Thursday, August 9, 2012

What To Watch, What to Skip and What to Wait For

This season, I think there are some shows that reality TV fans should be watching and some that they can skip. Below are my thoughts on what to watch, what skip and one show that I'm super excited about.

Beverly Hills Nannies. As the season progresses, it gets better and better. The nanny/mama drama is fun to watch, and the emotions we see are very real. This show does a good job of making us feel like we really know the people on it. For example, I'm rooting for Kristin's business to succeed, want to tell Lucy that she would be more likeable if she didn't talk as much, and comfort Amber when Ari said they're practically the same age (I don't believe it) and that she needs to get her life together.

The Glee Project. While the season's just about over, I'd recommend catching up on this before Tuesday's finale. This season featured a lot of emotion, some brutal challenges and some surprise eliminations. It's a good watch even if you're not a Glee fan.

Dance Moms. While Dance Moms Miami didn't hold my attention after a while, I can't get enough of the original dance diva: Abby Lee. I'm always excited to see what semi-real, semi-staged scenario will come up next, and it's fun to cringe when Christi goes from zero to sixty in seconds. Plus, hearing Christi insult Abby is highly entertaining.

I'm Having Their Baby. This show features pregnant women as the prepare to give their babies up for adoption. This show provides an interesting look into why women choose adoption for their children, the pain they feel when they have to make this choice and the bonding moments between a birth mother and a child's adoptive parents. In an episode I watched, I gave 22 year old Sydney so much credit for choosing a transgendered person as one of the parents for her baby. She knew what a gift it was to give that family the gift of a child. It was heartwarming to watch.

Real Housewives of New Jersey.
While I'm kind of over this show and have been ever since Melissa and Joe Gorga were added, the upcoming episode is one you don't want to miss. On this episode, we'll hear Joe Giudice answer the phone by saying "hi, baby" and call his wife Teresa Giudice the c-word. I'm not going to say Teresa hasn't made a ton of mistakes, but I think she's done them because Joe hurts her and she thinks she has to act strong and combative to get through it. Hopefully this episode will allow the viewers, and her co-stars, to see what's really going on.


American Gypsies. While the first episode was novel, the following episodes became stale. After the extreme glitz and glamor of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, the more relatable topics shown on American Gypsies just don't hold up.

Mama Drama. I was so excited about this show when it was supposed to come out, and was disappointed when it was pulled from the lineup and delayed. Now I see why VH1 put it on the back burner. I got through half of an episode and couldn't stand watching it anymore. I tried a second time with the same result. Sorry, cougar moms!

Toddlers and Tiaras. I'm not going to lie - I watch this sometimes. But we're going season after season after season of the same petty stuff. I don't necessarily think this a show that you should avoid, but it's not worth watching if you have something better to do.

Wait excitedly for:

Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.
This show will feature moms and their exploited, er, talented children as they battle it out to win a $100,000 cash prize. Each week, a mom-and-kid duo will be kicked off, a situation in which I'm sure we'll see children handle with grace while their moms scream in anger. This show seems to be reminiscent of VH1's I Know My Kid's A Star, on which we met crazy mom Rocky who later appeared on Tough Love. That show was absolutely crazy, and I'm sure this one will be the same.

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Nicole said...

First, I have to say thank you for having Toddlers and Tiaras on your skip list!! I can't stand that show!!

I just recently watched I'm Having Their Baby for the first time and the episode I watched was with Sydney, the girl you talked about. I'll admit I shed a few tears. I couldn't imagine going through that!!

Check out my blog, I just recently did a post about I'm Having Their Baby.