Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dance Moms 6/26/12

This week, Abby began by scolding the girls for being second in the Energy Dance competition. You know, like usual.

Paige and Brooke took the bottom of the pyramid and remained on probation. Nia shared the row with the sisters. Chloe and Maddie shared row two. Mackenzie took the top of the pyramid for her victory in the last competition.

This week's competition is Starpower in Virginia. It's the largest dance competition in the US, and it's their 25th anniversary. It's so big that it's split into two competitions. Remember that - it becomes important later.

Because of Mackenzie's success, she got to be in the group number. Maddie had a solo called Looking For a Place Called Home, a modern twist on Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Chloe got a solo called What Goes Around, Comes Around. The group number is called The Huntress and is inspired by The Hunger Games.

After Abby announced the assignments, Brooke raised her hand and said she wanted to go to her school dance this weekend. Abby said she could go, but ended the thought by saying "everyone's replaceable." Abby decided that someone needs to take Brooke's spot, and she asked Payton to fill in. The moms were unhappy because Payton pushes up the age division and has been bullying the other girls. Plus, she'd be playing the huntress in the girls' group number, which was a main role.

Brooke, Kelly and Christi went to pick out a dress for Brooke's 8th grade farewell dress. She got an awesome dress. Kelly broke down because she'd be missing Brooke's day at the school dance for Paige's competition.

Leslie, Payton's mom, brought Peyton in the next day and showed Abby her hurt finger. As a dance mom more than a regular mom, Leslie said that Peyton would have to take the metal protection piece on her hand if she had to. Dance is worth breaking a finger, I guess.

Abby was happy with the girls' rehearsal until one day, she felt like they stepped backwards and looked ridiculous. It became evident that Mackenzie was overwhelmed. The drama didn't end here - Christi was convinced that Abby purposely gave Maddie a better dance than Chloe.

There's one other important part - Abby spent some private time practicing with Maddie because she was secretly taking Maddie to the second Starpower competition. The other moms were not aware of this, probably because Abby knew it would cause a riot.

The Competition

Leslie finally stood up for Payton and said she was concerned about Payton's finger. She asked if Payton could wear a splint. Abby told her that Payton should deal with the pain and likened her situation to that guy that cut off his arm to survive in the wild. Not a great or true analogy, Abby!

Abby gave Payton a talk in the dressing room telling her not to repeat the backstage antics that she had the last time she competed. (If you recall, she said she was great and everyone else messed up.) It seemed that Payton understood, which was definitely a good thing, considering the bullying she'd been doing lately.

The dance was nontraditional, to say the least. But as Holly said, Abby does weird well, and this dance looked great. Mackenzie made a mistake, and Melissa cringed knowing that Abby would have something to say about that. Peyton also didn't nail her turns. As it turns out, one tenth of a point separated first and second place, and their mistakes put the girls in second place.

Abby tested Payton by asking how she thought the group did. She, in turn, asked Abby what she thought. Abby took that as a sign of her growth and maturity.

Chloe's solo followed. She felt nervous. Abby was happy with Chloe's performance because she learned it quickly, although it was slightly flawed. Christi thought Chloe's dancing was good but her choreography wasn't.

Maddie was great as usual. Her moves were very fluid.

Chloe ended up as second runner up, and Maddie won the solo competition and the crown of Junior Miss Starpower. Back in their rehearsal room, Christi argued that Chloe's choreo made it impossible for her to beat Maddie because Maddie's obviously the favorite.

At this point, Abby entered the room and pulled Maddie out to go compete in the other Starpower competition. The moms were hit in the face with the fact that Abby had planned this secretly the whole time.

Maddie competed in the other Starpower competition and won again. Therefore, she won two titles in one day. (I can just see the steam pouring out of Christi's ears as she watches this episode, for the record.)

And with that, the episode ended. Maddie won, Christi was mad, and Abby again was, well, Abby.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tough Love New Orleans Season Finale

On the season finale of Tough Love, Steve Ward spoke to each woman about her experience on the show. He handed each woman a necklace with a word on the back that describes her after their experience on Tough Love.

Donna was up first to talk to Steve. She said she's not sure what's next for her and her date Chris. She was afraid of him running away. Steve told her to take a leap of faith. Chris came into the room, and Donna expressed her feelings - she wanted to try to make things work. Chris, although he made it very dramatic, agreed. Steve gave Donna her engraved necklace - it had the word 'fearless' on it. (Donna and Chris didn't work out, but she's in a committed relationship with someone else.)

