Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tough Love New Orleans, Episode 9

This week on Tough Love, the women brought their dates home to meet their families.

First we saw Donna's family - her mom and brother. Her mom made a big deal about how Donna's date Chris was a guy she would have dated. Donna was clearly embarrassed, but things went well overall.

On their last night in New York, Donna cooked for Chris and the pair had a romantic dinner. Her date asked her to stick around in New Orleans after the show ended so they could spend time together. Donna admitted that she was getting scared of the commitment, and she asked her date to help her get over it. The pair talked about their future, and Chris said eventually they'd have to make a choice and live in the same area because long distance relationships don't work.

We saw Elizabeth next, and she started by writing a letter to her ex Paul. She explained that she's no longer going to depend on anyone they will not get back together.

Despina was third, and her her dad and a huge part of her extended family was there to meet her date Austin. During this date, Austin was asked to frost donuts at her dad's donut shop. This seemed like a ploy to get some publicity for the donut shop, although I'm not sure we learned the name of the bakery.

Despina's dad was really harsh on Austin - asking if things were serious and making it clear that he doesn't think long distance relationships work. It seemed that he didn't like Austin, but Despina realized that he did like him by the way he joked with Austin.

Despina and Chris went back to her appointment to spend time together. She finally opened up to him, and after that, the camera watched a bedroom door close, making it seem like they did some stuff together that the cameras couldn't see.

Elizabeth called her family members to ask to meet up. She left multiple messages and got no response. She and her date went to a restaurant hoping that her family would join them for dinner. Time passed and no one showed up. Elizabeth started crying. She finally decided to stop waiting and accept what happened. She unloaded her whole story on Carl, and although Elizabeth feared he'd run away after that, he stayed and supported her. It was really nice.

On her last day in New Jersey, Elizabeth got a knock on her door. It was her date Carl coming to bring her breakfast. Elizabeth was positively glowing. It was nice to see her so happy.

Stephanie and Jon were next. Stephanie was nervous because her mom told her not to bring guys home unless she's pregnant or getting married. Stephanie's mom pulled her aside to tell her she approves of Jon and is proud of Stephanie.

Stephanie took her date to a place where you can ride mechanical bulls, and it was a great experience for them.

Shalana was next. She and Aubrey went on a romantic picnic before she brought Aubrey to meet her son. The pair had a great time and things were successful.

When Aubrey met Shalana's son Donald, it was adorable. The pair, as well as Shalana and her mother, seemed to get along well. However, Shalana's mom put Aubrey on the spot, asking if he was ready to be a stepdad. Fortunately, Aubrey handled the situation well. He didn't commit to being a stepdad, but he didn't run away screaming either.

Melissa and Chris were next. Melissa's father was there, as well as her sister and friends. Everyone seemed genuinely happy to see Melissa - they seemed really quite close. The only sad part for Melissa was that her mom wasn't there because she passed away in 2010. Everyone bonded well with Chris and even showed him Melissa's embarrassing Bat Mitzvah photo album.

After spending time with Melissa's family, the pair went ice skating, and like other things, she'd never done it before. While Melissa wasn't great at it, it made for a romantic date that they really enjoyed.

Danielle, upon arriving at home, met up with her ex Kevin. She had to address her emotions for him and asked how he felt about her. It was really hard for her to ask what she wanted - if they'd ever be able to rekindle their relationship - but she did it and finally faced her demons. He asked what Danielle would want in a perfect world, and she said she'd like them to be together. His response was that on a scale of one to ten, the chances or them getting together are a 5. That made her more confused than ever.

Danielle spent some time with her mom. She told her about her talk with Kevin. Danielle's mom gave her great advice - if their relationship is meant to be, it'll happen. So don't throw away a great date for something that's just a maybe.

Danielle opted to not introduce Corey to her son, but Steve noted that he was disappointed that Danielle rushed him out of her house so quickly. The pair continued to talk about Danielle's fear of a long distance relationship. Fortunately, Corey was a great voice of reason - he said that they could make it work if they want to. While it seemed that things could work out, Danielle finally got it out that she wanted to end the relationship.

And with that, the episode ended, and next week we'll see the season finale.


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Anonymous said...

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