Monday, August 20, 2012

Married To Jonas: A Review

I was hesitant to watch E!'s new show Married to Jonas because it looked, well, kind of dumb. In that department, it didn't disappoint, but it was a cute show.

The show opened up with Danielle (Dani) Jonas laying in bed with full makeup (clearly staged), Kevin Jonas telling Dani that he wants to start a family, and Dani's dad Bucky Deleasa walking into the house unannounced. This opening scene told me that this 'reality show' is incredibly staged.

A few scenes later, we we saw the Jonas brothers practicing their music. At this point, it was announced that they'd be releasing a new album, and it became evident why this show hit the airwaves now. The Jonas Brothers will have a challenge recapturing their audience during the generation where Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez rule the teen scene. Their goal seems to be to capture an audience a bit older than the teen set, like their formerly teenage fans who are now in thier twenties.

The main problem I had with the show is that Danielle and Kevin, the main characters, don't come off as terribly interesting. It's the family - the less featured characters - that make the show watchable. Danielle's family makes a great impression - they're close knit and a lot of fun. Kevin's family, on the other hand, is interesting but not in a great way. The first episode featured a scene where Kevin and Danielle had dinner with the Jonas family, and I actually felt a little uncomfortable when Kevin's parents played good cop/ bad cop talking about whether Kevin and Danielle could have a baby at this time.

Married to Jonas was slightly reminiscent of Newlyweds with Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. Danielle said some ditzy things and other people had to correct and console her. Unlike Jessica, Danielle doesn't have a lot of expression or personality that shines through. She doesn't have the 'lovable' factor that Ms. Simpson had - in fact, when she's arguing with Kevin or in the confessional, she looks like she's a little bit comatose.

My opinion on the show? Skip it. It's good if you're flipping channels and looking for some fluff, but if you're going to DVR some shows, skip this and choose Beverly Hills Nannies or Dance Moms instead.

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