Elizabeth was next. Steve said she had the biggest transformation. Elizabeth said she came to the show for love, but found herself along the way. She told Carl that he's done so much for her. She said she wanted to continue the relationship. Carl asked her to stay in New Orleans for a few extra days so they could continue their relationship. Elizabeth's necklace said 'independent'. (Elizabeth got an apartment of her own, and she and Carl are planning to take a vacation together.)

Despina was next. She admitted that she learned a lot about herself, including that she's a girly girl and never knew it. Her date, Austin, came into the room. Austin read Despina a note he'd written down. At the end, he told her he wanted to make things official between them and asked Despina to be his girlfriend. Steve gave Despina her necklace, and her word was 'loving'. (Despina and Austin are still dating, and Austin may move to be with her.)

Stephanie was next. She looked great - she was wearing makeup but looked much more natural than usual. Steve recapped Stephanie's relationship with her date John - it went well, then hit a roadblock, then got back on track. Stephanie told John that being in his arms made everything okay. John told Stephanie he was in love with her, and Stephanie said she was in love with him as well. John gave Stephanie a promise ring and said he'd like to continue their relationship after boot camp. Steve gave Stephanie her necklace, and it said 'confident' on it. (Stephanie and John are still together.)

Shalana followed Stephanie. Shalana said she's not the same person as she was before boot camp. She learned that not all men will treat her negatively. Her date Aubrey came out to talk to her. He gave Shalana a bracelet. Shalana said she wanted to stay with Aubrey to see where it goes. Aubrey said, "That being said..." and got down on one knee and put a ring on her finger. Fortunately, he asked her to uphold her promise after the show, not to marry him quite yet. Shalana got her necklace next and it said 'joyful'. (Shalana and Aubrey couldn't agree on their future and are no longer dating.)

Danielle was the next person to talk to Steve. She told Steve that she learned that it's okay to be soft and ask for help. Steve noted that Danielle seemed to have her world turned upside down when she saw her ex Kevin. She even broke off her relationship with her date Corey because of her feelings for Kevin. Steve asked Danielle if she thought Kevin had feelings for her, and she said 'kinda'. Steve said Kevin came back to New Orleans, and Danielle should hear what he has to say. His face came up on the monitor, and we saw Steve ask Kevin if he's in love with Danielle. His answer was no, and he explained that she's a completely different person now, so he couldn't love someone he doesn't know. Then, Kevin told Steve that he doesn't want to be with Danielle. Danielle, after tearing up, stormed out of the room. (Steve made sure Danielle got her necklace later, and it said 'classy'. She's now dating someone new, and she and Kevin are co-parenting as they were before.)

Melissa was called up after Steve apologized for Danielle leaving the room the way she did. Melissa said the biggest thing she learned is that her virginity doesn't define her and she has to find new ways to be unique. Steve called in Melissa's date Chris, who gave her roses. She and Chris talked and it was evident that Melissa has become less awkward. The pair decided to continue their relationship. Melissa got her necklace, and it said 'graceful'. (Chris visited Melissa twice since the show ended and Melissa plans to visit him as well.)

Steve closed the episode by bringing his mom into the room. She told the women that she was proud of them, and encouraged them not to forget what they'd learned. Steve brought the girls up for a group hug, and with that, this season of Tough Love was over.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dance Moms: 6/19/12

The pyramid had a surprise this week - she had Brooke and Paige on the bottom row, and on probation for the issues at last week's competition.

Chloe was also on the bottom of the pyramid for skipping class to go to the movies last week. Mackenzie and Nia were in the middle, and Maddie returned to her former glory at the top of the pyramid.

This week, the team would be going to the Energy Dance Competition again, this time in Michigan. And, when Abby announced that, she said she was told that two teams were going specifically to beat the Abby Lee Dance Company.

The group number was called Silver Spoon. It's meant to be pretty, and uses a big spoon as a prop. Maddie and Chloe had a duet called Inside of Me. Nia had a solo called Bound and Mackenzie had once called Daisy Chain. Maddie was given a very interesting solo - an old one called Helen Keller. It's about Helen Keller herself, and it's undefeated. She'd be dancing with a rag doll as a prop.

