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Dance Moms - 7/3/12

This week's episode of Dance Moms showcased Abby Lee's favorite dances - and some disasters as well. She counted down from the worst dances to the best.

Number 10 - The worst dance on Abby's list was Pinup Girls, a dance she claimed was sabotaged by Christi. This is because she made Chloe's hairpiece, which fell over Chloe's face as she danced. Still, the dance won first place in the Junior Trio competition.

Number 9 - Next on the list of bad dances was Vivianne Stein's bumblebee dance. Abby choreographed a routine for Vivi, but her mom, rival dance teacher Cathy Nesbitt-Stein, changed the choreography and ruined it. I'm not a huge fan of Vivianne's dancing, so I'm not even sure if Abby's original dance moves could have saved this routine.

Number 8 - Jailbirds took the number 8 spot. I think the best thing about this number was Holly's face as she watched from the audience - she looked angry and horrified. This dance, which featured the girls in jail uniforms pretending to be in prison, took 10th place in the competition. Abby blamed this failure on the girls for being sloppy and making mistakes, but I think the inappropriate subject matter, like the fact that the dance was about being in jail for killing your husband, played a major role. (The dance was a tribute to the musical Chicago - the song was a thinly veiled cover of a song from the musical.

Number 7 - Brooke's solo called Garden of Eden took this spot. She performed it at the Rising Star competition. It took first place in the Lyrical Acrobatic competition. I think this is where we flipped over to great dances because Abby complimented Brooke's skills, even though she did say her mother gets in her way.

Number 6 - Abby noted that she chose this song to shock the judges by having the girls do the death drop. The song was called My Pumps. In my opinion, between the song and the costumes, the girls looked like miniature cross dressers. It took third place in the junior group competition, and that matched Abby's sentiments on the song - she said it was good, but not great.

At this point, we flashed over to the dance that Abby made the moms do during the first season of Dance Moms. It would have been okay (although uninspired), except for the fact that Cathy absolutely hijacked it and started making up her own moves midway through the song. Abby was mortified.

Number 5 - Abby said that this song would start the good songs on her list, although the last two seemed pretty positive to me. In any case, the featured dance was Chloe's solo Dream On a Star from the Hollywood Dance competition. Not to pass up the opportunity for a dig, Abby praised Chloe but then make it clear that her mom Christi is a problem. It took first place in the Junior Solo competition.

Number 4 - Maddie's performance called Angel, a tribute to her grandmother, took this spot on the countdown. This was performed at the Starpower competition. This song was very appropriate - it had both age appropriate dancing and costuming. Maddie executed the dance beautifully, and it was particularly notable that her facial expressions stayed strong throughout the whole song. She took first place in the Junior Solo competition.

We cut away to see a cute dance of Mackenzie's that won a first place title. Abby complimented Mackenzie, noting that she's talented and does cartwheels from morning until night, but still compared Mackenzie to Maddie...and obviously, Abby said Maddie was better at Mackenzie's age than Mackenzie is. Abby just can't give a compliment without an insult attached!

Number 3 - Black Swan, Chloe and Maddie's duo, earned the number three position. I strongly agree that this dance was one of the best - it was absolutely beautiful and showed how well Maddie and Chloe dance together. Their styles are complementary and they stayed absolutely in sync. The dance, performed at Starbound, took first place in the Junior Duet competition.

Number 2 - Abby called this number too beautiful for words. It was a group number called called My Beauty. The girls wore frilly pink costumes and held mirrors. This dance took the Junior Group National Title.

We skipped to the dance where Nia wore a leopard print outfit and wore an Afro wig. It was a really funky dance that made Nia look great. Abby took this opportunity to say that Nia's mom, Holly, should back off, and if she does, Nia will do better. If you recall, Holly was less than thrilled with this dance because she thought Nia was typecast for the role. She wanted Nia to be noticed for her talent, not thrown into a particular role because of her ethnicity.

Then, we went to the number called Secret Agents, where the girls carried guns. The moms were incredibly dissatisfied with Abby's decision to have the girls carry these props. To be fair, it's not really sending the best message. However, after the dance was performed, the moms changed their tunes and admitted that the number was good.

Number 1 - The moms fought Abby about this song, but the judges loved it. This number was Where Have All The Children Gone? It was a spooky sounding song that addressed the deaths of children. Nia pretended to choke herself on stage. The song, while well executed, was inappropriate in my opinion, but what do I know?

During the episode, there were some questions and answers. They are listed below.

At what age did Abby start her career as a choreographer?
Answer: 13

Which dance mom was a former student of Abby's?
Answer: Kelly

Who gave up dance for cheerleading?
Answer: Brooke and Kelly

How many Broadway shows have featured members of the Abby Lee Dance Company?
Answer: 12

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