Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Joey Lawrence Goes Back In Time With the DIY Network

If ABC Family's Melissa and Joey isn't giving you enough Jo-Law nostalgia (My Fake Fiance, anyone?), DIY network is taking Joey Lawrence and giving us another blast from the past.

Joey will be hosting DIY's That's So 80s, a show that will take us back to some of the worst home decorating trends of the past. Think carpeted bathrooms and other cringeworthy styles that for some reason, people used to love.

I hardly imagine that this is a high-paying opportunity for Mr. Lawrence, but I have to give Joey credit for taking on this project. I can't wait to watch it - Joey's bound to provide the brand of confident sarcasm that only he can provide as we look back in shame at horrible stylings that our own homes used to sport.

And hey, even if you don't like looking at bad decorations, Joey Lawrence's muscles won't provide a bad view, so at least those are worth watching!

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