Abby took Kelly aside to show her that she could expel her kids, per the contract Kelly had signed. The reason for expulsion would be use of foul language, and Abby said if Kelly used it again like she did last week, she and her kids would be kicked out of the Abby Lee Dance Company.

Then, the moms began having issues because Melissa admitted that she told Abby that Chloe went to the movies, not the doctor, last week. Then, the women made accusations that Maddie's CD skipping at last week's competition wasn't an accident. Although Melissa refuted it, the women think Abby told Maddie in advance to keep dancing if the CD skipped, and then magically, it did. They were saying that Abby did that on purpose to ensure that Maddie fought through that setback and would win because of it.

As Chloe and Maddie practiced their duet, Melissa walked in and told the girls to leave so she could talk to Abby. She asked Abby if she set Maddie's CD up to skip, and Abby said absolutely not. Abby didn't take the accusation well, stating that she'd never encourage cheating. She also said Melissa was just as bad as the other moms, and she needs to realize that they're just jealous.

Mackenzie had trouble learning her solo, and Melissa didn't want her doing it. The trouble didn't end there for Melissa - she and Holly had lunch to talk about the CD issue because Holly didn't seem to quite believe it was an accident.

Abby was brutal during the group rehearsal. She was already upset that she had to get rid of the spoon prop, and the girls were not getting the dance right. To top it off, the costumes didn't look right because there were two pink costumes, two blue and one green. Paige was in green, and that wasn't working for Abby. So the girls switched costumes...but they didn't fit them properly. Kelly was mad - she said the girls would wear the wrong color costumes just so Abby doesn't have Paige stand out.

The Competition

Chloe and Maddie's routine was first. The modern jazz dance was beautiful. The girls interacted so well. Their moves were spot on, and they did their moves at exactly the same time. Their facial expressions, movements, everything - it was all perfect.

The group number was next. While the moms weren't thrilled about the way the costumes fit, Abby thought they looked great. Fortunately, the costumes looked good onstage, and the dance was adorable. Per Abby, the routine was light and pretty, and I agree.

In the duo/trio division, Maddie and Chloe took second place. In the small group competition, the girls took second place again. Obviously, Abby wasn't happy. The studios who traveled to the competition to beat Abby were successful - they did it. Abby told the girls that if they aim for second place in their solos, they should save her the time. Abby told the girls to either win or lose big.

Maddie danced first. Her dance and facial expressions were very powerful. Nia was next. She danced well but her choreography didn't seem like something that would strongly appeal to the judges. Abby said Nia did well, but not great.

Mackenzie was instructed to stay on stage the whole time, even if she forgets her dance. Abby said she'd be standing backstage so if Mackenzie tried to leave, she could make her go back on. Even though her dancing didn't look perfect to me, she stayed onstage and remembered all of her moves. I may have been wrong, though, because Melissa said she did great.

In the petite solo competition, Mackenzie took first place. In the junior solo division, Nia took ninth place. Maddie took fourth place. Needless to say, Abby wasn't happy. And she was even less happy when Kelly cornered Abby and asked if it was her goal in life to make Paige feel bad (by taking away her costume). She also confronted the CD issue again. Abby stood by her word - the CD skipping wasn't intentional. And with that, the episode ended.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tough Love New Orleans, Episode 9

This week on Tough Love, the women brought their dates home to meet their families.

First we saw Donna's family - her mom and brother. Her mom made a big deal about how Donna's date Chris was a guy she would have dated. Donna was clearly embarrassed, but things went well overall.

On their last night in New York, Donna cooked for Chris and the pair had a romantic dinner. Her date asked her to stick around in New Orleans after the show ended so they could spend time together. Donna admitted that she was getting scared of the commitment, and she asked her date to help her get over it. The pair talked about their future, and Chris said eventually they'd have to make a choice and live in the same area because long distance relationships don't work.

We saw Elizabeth next, and she started by writing a letter to her ex Paul. She explained that she's no longer going to depend on anyone they will not get back together.

Despina was third, and her her dad and a huge part of her extended family was there to meet her date Austin. During this date, Austin was asked to frost donuts at her dad's donut shop. This seemed like a ploy to get some publicity for the donut shop, although I'm not sure we learned the name of the bakery.

