Friday, June 8, 2012

Why I'm Loving The Glee Project Season 2

I watched The Glee Project casting special and episode one, and I've decided that I like this season way more than season one. And that's impressive, considering that I really enjoyed season one! Here's why I think season two of The Glee Project rocks.

1. The diversity. I'm not just talking about ethnic diversity - I mean that there is a person with a visual impairment, a girl in a wheelchair, a girl from a religious Muslim background, a transgendered person - such amazing, courageous people with wonderful stories of hope to share.

2. The guest mentors. Lea Michele was a guest mentor right off the bat! It was interesting to see her outside of her Rachel Berry character. With the news stories of Lea Michele being a brat in real life with characteristics similar to her Glee character, it was cool to see her as a real, humble person.

3. The relationships we build with the contestants. I think it's easy to distinguish between the contestants that we're really rooting for and those that we don't support as much. We know right off the bat who we think is awesome and who we want to win. In my case, I'm really connecting with the contestants who've been through a lot of hardships and not siding as much with the contenders who are talented but are just kind of normal.

4. We know what to expect. While season one of The Glee Project was hardly original in the reality TV realm, we weren't quite sure what was going to go down. Now, we get it. We know the challenges. We know the ideas. We know the expectations and we know the eliminations. It's fun to know what's going to happen next, especially because we can look forward to finding out what songs will come next and who'll survive the last chance challenges.

5. I genuinely think there will only be one winner this season. Why? It was cute last year to throw the wrench into things with a twist, but the show can't do that two seasons in a row...unless they want it to get stale, that is.

And that's why I love season two! Do you like season two of The Glee Project?

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