Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beverly Hills Nannies: Totally Worth Watching

I'll admit it - I was skeptical when I heard about Beverly Hills Nannies, a new show on ABC Family. As it turns out, I had no reason to be skeptical because the show was awesome.

First of all, the concept is relatively fresh in the reality TV world, yet it has elements of shows that we already know and like, such as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The main characters are interesting. All of the parents (especially Ari and Marika) have strong personalities and are great to watch, and the nannies are strongly opinionated.

It's evident to me that Kristin, one of the most wanted and highest paid nannies, is going to be the ringleader of this show. She's pretty and smart, and she started a nanny agency in episode 1, showing that she'll be a central character as the season progresses.

Like other reality shows, Beverly Hills Nannies seems to be part staged and part real. Clearly, all of the parents and nannies on the show were interviewed and wanted to be on television. Also, since the nannies were all joining new families, nannies and parents appeared to be matched up for the sake of the show.

Some characters were more likeable than others, and it seems like those who were cast to play villains (like Marika) are playing up their negative attributes for the camera. Kristin's going to be mostly likeable, I think, but cause a lot of controversy. Maggie's going to generate controversy and cause problems. And I think Ari is going to switch nannies sometime during the season.

Overall, I think this show is worth watching. The first episode kept my attention relly well, and I'm looking forward to episode two. Plus, with the confessional sessions where the moms bash the nannies and the nannies bash the moms, I'd be interested to hear the fallout if any of the nannies are still employed with the families.

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