Despina's dad was really harsh on Austin - asking if things were serious and making it clear that he doesn't think long distance relationships work. It seemed that he didn't like Austin, but Despina realized that he did like him by the way he joked with Austin.

Despina and Chris went back to her appointment to spend time together. She finally opened up to him, and after that, the camera watched a bedroom door close, making it seem like they did some stuff together that the cameras couldn't see.

Elizabeth called her family members to ask to meet up. She left multiple messages and got no response. She and her date went to a restaurant hoping that her family would join them for dinner. Time passed and no one showed up. Elizabeth started crying. She finally decided to stop waiting and accept what happened. She unloaded her whole story on Carl, and although Elizabeth feared he'd run away after that, he stayed and supported her. It was really nice.

On her last day in New Jersey, Elizabeth got a knock on her door. It was her date Carl coming to bring her breakfast. Elizabeth was positively glowing. It was nice to see her so happy.

Stephanie and Jon were next. Stephanie was nervous because her mom told her not to bring guys home unless she's pregnant or getting married. Stephanie's mom pulled her aside to tell her she approves of Jon and is proud of Stephanie.

Stephanie took her date to a place where you can ride mechanical bulls, and it was a great experience for them.

Shalana was next. She and Aubrey went on a romantic picnic before she brought Aubrey to meet her son. The pair had a great time and things were successful.

When Aubrey met Shalana's son Donald, it was adorable. The pair, as well as Shalana and her mother, seemed to get along well. However, Shalana's mom put Aubrey on the spot, asking if he was ready to be a stepdad. Fortunately, Aubrey handled the situation well. He didn't commit to being a stepdad, but he didn't run away screaming either.

Melissa and Chris were next. Melissa's father was there, as well as her sister and friends. Everyone seemed genuinely happy to see Melissa - they seemed really quite close. The only sad part for Melissa was that her mom wasn't there because she passed away in 2010. Everyone bonded well with Chris and even showed him Melissa's embarrassing Bat Mitzvah photo album.

After spending time with Melissa's family, the pair went ice skating, and like other things, she'd never done it before. While Melissa wasn't great at it, it made for a romantic date that they really enjoyed.

Danielle, upon arriving at home, met up with her ex Kevin. She had to address her emotions for him and asked how he felt about her. It was really hard for her to ask what she wanted - if they'd ever be able to rekindle their relationship - but she did it and finally faced her demons. He asked what Danielle would want in a perfect world, and she said she'd like them to be together. His response was that on a scale of one to ten, the chances or them getting together are a 5. That made her more confused than ever.

Danielle spent some time with her mom. She told her about her talk with Kevin. Danielle's mom gave her great advice - if their relationship is meant to be, it'll happen. So don't throw away a great date for something that's just a maybe.

Danielle opted to not introduce Corey to her son, but Steve noted that he was disappointed that Danielle rushed him out of her house so quickly. The pair continued to talk about Danielle's fear of a long distance relationship. Fortunately, Corey was a great voice of reason - he said that they could make it work if they want to. While it seemed that things could work out, Danielle finally got it out that she wanted to end the relationship.

And with that, the episode ended, and next week we'll see the season finale.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dance Moms 6/12/12

Abby opened the episode by saying that the girls were sluggish and boring that day, just like they were at least week's competition.

Next, Abby Lee did the pyramid, and Maddie, Mackenzie and Paige took the bottom row. Maddie was there because she refused to do her solo at the competition. Brooke and Nia took the center, and Chloe took the top.

Abby told the girls that they're going to the Energy Dance Competition in Chicago. Mackenzie and Nia got a duo. Paige got a solo. Brooke and Chloe got solos too, but Chloe was warned that she needs to be in class because she missed one the day before.

Abby gave the girls a group numbers where they'd be zombies because that's what they'd acted like at the last competition. Holly, who isn't working, was told she was in charge of making the costumes. She wasn't thrilled.

The moms discussed why Maddie's no longer on the top of the pyramid. The consensus is that Melissa is no longer the favorite because she doesn't work for Abby anymore, so her girls no longer get special treatment.

Abby pulled Kelly aside to talk about how Paige has a problem because the chair she's using for her dance moves onstage, so Kelly has to fix it. Also, Kelly was told to put Brooke in voice lessons with the person who works for Abby's studio. Kelly wasn't happy - she wanted her daughter to take voice lessons elsewhere. Abby and Kelly started arguing, but it fizzled out pretty quickly.

