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Dance Moms 6/12/12

Abby opened the episode by saying that the girls were sluggish and boring that day, just like they were at least week's competition.

Next, Abby Lee did the pyramid, and Maddie, Mackenzie and Paige took the bottom row. Maddie was there because she refused to do her solo at the competition. Brooke and Nia took the center, and Chloe took the top.

Abby told the girls that they're going to the Energy Dance Competition in Chicago. Mackenzie and Nia got a duo. Paige got a solo. Brooke and Chloe got solos too, but Chloe was warned that she needs to be in class because she missed one the day before.

Abby gave the girls a group numbers where they'd be zombies because that's what they'd acted like at the last competition. Holly, who isn't working, was told she was in charge of making the costumes. She wasn't thrilled.

The moms discussed why Maddie's no longer on the top of the pyramid. The consensus is that Melissa is no longer the favorite because she doesn't work for Abby anymore, so her girls no longer get special treatment.

Abby pulled Kelly aside to talk about how Paige has a problem because the chair she's using for her dance moves onstage, so Kelly has to fix it. Also, Kelly was told to put Brooke in voice lessons with the person who works for Abby's studio. Kelly wasn't happy - she wanted her daughter to take voice lessons elsewhere. Abby and Kelly started arguing, but it fizzled out pretty quickly.

Melissa approached Abby to ask for a private lesson for Maddie. Abby resisted, saying that Maddie doesn't have the fire she needs. Then, Abby seemed to change her tune and agreed in order to get into Maddie's head, presumably to rebuild her confidence.

Next, we saw the women join together to make the zombie costumes for the group number. They seemed to have a great time, and Kelly took out her Abby aggression on the clothing that she had to destroy to make it zombie-like.

Later, at the studio, Paige got the chair that her mom was supposed to fix up. Kelly played it off like she'd finished everything in advance, but Abby touched the chair and the black marker came off on her hands. Abby threw the chair on the floor. This led to an argument, yet again, between the pair. Kelly said "(Bleep) you, Abby" and Abby criticized her language. Kelly started screaming at Abby, saying she's pulling her kids out of class, and she's sick of making costumes while Abby eats. She then insulting Abby for being fat, then walked out.

Kelly brought her kids back the next day to dance because they wanted to, but she wouldn't go in the studio. Fortunately, Abby didn't take out her frustration at Kelly on the kids.

Abby and Maddie met up and had a nice talk. Then, Melissa walked in with tears in her eyes and told Abby that it's horrible that women say things about her. Then, Melissa started bashing Christi and Chloe, saying that Christi took Chloe to the movies, not the doctor, a few nights before. Melissa said the other women are just jealous of her relationship with Abby. Maddie was so embarrassed by her mom's behavior that she left the room.

The Competition

Kelly, Paige and Brooke where nowhere to be found when the bus left, and they weren't at the competition when Abby got the girls ready.

Melissa pulled Maddie out of the rehearsal room to convince her to ask Abby if she can do a solo at the competition. So she did. She pulled Abby in the hall and asked for her solo, but she clearly wasn't convinced that meant it. Then Melissa jumped in, saying Maddie wants to do the solo. Abby told her to stop. Still, Abby decided Maddie's word means business and put her in for a solo. She also asked the judges to stick to their rules - if they call a girl who doesn't show up, the person is scratched. This was clearly a way to block Brooke and Paige from competing if they don't show up on time.

Unfortunately for Abby's sinister plan, Kelly showed up with her kids. However, when Kelly saw that Maddie got a surprise solo, she decided to pull her kids out of the solo competition. When Paige's name was called, she didn't go onstage. Neither did Brooke. Kelly stayed with them offstage. They were skipped and Chloe began her solo.

Chloe's solo was good. Very dramatic and well performed. Maddie was up next in a costume that she magically had even though her solo wasn't pre-planned (sarcasm). Despite her reservations about dancing, Maddie did great...until her CD started skipping. Fortunately, she didn't let it rattle her and she finished her dance with the skipping CD. When she was done, the crowd erupted in cheers. This success brought the old Maddie back - she overcame her issue at the last competition.

Chloe took third place in the Junior Solo Awards, and Maddie took second.

While Kelly didn't have her kids perform their solos, she told the other moms that she wants them in the group number because she doesn't want to let the other girls down.

Nia and Mackenzie performed their duo and it was so much fun. It was circus themed, and Nia made a great lion tamer, with Mackenzie looking absolutely adorable as a lion.

Abby entered the dressing room after the duo and was impressed with the costumes. The girls went onstage and did their very dramatic dance routine. I have to admit, this was a good dance. The girls performed it perfectly.

Mackenzie and Nia took first place in their division for their dance, and the group took first place for their routine as well. After last week's disappointment, this week was awesome for the Abby Lee Dance Company.

Of course, nothing's ever simple for this dance company, so Kelly and Abby had yet another discussion about her children. Kelly said her kids would have done great and Abby agreed, but Kelly said that her girls should have had more practice like the other girls did. Abby flipped the blame on Kelly, saying she should have put stoppers on the chair when she was told. Then, Abby closed the episode with a low blow - she said she was at the hospital when Kelly's husband ran over one of her daughter's feet, and called the girls lazy. And it looks like next week, Abby will discuss a possible expulsion to Kelly because she broke the contract by using foul language. We will see what happens!

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