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Dance Moms 6/26/12

This week, Abby began by scolding the girls for being second in the Energy Dance competition. You know, like usual.

Paige and Brooke took the bottom of the pyramid and remained on probation. Nia shared the row with the sisters. Chloe and Maddie shared row two. Mackenzie took the top of the pyramid for her victory in the last competition.

This week's competition is Starpower in Virginia. It's the largest dance competition in the US, and it's their 25th anniversary. It's so big that it's split into two competitions. Remember that - it becomes important later.

Because of Mackenzie's success, she got to be in the group number. Maddie had a solo called Looking For a Place Called Home, a modern twist on Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Chloe got a solo called What Goes Around, Comes Around. The group number is called The Huntress and is inspired by The Hunger Games.

After Abby announced the assignments, Brooke raised her hand and said she wanted to go to her school dance this weekend. Abby said she could go, but ended the thought by saying "everyone's replaceable." Abby decided that someone needs to take Brooke's spot, and she asked Payton to fill in. The moms were unhappy because Payton pushes up the age division and has been bullying the other girls. Plus, she'd be playing the huntress in the girls' group number, which was a main role.

Brooke, Kelly and Christi went to pick out a dress for Brooke's 8th grade farewell dress. She got an awesome dress. Kelly broke down because she'd be missing Brooke's day at the school dance for Paige's competition.

Leslie, Payton's mom, brought Peyton in the next day and showed Abby her hurt finger. As a dance mom more than a regular mom, Leslie said that Peyton would have to take the metal protection piece on her hand if she had to. Dance is worth breaking a finger, I guess.

Abby was happy with the girls' rehearsal until one day, she felt like they stepped backwards and looked ridiculous. It became evident that Mackenzie was overwhelmed. The drama didn't end here - Christi was convinced that Abby purposely gave Maddie a better dance than Chloe.

There's one other important part - Abby spent some private time practicing with Maddie because she was secretly taking Maddie to the second Starpower competition. The other moms were not aware of this, probably because Abby knew it would cause a riot.

The Competition

Leslie finally stood up for Payton and said she was concerned about Payton's finger. She asked if Payton could wear a splint. Abby told her that Payton should deal with the pain and likened her situation to that guy that cut off his arm to survive in the wild. Not a great or true analogy, Abby!

Abby gave Payton a talk in the dressing room telling her not to repeat the backstage antics that she had the last time she competed. (If you recall, she said she was great and everyone else messed up.) It seemed that Payton understood, which was definitely a good thing, considering the bullying she'd been doing lately.

The dance was nontraditional, to say the least. But as Holly said, Abby does weird well, and this dance looked great. Mackenzie made a mistake, and Melissa cringed knowing that Abby would have something to say about that. Peyton also didn't nail her turns. As it turns out, one tenth of a point separated first and second place, and their mistakes put the girls in second place.

Abby tested Payton by asking how she thought the group did. She, in turn, asked Abby what she thought. Abby took that as a sign of her growth and maturity.

Chloe's solo followed. She felt nervous. Abby was happy with Chloe's performance because she learned it quickly, although it was slightly flawed. Christi thought Chloe's dancing was good but her choreography wasn't.

Maddie was great as usual. Her moves were very fluid.

Chloe ended up as second runner up, and Maddie won the solo competition and the crown of Junior Miss Starpower. Back in their rehearsal room, Christi argued that Chloe's choreo made it impossible for her to beat Maddie because Maddie's obviously the favorite.

At this point, Abby entered the room and pulled Maddie out to go compete in the other Starpower competition. The moms were hit in the face with the fact that Abby had planned this secretly the whole time.

Maddie competed in the other Starpower competition and won again. Therefore, she won two titles in one day. (I can just see the steam pouring out of Christi's ears as she watches this episode, for the record.)

And with that, the episode ended. Maddie won, Christi was mad, and Abby again was, well, Abby.

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Mrs. Behavin in TX said...

I think you might have missed a few key moments on the show because there was much more to the Maddie and Chloe story....

The episode showed that Maddie clearly knew 100% that she was being entered to compete in 2 dances. Abby told Melissa and Maddie that she planned the whole thing and both of them (Maddie and Melissa) agreed to keep it a secret from everyone. Abby then gave Maddie an additional secret 3 hour private rehearsal for her solos. She never did that for Chloe, or anyone else. In fact, Chloe received a clearly poorly choreographed dance which consisted mainly of posing and a few spins. It really did not show any of her abilities and, in my humble opinion, was purposely designed that way by Abby.

This season Starpower was being split up into 2 locations due to the large number of entries. As a result of this, there were 2 identical titles being given. Abby called them and got permission to enter Maddie in both. She stated clearly that she wanted to give Maddie any and every opportunity she could to be recognized and awarded. Chloe was not given that opportunity and it was kept a secret up until the time Abby took Maddie and Melissa over to the other competition. Melissa, once again, acted like she didn't know what was happening. The other dancers and their moms were left in the dressing room to wonder what had just taken place.