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Dance Moms: 6/19/12

The pyramid had a surprise this week - she had Brooke and Paige on the bottom row, and on probation for the issues at last week's competition.

Chloe was also on the bottom of the pyramid for skipping class to go to the movies last week. Mackenzie and Nia were in the middle, and Maddie returned to her former glory at the top of the pyramid.

This week, the team would be going to the Energy Dance Competition again, this time in Michigan. And, when Abby announced that, she said she was told that two teams were going specifically to beat the Abby Lee Dance Company.

The group number was called Silver Spoon. It's meant to be pretty, and uses a big spoon as a prop. Maddie and Chloe had a duet called Inside of Me. Nia had a solo called Bound and Mackenzie had once called Daisy Chain. Maddie was given a very interesting solo - an old one called Helen Keller. It's about Helen Keller herself, and it's undefeated. She'd be dancing with a rag doll as a prop.

Abby took Kelly aside to show her that she could expel her kids, per the contract Kelly had signed. The reason for expulsion would be use of foul language, and Abby said if Kelly used it again like she did last week, she and her kids would be kicked out of the Abby Lee Dance Company.

Then, the moms began having issues because Melissa admitted that she told Abby that Chloe went to the movies, not the doctor, last week. Then, the women made accusations that Maddie's CD skipping at last week's competition wasn't an accident. Although Melissa refuted it, the women think Abby told Maddie in advance to keep dancing if the CD skipped, and then magically, it did. They were saying that Abby did that on purpose to ensure that Maddie fought through that setback and would win because of it.

As Chloe and Maddie practiced their duet, Melissa walked in and told the girls to leave so she could talk to Abby. She asked Abby if she set Maddie's CD up to skip, and Abby said absolutely not. Abby didn't take the accusation well, stating that she'd never encourage cheating. She also said Melissa was just as bad as the other moms, and she needs to realize that they're just jealous.

Mackenzie had trouble learning her solo, and Melissa didn't want her doing it. The trouble didn't end there for Melissa - she and Holly had lunch to talk about the CD issue because Holly didn't seem to quite believe it was an accident.

Abby was brutal during the group rehearsal. She was already upset that she had to get rid of the spoon prop, and the girls were not getting the dance right. To top it off, the costumes didn't look right because there were two pink costumes, two blue and one green. Paige was in green, and that wasn't working for Abby. So the girls switched costumes...but they didn't fit them properly. Kelly was mad - she said the girls would wear the wrong color costumes just so Abby doesn't have Paige stand out.

The Competition

Chloe and Maddie's routine was first. The modern jazz dance was beautiful. The girls interacted so well. Their moves were spot on, and they did their moves at exactly the same time. Their facial expressions, movements, everything - it was all perfect.

The group number was next. While the moms weren't thrilled about the way the costumes fit, Abby thought they looked great. Fortunately, the costumes looked good onstage, and the dance was adorable. Per Abby, the routine was light and pretty, and I agree.

In the duo/trio division, Maddie and Chloe took second place. In the small group competition, the girls took second place again. Obviously, Abby wasn't happy. The studios who traveled to the competition to beat Abby were successful - they did it. Abby told the girls that if they aim for second place in their solos, they should save her the time. Abby told the girls to either win or lose big.

Maddie danced first. Her dance and facial expressions were very powerful. Nia was next. She danced well but her choreography didn't seem like something that would strongly appeal to the judges. Abby said Nia did well, but not great.

Mackenzie was instructed to stay on stage the whole time, even if she forgets her dance. Abby said she'd be standing backstage so if Mackenzie tried to leave, she could make her go back on. Even though her dancing didn't look perfect to me, she stayed onstage and remembered all of her moves. I may have been wrong, though, because Melissa said she did great.

In the petite solo competition, Mackenzie took first place. In the junior solo division, Nia took ninth place. Maddie took fourth place. Needless to say, Abby wasn't happy. And she was even less happy when Kelly cornered Abby and asked if it was her goal in life to make Paige feel bad (by taking away her costume). She also confronted the CD issue again. Abby stood by her word - the CD skipping wasn't intentional. And with that, the episode ended.

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