Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tough Love New Orleans: Episode 8

This week on Tough Love New Orleans, Steve gave the girls voodoo dolls representing their ex-boyfriends and were told to use pins in the dolls to relieve their own pain.

Danielle really let her feelings out in this challenge. She admitted that she didn't want to have children with someone she wasn't married to, yet she did, and it didn't work out. Then, she trusted another man with her heart and her son, and he broke her heart as well.

Elizabeth talked about her ex Paul who she gave up her family for, and who she waited for him to be divorced to be with her. He gave her rings which he one day took back. She tried to take them from him and he called the cops on her to have her arrested. She showed such real emotion as she discussed this - you could truly feel her sense of loss and pain.

The girls then went outside to see a traditional jazz funeral professional. While they shared their sadness, they were given a surprise - their exes. First up was Stephanie's ex Jesse, who left her when she wanted a commitment. They've been on and off for ten years. Jesse kept bringing up Stephanie's self-esteem issues...not healthy!

Danielle's ex Kevin was next. He's the father of her son. He was followed by Donna's ex Michael and Melissa's crush Jeff. Shalana's ex Omar came, and they broke up recently. Omar was acting ridiculous - completely disrespectful. It got so uncomfortable that Shalana had to walk away.

Elizabeth's most recent ex Paul (noted above) came next, and he came with roses to win her back. He was really sweet to Elizabeth, saying he thought flowers would bring her happy memories and saying he'd be there for her. It was so confusing - Elizabeth seemed to fall right back into things with Paul, and it was terrible. Paul kept trying to outdo her date, and while Elizabeth didn't appreciate it, she seemed to be falling back into his charm. Fortunately, Paul eventually asked if he should leave, and Elizabeth did the right thing and asked him to go.

Melissa and Jeff talked about how Melissa felt like Jeff wasn't into her even though he would ask her for drinks. He admitted that he really did just want to be friends. Fortunately, Melissa was straight up and admitted to Jeff that she misses her date Chris and wants to win him back. (Good on many counts!)

Despina was last, and because of the way she treats guys, none were willing to come for her.

The camera flipped back to Danielle and her son's father, and she was doing great. In the confessional, she noted that it seemed like her baby's father had grown up and they could connect now, but really, it's Danielle who made the change for the better.

Not to make things easy, Steve then brought in the girls' dates. Shalana looked overwhelmed as, in her opinion, Omar made her look dumb. Elizabeth immediately gave into tension and walked out, but the guys followed her. Carl asked to talk to her, and the guys seemed to start competing for her attention.

Stephanie's ex was horrible - her date Jon was saying that he hopes things work for the pair, and Jesse said Stephanie would leave. What a jerk! Later, Stephanie explained her situation with Jesse to Jon, and I don't blame Jon for being hesitant that the pair is truly done with each other.

Steve brought Chris back in for Melissa, and finally, she looked genuinely happy to see him. Understandably, he was confused, but it was worth him coming back - Melissa finally shared her real feelings. Melissa was dared to kiss her date, and wow...she finally gave him a great kiss and made things right. It was a happy highlight of a tough evening.

Danielle and Corey spent time discussing her situation with her baby's father. Danielle handled the situation appropriately and Corey acted very supportive of the situation.

On the other hand, Omar kept acting like he and Shalana were still together, and Omar acted like a real jerk to Shalana's date. Unfortunately, Shalana just sat there and cried until she walked out, rather than defending her date and knocking Omar down a peg. Unfortunately, Shalana didn't appreciate the fact that her date Aubrey stayed by her side as Omar treated her terribly.

After the dates left, Danielle broke down about how she can't give her baby a father like she wants to. She admitted she still has feelings for her ex but doesn't know how to say it, and she wishes she could have a redo and work harder to stay with her baby's father.

The group session started and Steve immediately told Melissa that she did the best. It was well deserved! Her date gave positive feedback about her actions and the fact that Melissa kissed him. It was such a breakthrough for Melissa.

Danielle addressed how she felt about her ex. Her ex, in the confessional, said he was happy with Danielle's positive progress. Danielle told Steve her feelings - how she wants to be with her ex and thinks they didn't try hard enough. Steve told her that her ex has moved on and Danielle needs to do the same. Her date Corey's feedback was good - he said that Danielle handled herself well. Steve advised Danielle to live in the present, not the past.

Stephanie's ex Jesse, in the confessional, was a jerk and implied that he could have her back. Her date, Jon, admitted that he was concerned about Stephanie's ex, but also said he's falling in love with Stephanie.

Next up was the hot seat, and the person who was put in the hot seat was Elizabeth because she seemed to sink right back into Paul. In the confessional, Paul made it very clear that Elizabeth is attracted to his money (although he didn't outright say it) and he could have her back. Her date Carl was concerned about Elizabeth still having feelings for him. Not good!

Steve announced that he'd be changing things up and sending the girls home for a few days...with their dates. Should be interesting!

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