Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Toddlers and Tiaras: California Tropic Pageant

The California Tropic Pageant served as a rematch for contestants Kayla and Kailia, who went head to head in a previous pageant, with Kailia beating Kayla out for the Ultimate Grand Supreme.

The theme of this pageant was 'come party on our island.' Right off the bat, pageant director Carol Fleming made it clear that California Tropic pageants are known for having pretty girls and the competition would be fierce.

The first contestant we met was four year old Kayla. Her mom, April, said that Kayla's known for her Shirley Temple outfit because she wins every time she wears it. April made it clear that Kailia didn't deserve to beat Kayla in the last pageant they shared and Kayla would be beating Kailia this time.

Kayla was absolutely adorable when she practiced with her pageant coach. She was kind of bratty and refused to practice, but she's cute so she can kind of get away with it. Even better was seeing April discipline Kayla for her inappropriate actions - it was nice to see a mom who doesn't give into her daughter's every wish.

Five year old Kailia was next. Mom Marcy said that Kailia's the one to beat. Kailia was absolutely full of energy. I iagine that she's quite a handful! Kailia's pageant coach said that Kailia's the total package, so it seems that she genuinely has faith that Kailia can take home the crown in the California Tropic pageant.

Danielle, 10, cried when she lost the last pageant the last time she was on Toddlers & Tiaras. She claims that she's grown and matured since that experience. Her mom, Tedi, always told her that she's beautiful, and Danielle agrees that it's the truth. In typical Toddlers & Tiaras fashion, Danielle's custom made dress had yet to arrive a few days before the pageant, adding the dramatic element that T&T thrives on.

The Pageant

The pageant preparation started with tears when Kayla told Kailia she was going to kick her butt. Kailia's mom Marcy was less than thrilled and did not condone Kayla's behavior. She said that competitiors shouldn't go into a pageant with the goal to bea just one person.

The beauty competition was the first event. The pageant director made it clear that the judges would be very picky, and a too long or too short dress could negatively impact a child's chance to win. This was bad news for Danielle, whose father had to drive to pick up her dress, because it was too long in the front and too short in the back.

Kayla was up first. She had a lot of style and presence onstage. The only flaw I could see was that her smile looked very fake. Kailia was next, and she was 100% professional. Danielle, who went third of the group, got stressed out about her pageant dress before she went onstage. Because of this, her mom went to get her water, and she missed her cue to go onstage. She did come out soon after, and despite her concerns, she looked fantastic. Her dress was beautiful and age appropriate. Unfortunately, it was evident that her dress was a bit too long, and Danielle noted that the judges saw that. Still, one of the judges gave her credit for not picking up her dress as she walked.

Outfit of Choice was next. Kayla appeared first in her Shirley Temple costume. She did the routine where she rocks out as a mdern Shirley Temple, and the judges and audience seemed to enjoy it. Kailia, dressed as a nurse, had a great routine. As part of her act, Kailia was supposed to make her assistant (which was her brother) disappear. When he didn't do it fast enough, she told him to go - loudly - onstage. Fortunately, her assistant left when he could, and Kailia was able to show her magic trick. However, the judges took notice of the fact that she yelled at her brother.

Before she went onstage, Danielle panicked. As it turns out, she didn't need to because she did great. Dressed as a girl selling cherry lemonade, Danielle gave a good performance. A judge said her outfit didn't stand out enough, and while I agree, I think her performance more than made up for that.


In the four year old division:
Alyssa was Queen.
Jewel was the Division Supreme.

That means that Kayla pulled for a higher title.

In the five year old division:
Bria was Queen.
Megan was the Division Supreme.

That means that Kailia pulled for a higher title.

For the Young Miss division:
Gracie was Queen.
Elizabeth was the Division Supreme.

That means that Danielle pulled for a higher title as well.

Danielle ended up winning a Grand Supreme title.
Kayla won the same.
That means that Kailia, again, took the Grand Supreme Title.

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