Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tough Love New Orleans Season Finale

On the season finale of Tough Love, Steve Ward spoke to each woman about her experience on the show. He handed each woman a necklace with a word on the back that describes her after their experience on Tough Love.

Donna was up first to talk to Steve. She said she's not sure what's next for her and her date Chris. She was afraid of him running away. Steve told her to take a leap of faith. Chris came into the room, and Donna expressed her feelings - she wanted to try to make things work. Chris, although he made it very dramatic, agreed. Steve gave Donna her engraved necklace - it had the word 'fearless' on it. (Donna and Chris didn't work out, but she's in a committed relationship with someone else.)

Elizabeth was next. Steve said she had the biggest transformation. Elizabeth said she came to the show for love, but found herself along the way. She told Carl that he's done so much for her. She said she wanted to continue the relationship. Carl asked her to stay in New Orleans for a few extra days so they could continue their relationship. Elizabeth's necklace said 'independent'. (Elizabeth got an apartment of her own, and she and Carl are planning to take a vacation together.)

Despina was next. She admitted that she learned a lot about herself, including that she's a girly girl and never knew it. Her date, Austin, came into the room. Austin read Despina a note he'd written down. At the end, he told her he wanted to make things official between them and asked Despina to be his girlfriend. Steve gave Despina her necklace, and her word was 'loving'. (Despina and Austin are still dating, and Austin may move to be with her.)

Stephanie was next. She looked great - she was wearing makeup but looked much more natural than usual. Steve recapped Stephanie's relationship with her date John - it went well, then hit a roadblock, then got back on track. Stephanie told John that being in his arms made everything okay. John told Stephanie he was in love with her, and Stephanie said she was in love with him as well. John gave Stephanie a promise ring and said he'd like to continue their relationship after boot camp. Steve gave Stephanie her necklace, and it said 'confident' on it. (Stephanie and John are still together.)

Shalana followed Stephanie. Shalana said she's not the same person as she was before boot camp. She learned that not all men will treat her negatively. Her date Aubrey came out to talk to her. He gave Shalana a bracelet. Shalana said she wanted to stay with Aubrey to see where it goes. Aubrey said, "That being said..." and got down on one knee and put a ring on her finger. Fortunately, he asked her to uphold her promise after the show, not to marry him quite yet. Shalana got her necklace next and it said 'joyful'. (Shalana and Aubrey couldn't agree on their future and are no longer dating.)

Danielle was the next person to talk to Steve. She told Steve that she learned that it's okay to be soft and ask for help. Steve noted that Danielle seemed to have her world turned upside down when she saw her ex Kevin. She even broke off her relationship with her date Corey because of her feelings for Kevin. Steve asked Danielle if she thought Kevin had feelings for her, and she said 'kinda'. Steve said Kevin came back to New Orleans, and Danielle should hear what he has to say. His face came up on the monitor, and we saw Steve ask Kevin if he's in love with Danielle. His answer was no, and he explained that she's a completely different person now, so he couldn't love someone he doesn't know. Then, Kevin told Steve that he doesn't want to be with Danielle. Danielle, after tearing up, stormed out of the room. (Steve made sure Danielle got her necklace later, and it said 'classy'. She's now dating someone new, and she and Kevin are co-parenting as they were before.)

Melissa was called up after Steve apologized for Danielle leaving the room the way she did. Melissa said the biggest thing she learned is that her virginity doesn't define her and she has to find new ways to be unique. Steve called in Melissa's date Chris, who gave her roses. She and Chris talked and it was evident that Melissa has become less awkward. The pair decided to continue their relationship. Melissa got her necklace, and it said 'graceful'. (Chris visited Melissa twice since the show ended and Melissa plans to visit him as well.)

Steve closed the episode by bringing his mom into the room. She told the women that she was proud of them, and encouraged them not to forget what they'd learned. Steve brought the girls up for a group hug, and with that, this season of Tough Love was over.

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