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Dance Moms 7/10/12

Abby opened the episode by telling her girls that they're tenth-of-a-point losers. She followed that up with more bad news - the girls would be competing in Ohio, which means they were in Candy Apples territory.

The group dance was called Land Unforgiven, and it's about being in someone else's territory. Abby said she'd include everyone in the group number, but she'd also bring in some extra dancers. She'd play using Cathy's game by adding older dancers to her group number.

Next was the pyramid. Brooke was on the bottom (and still on probation) for skipping the last competition for a school dance. Mackenzie and Nia joined her. Paige (also on probation) and Chloe took the second row. Maddie, again, took the top level....but this time, her picture was up their twice. Why? Because she won two titles on the same day.

Abby told Paige she'd be doing a solo that she does well already, and her job was to beat firner teammate Kendall. After telling Paige about this, Abby took her off probation. Chloe got a solo as well, and it was called Angry Bird. Christi sarcastically noted that Chloe's been a bird many times in her dances.

Abby introduced the girls she'd be bringing in for the group number. Their names were Catherine, Arielle and Nina. The moms weren't thrilled by Abby's decision. Holly said it seems as if Abby's telling the girlst hat they can't beat Cathy's studio on their own.

After that, we flipped over to Cathy and the Candy Apple's Dance Studio. They'd be doing an Asian dance where Vivi's an Asian princess. At this point, we saw Kendall's mom Jill, who was no longer as pleased with Cathy as she used to be. She said Kendall went from being special to just one of the group. She was also not thrilled with Cathy's decision to bring in professional choroegraphers to choreograph the group dance.

Back in Abby Lee's viewing room, the moms complained about Abby putting pressure on Paige but not offering her practice time. Also, Kelly didn't like Paige's choreography. Kelly and Christi went downstairs to talk to Abby, and at this time, Kelly yelled at Abby, stating that Kendall will beat Paige because of Paige's weak choreography.

Kelly and Christi went to lunch and discussed the bad choreography their daughters have been given. Kelly decided that she'd change the parts of Paige's choreo that she didn't like on her own - without Abby's permission. Christi noted that this would open up a can of worms, but Kelly was set on making the changes.

It became evident that Kendall's time at Candy Apple's was no longer as peachy as it once was. Cathy noted that Kendall's not on the same level as her dances, and Jill noted that Kendall's not getting the attention she deserves. At the competition, Jill noted that Kendall hadn't had enough time to practice and she'd hire a coach for her.

Back in the room with Abby Lee's team, Chloe prepared to dance because she was going first. Fortunately, Chloe performed well, and even though her earring flew out as she danced, Chloe kept going and no accidents occurred.

Paige went on for her solo, and it looked fantastic. What wasn't as fantastic was Abby's face as she realized that Kelly had re-choreographed Paige's solo. Abby said that Paige's dance looked like it belonged in an elementary school talent show. I respectfully disagree. (Also, I'm sure this was staged and a professional choreographer - maybe even Abby herself - secretly did the choreo.) Anyway, Abby took a low blow and said that Kelly should stick to what she does best, which was spend time at a real bar, not a ballet bar.

Next up was Kendall. Almost immediately, Kendall's music began to skip. Instead of being supportive that Kendall kept dancing, Cathy said that Kendall didn't take any of her constructive criticism and did terribly. Abby even noted that Kendall was better than she performed in this number, and Kendall was nothing like the talented girl that Abby had trained.

As Jill cried in one area, Cathy noted that she doesn't really see Kendall and Jill as part of her Apples team, and they're on the outside.

Before Abby went back into the practice room, Kelly coached Paige on what to say when Abby cornered her about her dance. While Kelly began the arguement with Abby, Paige continued by saying that she didn't feel challenged. Abby's argument was that she wouldn't give Paige choreography that she wasn't ready for. After Abby yelled, Kelly comforted Paige and said that it was her own fault, not Paige's.

Cathy's girls performed their group number next. Before they began, Christi noted that Cathy wasn't being herself that day - she hadn't bugged the Abby Lee team or anything. Opinions were mixed on the performance - Holly thought the dance was good, but not a slam dunk. Abby said it would be competitive. Christi said it looked like 'a Chinese buffet.'

Abby's girls were next. Their dance, costumes and music included, were beautiful. Everything was clean. It was the complete opposite of Cathy's loud dance with a lot of variety - this dance was simple and quiet. It was fantastic.

The solo awards were next.

In the 9 - 11 solo competition, Paige took 7th place. Chloe took 6th place. Both of their moms were thrilled. Kendall didn't even place.

In the 9 - 11 small group, Abby's group took 5th place. Cathy's team, again, didn't even place.

Fortunately, Abby couldn't be upset that her girls didn't place higher because they met their goal - beating Candy Apple's. Abby congratulated Paige, and Kelly stuck up for Paige and told Abby to give her more credit. Abby said Paige would have to trust her, and that Kelly better not re-choreograph again.

Jill approached Cathy about how she's not giving Kendall enough practice time to succeed. Cathy's face stayed blank - she didn't even react. Jill said she regretted leaving Abby Lee's company and her time with Candy Apple's may be over.

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