Sunday, September 30, 2012

So Excited! Secretly Pregnant Will Be Back Soon!

Although I find many of the pregnancy-related shows to be absolutely ridiculous, I find Secretly Pregnant on Discovery F&H to be a great show.

Secretly Pregnant follows women who aim to keep their pregnancies a secret from select people in their lives. For example, a 20-something named Danie kept her pregnancy a secret from her father because he'd said cruel things to her, like that children cost too much, make life difficult and cause heartbreak. (How horrible is that? I can't imagine a father saying that to his child!) Ultimately, the participants spill the beans, and at least from the scenarios I've seen, find peace with their situations.

The reason I like this show is because we see raw emotion. Despite the fact that the participants are on camera which can create a lot of falseness, we seem to see genuine anger, sadness and happiness as the women progress. Additionally, we see many successful women on the show, like Danie, who keep their pregnancies a secret not because they aren't capable of raising children, but because of the negativity of others in their lives.

If you are a fan of shows like I'm Pregnant And..., this is a show for you. If you like the drama of 16 and Pregnant, this may not be for you, because it's truly about the women avoiding drama, not seeking it out. For example, one participant was told that accepting her pregnancy and unborn baby will be healthy for the baby because the woman will allow herself to bond with her child. This is such a wonderful thing to hear - a woman getting and taking good advice about how to proceed with her pregnancy.

My verdict on this show? Watch it. It's a feel good show with a positive spirit, but also with enough excitement to keep things interesting.

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