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Sister Wives 6/3/12: Addressing Housing and Meri's Fertility

The Sister Wives opened the episode by talking to their real estate team about purchasing the four lots on a cul-de-sac. As far as the paperwork goes, Meri and Kody would apply for their home as a married couple and the other wives would apply as single moms.

Next, the Sister Wives talked about their business plan to open a gym. Christine wrote the initial plan and presented it to the family. When Christine explained the amount of money needed and the number of members required, Kody wasn't thrilled and noted that the family could go bankrupt. In the group confessional, Christine admitted that she was upset because when Kody turned negative about the gym, it was almost impossible to overcome that. Later, Kody said that the gym was originally his idea but now he doesn't know if it's feasible, which seriously rubbed me the wrong way. Why? Because Kody's been criticized for his narcissism, and while I haven't disagreed in the past, I strongly agreed with that sentiment in this moment. The gym was HIS idea? And it was a great idea until someone else put reality behind it? Please, Kody. Whatever.

Kody and Meri addressed Meri's desire to have another baby. Meri addressed the pain she felt when both Jenelle and Christine got pregnant before she did. Meri and Kody eventually came to terms with Meri not having a baby, and then Mariah came as a surprise. Twelve years later, Meri found out she was pregnant again, but the doctor told her that the pregnancy was not viable. As Meri discussed the situation, you could see the pain in her face. It was heartbreaking to see her hurting so much because of how much she wanted a second child and how she wasn't able to achieve that.

Apparently Robyn's offer to be a surrogate for Meri kicked Meri's desire for a baby into gear, and Meri and Kody visited a fertility specialist. The specialist asked the pair how often per month they have intercourse, and they shot down the idea that not having sex is the problem. I think it's a fair question for any couple, yet especially relevant for this couple, considering Kody's splitting his sex time with four women.

The discussion with the fertility specialist gave the couple the idea that in-vitro fertilization could be an option, which is so happy for Meri, but is interesting because it seemed that she's turning down Robyn's offer to birth a child for her. At the end of this episode (the first of two tonight), Meri seemed very conflicted because she clearly wants a baby but is terrified of what could happen.

The second episode began with Kody and Meri at another fertility specialist, in which Meri addressed Robyn's offer of being her surrogate. (It seemed, in my opinion, that this was vetoed in the earlier episode, but this episode offered a different view of the situation.) The doctor Meri and Kody saw in this episode offered the idea of having a donor egg instead of Meri's own because of her age, but that option was taken off the table immediately.

The topic of this episode was Valentine's Day, and the elementary age girls prepared to take Kody to a daddy-daughter dance. While many of the girls were excited, one girl (I believe it was Gwendlyn) didn't want to share, so she instead took her brother Logan to the dance.

Kody went to a flower store to buy Valentine's Day flowers for his wives. He said that he was buying bouquets for his wives, and as he said that, the store clerk's face just...fell. She went from having a polished smile to having a look of shock and horror. Fortunately, she recovered once she realized what's going on, but it definitely took her a minute to take it all in.

The women plotted to take Kody's car and decorate it for Valentine's Day. Robyn's role was to pretend that her car tire needed air and to take Kody's for a few minutes. Unfortunately, Kody was ready to jump in and look at Robyn's tire, but Robyn managed to get out and the family was able to decorate the car. Robyn then went back in for Kody to get him to come outside. She acted apologetic and pretended that she'd damaged the car. Kody was pleasantly surprised to see that his car was painted, not damaged, and proclaimed in the confessional that he'd have to get Robyn back for that trick. While I understand why he felt that way, he should be more aware of the fact that all of the wives, not just Robyn, were in on the surprise.

Next, the family visited their real estate agent to find out that they were approved for all four homes that they wanted - but it would be in the form of non-traditional private loans. The cost would be double what they initially expected. And, to top it off, one of the properties that they wanted had been sold to someone else. Kody's reaction was that it was time to move on to other, more affordable options. His idea was to try to get two homes and then move everyone else nearby. Robyn clearly didn't like that idea - it was a hard sell after they had their theoretical dream solution in place.

At the end of the episode, Mariah noted that she didn't believe the Brown parents would find the perfect situation because they often presented news and couldn't fulfill it. She has a point - Kody and the wives talk a big game, but so far, a lot of their plans have fallen flat.

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