Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Reality TV Week In Review

Some interesting, and not so interesting, things happened on reality TV this week. I'll detail some of the highlights below.

A bunch of shows were on TV this week that you should be grateful that I watched...primarily so you don't have to waste your time watching them. Most notably was Oh Sit!, in which contestants are given silly nicknames (like Amber Waves) and play a game show version of musical chairs. I know filming an unscripted show is way cheaper than filming a sitcom, but I didn't realize that networks has gotten quite this cheap...or lowered their standards quite this much.

Secret Princes made its premiere on TLC. I have one major problem with this show. Okay, I take that back. I have several problems with this show. First and foremost, the castmates (not all of which are technically princes) are on the show to find a girl that likes them for who they are, not because they're princes. Well, that's great and all, but it'll never work. Why? Because they're being followed by TV cameras. And that's just as attractive to many females as a royal title. So being normal guys? Not going to happen when you're being tracked by television cameras. Secondly, the guys made it sound like they had to go find minimum wage jobs. In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it TV moment, all the guys got jobs. OMG, so convenient!!! I think my favorite show participant is Salad. In his accent, it's supposed to be pronounced Suh-LAHD. But when the guys made up their fake names, he chose to be called Salad. Pronounced like the food. I think he'll have enough trouble finding a woman based on his height and lack of smoothness...and being named after a healthy food isn't going to help him.

Abby and Brittany continued on TLC. While I enjoyed the first few episodes of this show, it got stale really fast. It's still a good show to put on in the background, but as far as actually watching this show? It's like ingesting pure sugar for a whole half hour - by the end you've crashed out and fallen asleep.

I'm not exactly sure if this show was on this week, but a few weeks ago, I saw a show called My House, Their Money on HGTV. For the sake of this post, I'm going to assume the show lasted more than a week. This show was fun. I'm sure it's scripted in the same way that House Hunters is, but this show is great to watch. The premise of the show is that someone's buying a house, but someone else is making the down payment. So, in one episode, daughter Joanna was buying a house, but mom was paying for it, so the pair had to battle out who got their way - Joanna, who wanted a bungalow, or mom, who wanted a two story new construction. The best part of this show is hearing what the people paying for the homes have to say. One mom was making really inappropriate comments about the people in the neighborhood - it was hilarious. And so, so wrong.

Breaking Amish continued its run on TLC, and it was a fun watch. Research shows that the show's completely fake, and a real formerly Amish person thinks the people aren't acting like real Amish people would, but it's still fun to watch two girls gang up on the other and try to find her false teeth during the night. I have to say, it's pretty noticeable how mean the girls on the show are! I know they wanted to leave the wholesome Amish culture, but they display a lot of anger, bitterness and b*tchiness for girls who just left a culture where almost everything, including electricity, is considered evil. Tonight's episode will feature one of the housemate's family members coming to take him or her home. That screams 'staged' to me, but I'm sure it'll be fun to observe.

That's So 80's aired on DIY Network. The show basically follows the I Love The 80's formula. Remember when that show was big on VH1? The formula is that a concept, in this case, a home design, is introduced, and a bunch of comedians make fun of it. Most of the jokes were pretty bad, like the one where the comedian said "The Clapper? It's only second to my Chlamydia-er" or something like that, in response to the equipment that allowed you to clap your lights on and off. I think the most disappointing thing about this show is that I was expecting a lot from Joey Lawrence, but instead I got an episode full of a guy who looked like he was losing his self respect second by second as he read from a teleprompter.

Word has it that the cast of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo told TLC to show them the money if they're going to come back to television. Reportedly, they're making $4,000 per episode now, but they want $10,000. While I think that's pretty steep, Alana Thompson does make a fantastic television personality, and I'm sure that her family's bringing TLC a ton of money in revenue, so I say give it to them. I mean, June Shannon's a 32 year old grandmother - some cash would probably make it at least a little bit easier to raise her four daughters and her first grandkid. Word has it that Sugar Bear just needed some emergency surgery for an injury caused by an untreated cut, so some more income may help cover the medical bills from that, as well.

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Jami said...

June's only 32? I thought she was at least 40 if not over 50! And the way I heard it was that TLC pretty much forced the raise on them, June didn't ask for it or want it.