Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Who Will Win The Glee Project? This Blogger's Perspective

I've been following season two of The Glee Project, and I'm pretty sure we have an obvious winner. Why? Well, there's a couple of reasons I think this person will win, which I'll detail below.

I think the winner will be....Aylin!

In my mind, Aylin is the clear winner because she's different than any character that's ever been featured on Glee. Aylin is very much an individual - she knows herself and is comfortable being a free spirit, despite coming from a religious Muslim background. As she notes on the show, no one on TV looks like her, and because Glee likes to break the mold, it seems completely natural for Glee to bring Aylin on board to break that scenario.

Uniqueness aside, Aylin is pretty, talented and believes in herself, all of which make her a good candidate for the guest spot on Glee. While she would only be signed on for a seven episode story arc, I can see a long-term storyline being written in for Aylin. I would guess that she'd be cast as a flirty girl, possibly a bisexual one, who will come between Santana and Brittany while fighting against her conservative family's wishes.

I think Aylin's unique look and background give Aylin a major advantage over her competitors. The show already has Kevin McHale's character Artie in a wheelchair, so Ali's situation won't be completely unique. And Blake, while he's talented, doesn't have the stand-out factor that Aylin and Ali have. Plus, guys dominated the winners circle last season, so it seems natural that a female would take the prize this time.

Do I think Aylin is the right choice? Absolutely. She had the star factor right from the get-go. She has a fun personality, the drive to succeed and a unique look and story. I actually think she's been pegged as a potential winner right from the start. Others, like Lily and Shanna, never really had a chance, despite their amazing talent, because competitors like Mario, Aylin and Ali have unique stories. If the show wanted to go in a new direction (no pun intended), it'll have to go with someone with a distinguishing factor. Simply being plus-size or a country girl doesn't have that - being Muslim, in a wheelchair or blind does.

I will admit - I'll be totally surprised if Aylin doesn't win. I think Aylin will get the spot, Ali will be in second place and given a one episode spot or something, and Blake will come in third. But I could be completely wrong. We'll have to wait and see!

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