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Dance Moms: 8/7/12

At the beginning of this week's episode of Dance Moms, we were reminded of Paige's injury from the last episode (about which Abby gave the kids a lecture), and were told that Maddie would be missing rehearsals to film her scene in Drop Dead Diva.

Abby congratulated the soloists from last week because they all placed within the top ten. Abby announced that the girls would be going to the Starbound competition in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Next up was the pyramid. Paige, Chloe, and Mackenzie took the bottom row. Brooke and Nia took the center row, and Maddie, as usual, took the top.

The group number, called Alouette (the French song) would feature all of the girls except for Mackenzie. Mackenzie, Maddie and Brooke were given solos. Chloe and Paige were given a duet.

The fact that Abby offered Chloe and Paige their long awaited duet this week clearly wasn't a coincidence. I have no doubt that this was scripted, and in the off chance that it wasn't, Abby knew that she could offer the solo wouldn't happen. As it turns out, Abby (or the producers) were right - Paige wouldn't be dancing for four to six weeks.

Paige wasn't the only one with an injury. The moms noticed that Brooke seemed to be in pain. This wasn't a good week for Kelly's daughters.

Upon hearing of Paige's long-term injury, Jill, always an opportunist, decided to try to weasel Kendall's way back into the group. Acting as if she cared, Jill interrogated Paige about who'd be taking her place. Then, she went to Abby to ask if Kendall could take Paige's spot. Abby wasn't going for it. Abby reminded Jill that she's betrayed her by going to Cathy and the Candy Apple's team. In a rare turn of events, I was Team Abby for a few minutes.

Melissa approached Abby to let her know that Maddie would be flying out to film her guest spot on Drop Dead Diva. Abby told Melissa that the group comes first so Maddie better be ready to jump back into the group when she returns. Now, I'm not convinced of how truthful this scene is, given that there was a Drop Dead Diva commercial on a few minutes ago, and both Abby and Maddie were in it. So either they appear in absolutely no scenes together or this scenario was set up by producers. Well, the whole Drop Dead Diva thing was set up by producers, but I'm referencing this part in particular.

Brooke began to practice her song, which was an intense piece about Anne Frank and the Holocaust. In the moms' lounge, Kelly asked if someone could tell her Anne Frank's story. After she asked, the camrea flashed over to Holly, who looked absolutely appalled. Holly couldn't believe that Kelly didn't know about this major piece of history. As Brooke danced, Abby noticed that she was in pain. She let Brooke rest, but she said she needs to be back the next day.

Next, Mackenzie practiced her acrobatic solo called You Know You Love It. Abby noted that she's been making major improvements.

Instead of dropping the formerly Paige-and-Chloe solo, Abby auditioned some of the girls to be Chloe's counterpart. Abby auditioned Nia first but said the girls have different dance styles. Kendall was given the next opportunity. In the moms' lounge, Jill got attacked because she's forcing Kendall's way in at the expense of their children. In the confessional Jill defended her actions, saying she's doing what's best for her daughter.

Holly and the other moms went down to see Abby, at which point Holly said that Nia should be participating in the duet. Abby didn't like this very much - she said she didn't have Nia in mind when she chose this music, so Nia would only take the spot if Abby thought it would help her win.

Because of all of the injuries, Maddie's absence and the fact that the group number looked messy, Abby put Kendall in the group number. She hoped that would get Jill off her back.

Ultimately, Abby chose Kendall for the duet, but said she'd have a lot of work to do. Kendall reported in to her mother, and when she did, you could practically see flames of hatred come out of the other moms' eyes.

Maddie returned from filming Drop Dead Diva and practiced her song This Is Me Over You. Abby noticed that Maddie wasn't where she needed to be because of the missed day of rehearsal. While Maddie did practice while on the TV show set, apparently it wasn't enough.

The Competition

The girls performed their group dance first. It was cute, but Abby noted a lot of mistakes. The moms disagreed with the moms' happy sentiment - they enjoyed it. I don't blame them - this was a fun song, and that's quite different than many of Abby's brooding numbers. Ultimately, the girls took first place in their division, so Abby didn't have to worry.

Brooke was set to dance shortly, and she was in a lot of pain. Abby seemed to think that pain should motivate Brooke to work harder, but Kelly was concerned. Kelly, with tears in her eyes, told Abby that Brooke shouldn't perform. She was clearly upset. Unfortunately, the reactions from Abby and Jill were less than ideal. Abby accused Brooke of pulling her solo because she knew there was still competition, and Jill said she wished that Brooke did this sooner so Kendall could steal her solo.

Mackenzie performed next, and her dance was adorable. She was so emotive and it was obvious that she was really into what she was doing. This was great. I love to see Mackenzie succeed, especially because she often gets left out of group numbers and isn't given solos due to her young age. Her dance earned her a second place title.

Maddie's performance followed. She was great as usual. This wasn't a surprise. This dance earned Maddie first place in her division.

Chloe and Kendall performed Chasing Answers, their duet, next. The dance looked good, but Abby criticized the pair for not driving the dance home at the end. Still, the girls stole first place in their division, and Jill smugly made note of Kendall's role in this win while in the confessional.

Abby asked Maddie to perform her Drop Dead Diva dance for the group. Christi accused Abby of rubbing Maddie's success in everyone's face. After some arguing, Maddie left the room. Christi continued her attack on Abby, saying that Abby's purposely separating Maddie from her friends. Abby retaliated by calling Chloe a sneak, and Christi did not take that well. Christi then said that maybe Abby's a virgin because nobody would (insert expletive here) her.

Next week, we can expect to see an Abby Lee vs. Candy Apple's showdown. Should be fun to watch the showdown!

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