Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dance Moms - 8/14/12

Abby Lee opened the episode by complimenting the girls on their winning streak, but following it up by saying that she wanted to keep it going.

Abby made it clear that Kendall was only a guest on the team and wouldn't be on the pyramid. Then, Abby announced the pyramid. Brooke was on the bottom for never saying she was in pain last week. Paige joined her because of her injury. Mackenzie, although she danced well, joined the bottom row because she cried last week. Maddie and Chloe took the second row. Maddie was there because although she won, Abby wanted her to win by more points. Nia took the top row, and all of the girls gathered and hugged her. Nia was named the dance captain of the group.

Abby announced that the girls would be going to Starbound in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Kendall and Mackenzie got a duet and Chloe got a solo. The group number, called Take It, featured four girls dressed the same and a happy girl dressed differently. While the same-dressed girls want to be like the happy girl, they can't, so they get the happy girl to be like them.

The moms didn't like this dance. Christi said the storyline makes Abby's dancers look like mediocre clones. It was noted that the dance makes it look like Maddie's the best and the other girls want to bring her down. Melissa was offended, of course, which led to a Christi / Melissa fight about who's a liar...and Christi accusing Melissa of having an affair with her boss. After Melissa walked out, Holly noted that Melissa's smart and knows exactly what she's doing. She shouldn't be underestimated.

Abby walked into the room with the moms and asked where Melissa was because she and her kids were missing. Then, we flashed over to Cathy and the Candy Apple's Dance Studio. Cathy announced that Kendall had jumped back to Abby Lee Dance Studio, so they needed to beat them. Cathy also noted that she brought the choreographers that she previously hired back because they want Cathy's team to beat Abby Lee's. Cathy's dance, called On The Edge, is one that Cathy loved. She seemed really confident with it.

Abby charged team captain Nia with calling Maddie to get her to class. Around the same time (or at least in TV editing-land) Melissa decided to bring her kids back. Abby was mad because her team lost practice time because of Melissa.

Abby got wind of Cathy's team's plans, including bringing in an additional boy so Justice and the other boy can do a duet to compete against Kendall's duet. Justice would also have a solo, so Abby gave Maddie a last minute solo so she could try to beat him. The moms, especially Jill and Christi, were angry about this.

Abby worried about the quality of the duet and Maddie told Abby that she doesn't want to do a solo. Maddie didn't know what to do because her mom didn't want her to do a solo and Abby did. At the end of the argument, Melissa made it clear that she didn't want her daughter trying to learn a solo the day before the competition.

At the competition, Abby pulled Jill aside to ask if she'd ever heard of the kid who's dancing with Justice. His name was Drayson or something like that. Jill was convinced that Drayson wasn't one of Cathy's students at all, and Cathy didn't hurt this theory by saying she'd be keeping Drayson hidden because no one knows who he is.

Chloe, who Abby expected to beat Justice, danced first. She looked great. The song wasn't my style but Chloe's dancing was great and her costume was pretty. I had a good feeling about Chloe winning first place...until I saw Justice. Wow, just wow. With this red hair and red costume, he looked like a wild animal (in a good way) and his dance was incredible. I think Justice took this one.

Abby was clearly concerned because she lectured Maddie on why she should have done a solo so she and Chloe were against Justice.

The group number followed. I really liked it. The fight scene in the dance was done so well, and the message was strong. This song, in my opinion, could be a winner.

Cathy's team went on next. Before they could begin, Cathy began screaming 'stop' from the audience because a chair prop was missing from the stage. Fortunately, the team was able to start again. Unfortunately, the dance was...weird. The outfits seemed a little inappropriate and the kids pretended to get electrocuted at the end...or something. Very strange.

The solo winners were called, and by a small margin, Chloe took second place to Justice's win. How did Abby cope? She said judges favor boys to keep them interested in dance. In the group number category, Cathy's team took third place and Abby's took first.

Duets were last. Abby was convinced that her girls would lose to the boys. I wasn't as convinced after seeing both dances. And I was right! The boys took second place and the girls took first. Kendall and Mackenzie rocked it!

Abby first blamed Chloe for killing her perfect win, then went to Cathy to gloat about her success. The pair started fighting, like usual, and then the episode ended. Based on the previews, it looks like we'll get another big argument next week...shocker.

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