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Dance Moms: 7/17/12

Abby opened this episode of Dance Moms with pride. She congratulated her girls on beating Cathy and the Candy Apple's team.

Paige found herself on the bottom of the pyramid because she did the choreography her mom did for her. Mackenzie joined her for not pulling her weight. Brooke was also on the bottom row, but was taken off probation. Nia and Maddie took the middle row. Chloe took the top row for her Angry Bird performance because she won the costume award and made the top ten.

This week, the girls would be attending a Starbound competition in Atlanta, Georgia. Abby was happy about the weather there and told the moms she might sit out and have a drink with them. Abby reminded her team that they'd narrowly lost to the Candy Apple's Dance Company last time they did this competition, and that would not happen again.

Chloe was given a solo called "Trouble" in which she needs to utilize the entire stage. Maddie was given a lyrical solo as well called "Mom, It'll Never Be The Same." Paige, Nia and Mackenzie were given a trio called "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us." The group number was called "All Kids Go", which was about kids growing up. Everyone was in it except Mackenzie because she's too young. In place of Mackenize, Abby brought Peyton into be an obviously older girl.

Additionally, Abby told the girls that they'd be auditioning for a role on Drop Dead Diva, a television show. The girls would be filmed and the tapes would be sent to LA.
The moms complained about how every time Peyton gets put in a dance, she takes the featured role. Her mom, Leslie, added insult to injury by talking to the moms how Payton shouldn't be a filler; she should be a full-time group member.

After a commercial break, the show returned, and we were brought to Cathy's studio, Candy Apple's. Cathy announced to the group that Jill, Kendall's mom, decided to pull Kendall out of Cathy's studio for not giving her enough opportunities. In a not-at-all shocking turn of events, Cathy announced that her girls, like Abby's, would be auditioning for Drop Dead Diva. (Which, keep in mind, is a show that shares the Lifetime network with Dance Moms.)

At this point, the cameras flipped between Cathy's girls recording auditions and Abby's girls doing their recordings. After the girls read, Abby noted that she thought Paige or Maddie may get the role.

The Abby Lee Dance Studio moms met for lunch to discuss Kelly's birthday celebration. Kelly announced that she'd be inviting Leslie because she had to do so. The other moms weren't happy, but I'm sure Lifetime instructed Kelly to invite her for the sake of the show. Additionally, Christi told the moms that she was sending Chloe on a field trip the following day. Needless to say, when Christi went to the rehearsal the next day without Chloe, Abby freaked out. Leslie, the opportunistic creature that she is, jumped in after the argument and asked for a solo for Peyton. Abby agreed. Christi was obviously less than thrilled.

The trio began to rehearse and Abby immediately had an attitude. She said the girls had no energy and didn't work well together. The group number was next, and Abby put Peyton in Chloe's former spot in the group number. Chloe would still participate, but she lost a good spot in the group number.

Kelly approached Abby on her own to ask why Peyton can come in and was given a solo when girls like Nia and Paige weren't always given solos. Abby's explanation? Peyton's willing to work. Sure, she is - but so would Nia and Paige, if they were given the opportunity.

Chloe returned to tehe studio and Christi told her to be strong when talking to Abby. Instead of immediately pulling her solo, Abby gave Chloe a chance to try it, and if she remembered it, she'd be in good shape. Fortunately, she did remember it, and Abby admitted that she thought it could be a winner.

The moms joined together to hang out for Kelly's birthday. Before Leslie arrived, some of the moms said they hope that she doesn't come. She did show up, and the drama began. The moms began to argue about who's bullying who. Holly, the voice of reason, calmly explained that Leslie's tone could be offensive. Unfortunately, not all of the interactions were that smooth. Christi went off on Leslie and told her to leave. Leslie did leave, but not until throwing something across the room.

The Competition

In the dressing room, Christi told Abby that Chloe's calm, probably due in part to having gone on her camping trip. Then, Christi and Kelly went into the hallway and ran into Leslie. Christi and Leslie had a confrontation, but it ended quickly and they went their separate ways.

Chloe performed her solo first, and it was great. Her costume was appropriate and her dance was lovely. Abby attributed it to her years of practice, rather than Chloe being calm from actually having a break from dance.

Maddie performed second. She performed well as usual, and her yellow dress was understated and nice. I have to say, though, that I prefered Chloe's choreography to Maddie's.

Abby hugged Chloe after her performance because of how well she did. Christi said she should send Chloe to camp every week since it helps her performance. Abby did not like that and said she should never to go to camp again.

The trio didn't have as much luck as the solos. Their moves weren't nearly as clean or in sync as they should have been. When the girls left the stage, they knew their performance wasn't perfect - Mackenzie commented that she'd be in a lot of trouble with Abby.

Payton danced her jazz solo next. I was not feeling this dance. It was supposed to be so intense, and I felt nothing from Peyton's movements or facial expressions. Leslie defended her saying that she got no practice time. Kelly told Leslie that the reason the moms don't want her there is that she bullies them. Leslie began to cry and Abby did not like that.

Abby let us know that she was nervous about the group number and wasn't sure if the audience would understand it. Fortunately, the performance went well and the audience responded positively.

Judging followed the group number. In the junior soloist competition, Chloe took fourth place. Maddie, to my surprise, took first place.

In the teen novice soloist competition, Peyton won what the screen said was second place, but it sounded to me like the announcer sounded like he said seventh place, and Leslie talked about how Peyton wanted a higher medal. I think it was supposed to be seventh - the screen wording was probably a typo. Thoughts?

The trio took fifth place.

The group number took first place.

Abby went into the dressing room and congratulated the girls, but told the moms that they'd better not complain about who she wants to bring into the group and they need to not terrorize the moms. Sounds like a threat to me!

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Anonymous said...

I am curious about the actual results so I did a little search. You are right, Payton did get 7th place. What they did not put on this episode is that Brooke also had a solo (in the same age group as Payton). In fact, Brooke was the one who placed in 2nd.