show's made a splash in the Netherlands (pun intended) I can't imagine the show holding the attention of US viewers. But we will see!

Another show will soon hit the airwaves - and it's from TLC, the network that brought us some of the best and most horrifying reality shows of all. This time, they're creating a show called Starter Wives, which will feature the ex-wives and baby mamas of pseudo-celebrities (the only two I've heard of are Lamar Odom and 50 Cent). What that means is that I've hardly heard of the celebrities, let alone their former wives and girlfriends! So how good can this show really be? As RealityTea reports, this show does sound a lot like VH1's Hollywood Exes, so who knows - maybe Americans do want to see more unknown celebrity exes. I certainly won't be watching.

Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr were caught making out in a public place, which probably has Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders thanking their lucky stars about no longer being the most recent famous cheating couple. Both Jason and Brittany have issued public apologies, and I'm sure Jason's pretty sorry about what he did. As for Brittany, well, I'm sure she feels a little bad for Jason's wife Jessica Ussery, but she's also gotten way more fame from this than she's earned by being an NBA cheerleader or a contestant on American Idol. While this may momentarily hurt Jason's career, it's sure to boost Brittany from a barely known American Idol hopeful to a mini-celebrity. So honestly, I bet she's kind of thrilled.

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Bravo may be seeing some change in the Housewives universe in the near future. Though the network denies it, rumor has it that the network is casting for The Real Housewives of Santa Barbara, which would be the newest addition to the Housewives empire. Additionally, Kim Zolciak will be moving away from a main role on The Real Housewives of Atlanta because she landed a permanent spinoff of her own, and NeNe Leakes has less time for the show because she's splitting her time between Atlanta and LA, where she's filming scripted sitcom The New Normal. Do I think RHOSB is confirmed? Definitely not. But do I think it's in consideration? Absolutely. It's not like many of the current housewives shows are as great as they used to be (we miss you Jill Zarin!) so it may be worth Bravo's time to branch out. Will the network do that? Only time will tell.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Couples Therapy: Here's to Fake Blondes With Fake Attitudes!

I caught the first episode of VH1's Couples Therapy tonight and I think I need to go to therapy after watching this show.

VH1 hit ratings gold with this season of their show Couples Therapy. While I'd hardly call the participants celebrities, I would definitely call the participants controversial figures...and they certainly lived up to that title.

We'll begin with couple Doug Hutchison and (at the time of filming) 17 year old Courtney Stodden. Courtney's since turned 18...which is somewhat of a relief considering that we've already seen way more than we ever need to see of a 17 year old's body. Anyway, Courtney began by putting on this big show about how she and Doug love each other soooo much, and Doug defended their relationship by saying that the pair were married under the eyes of God. Okay, creepy enough, but it got even creepier when asked if he had a daughter, Doug said, "I'm raising my wife." Ummmmm....yuck. Just...yuck.

Shayne Lamas and Nik Richie, who married just 8 hours after meeting for the first time, were the second most interesting couple on the premiere episode. Despite their blink-and-you'll miss it courtship, the pair did well together until stress took over. Shayne's stress was evident on this episode because when Courtney asked how she was doing, Shayne lashed out, stating that she was uncomfortable when people put on shows...a direct dig at Courtney. While I don't disagree that Courtney was being incredibly fake, I think the fact that both bottle blondes with brown eyebrows are competing for the "hot girl" spot on the show, and it seemed like Shayne thought Courtney was winning.

Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen, who caused a ton of drama on The Real Housewives of New York City, seemed relatively chill compared to their competitors. Of course, this isn't a challenge when you're up against a 17 year old who sings really awful music (Courtney), a former reality star (Shayne) and a guy who runs a website meant to embarrass people (Nik). Alex actually took the role of peacekeeper in the Shayne/Nik vs. Courtney/Doug insta-feud.

I hate to say it, but couples Too $hort and Monica Payne and JoJo and Tashaunda Hailey didn't get the attention they probably wanted by being on the show because they were completely overshadowed by the blond drama. But that's not to say that things won't change as the season progresses - it looks like Jojo and Tashaunda, at the very least, will cause some drama as the season progresses.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Nothing less than reality: The Next Iron Chef On The Food Network

If you want to see real people doing real things, only with the difference that all their moves are followed by the camera, reality TV is meant just for you. If you want to see some rough competition in the kitchen and see people creating delicious meals or simply failing in it, you might want to check out The Next Iron Chef: Redemption, where the participants have all already managed to fail winning a show, but have been brought back and given the second chance to become a member of the Iron Chef culinary society.

With the main judges panel consisting of Donatella Arpaia, Geoffrey Zakarian and Simon Majumdar, and only 9 contestants already announced, the show will start long before the official premiere. While the show premieres on November 4th, the selection process of the tenth cast member will start already on October 12th and will continue until October 26th. The tenth cast member is chosen through a web-exclusive "Road to Redemption" tournament. Competing for the tenth slot are Duskie Estes, Robert Trevino and newcomers Lee Anne Wong and Madison Cowan.

"Our web-exclusive  'Road to Redemption' tournament adds a whole new layer to The Next Iron Chef experience," said Bob Madden, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Digital – Food Network Category, Scripps Networks Interactive. "This online exclusive will give our audience more of the content they crave and the opportunity to witness more excitement and energy from these skilled competitors. is thrilled to play a part in selecting the tenth competitor for this season's cast."

Other competitors are Nate Appleman, Jehangir Mehta, Elizabeth Falkner, Amanda Freitag, Eric Greenspan, Alex Guarnaschelli, Spike Mendelsohn, Marcel Vigneron and Tim Love.