Saturday, June 2, 2012

Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner Are Back Together!

Gold diggers, I'm sorry to tell you that Hugh Hefner's off the market...and he's been taken by his ex-fiancee Crystal Harris.

You remember Crystal Harris, right? She left Hugh Hefner only days before their wedding, and right around the time her single Club Queen dropped? Then, she insulted Hef's sexual abilities on the radio, causing a media frenzy? Apparently, Hef's forgiving and he's willing to overlook this to get back with his 26 year old girlfriend.

Rumor has it that Crystal left Hef for another man, Jordan McGraw, and she couldn't deal with the role she'd have to take on as Hugh Hefner's wife. So, she bounced days before the wedding and left Hugh to host a movie night rather than the wedding he'd planned. Ouch.

While I do give Crystal credit for leaving before she entered a marriage that she wasn't comfortable being a part of, it does make her reunion with Hef seem a bit fishy. When I heard the news, my first thought was that Crystal and Jordan called off their relationship, and Crystal realized that she'd have to take care of herself going forward...and after living a pampered life, it's not that easy to go back. So she went back to Hef, apologized and decided that it's worth having a curfew to live the spoiled life.

I also think Crystal realized that her music career wasn't going to take off. Part of the issue she was having with her marriage to Hef was that he didn't support her having a full-time music career. So she left, thinking she'd get famous in her own right. When that didn't happen, Crystal lost her reasoning for being away from Hef.

Whatever the case, I don't see a Crystal/Hef marriage anywhere in the future - I think Crystal will only stick around long enough to find another sugar daddy or find another way to get famous.

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