Melissa approached Abby to ask for a private lesson for Maddie. Abby resisted, saying that Maddie doesn't have the fire she needs. Then, Abby seemed to change her tune and agreed in order to get into Maddie's head, presumably to rebuild her confidence.

Next, we saw the women join together to make the zombie costumes for the group number. They seemed to have a great time, and Kelly took out her Abby aggression on the clothing that she had to destroy to make it zombie-like.

Later, at the studio, Paige got the chair that her mom was supposed to fix up. Kelly played it off like she'd finished everything in advance, but Abby touched the chair and the black marker came off on her hands. Abby threw the chair on the floor. This led to an argument, yet again, between the pair. Kelly said "(Bleep) you, Abby" and Abby criticized her language. Kelly started screaming at Abby, saying she's pulling her kids out of class, and she's sick of making costumes while Abby eats. She then insulting Abby for being fat, then walked out.

Kelly brought her kids back the next day to dance because they wanted to, but she wouldn't go in the studio. Fortunately, Abby didn't take out her frustration at Kelly on the kids.

Abby and Maddie met up and had a nice talk. Then, Melissa walked in with tears in her eyes and told Abby that it's horrible that women say things about her. Then, Melissa started bashing Christi and Chloe, saying that Christi took Chloe to the movies, not the doctor, a few nights before. Melissa said the other women are just jealous of her relationship with Abby. Maddie was so embarrassed by her mom's behavior that she left the room.

The Competition

Kelly, Paige and Brooke where nowhere to be found when the bus left, and they weren't at the competition when Abby got the girls ready.

Melissa pulled Maddie out of the rehearsal room to convince her to ask Abby if she can do a solo at the competition. So she did. She pulled Abby in the hall and asked for her solo, but she clearly wasn't convinced that meant it. Then Melissa jumped in, saying Maddie wants to do the solo. Abby told her to stop. Still, Abby decided Maddie's word means business and put her in for a solo. She also asked the judges to stick to their rules - if they call a girl who doesn't show up, the person is scratched. This was clearly a way to block Brooke and Paige from competing if they don't show up on time.

Unfortunately for Abby's sinister plan, Kelly showed up with her kids. However, when Kelly saw that Maddie got a surprise solo, she decided to pull her kids out of the solo competition. When Paige's name was called, she didn't go onstage. Neither did Brooke. Kelly stayed with them offstage. They were skipped and Chloe began her solo.

Chloe's solo was good. Very dramatic and well performed. Maddie was up next in a costume that she magically had even though her solo wasn't pre-planned (sarcasm). Despite her reservations about dancing, Maddie did great...until her CD started skipping. Fortunately, she didn't let it rattle her and she finished her dance with the skipping CD. When she was done, the crowd erupted in cheers. This success brought the old Maddie back - she overcame her issue at the last competition.

Chloe took third place in the Junior Solo Awards, and Maddie took second.

While Kelly didn't have her kids perform their solos, she told the other moms that she wants them in the group number because she doesn't want to let the other girls down.

Nia and Mackenzie performed their duo and it was so much fun. It was circus themed, and Nia made a great lion tamer, with Mackenzie looking absolutely adorable as a lion.

Abby entered the dressing room after the duo and was impressed with the costumes. The girls went onstage and did their very dramatic dance routine. I have to admit, this was a good dance. The girls performed it perfectly.

Mackenzie and Nia took first place in their division for their dance, and the group took first place for their routine as well. After last week's disappointment, this week was awesome for the Abby Lee Dance Company.

Of course, nothing's ever simple for this dance company, so Kelly and Abby had yet another discussion about her children. Kelly said her kids would have done great and Abby agreed, but Kelly said that her girls should have had more practice like the other girls did. Abby flipped the blame on Kelly, saying she should have put stoppers on the chair when she was told. Then, Abby closed the episode with a low blow - she said she was at the hospital when Kelly's husband ran over one of her daughter's feet, and called the girls lazy. And it looks like next week, Abby will discuss a possible expulsion to Kelly because she broke the contract by using foul language. We will see what happens!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tough Love New Orleans: Episode 8

This week on Tough Love New Orleans, Steve gave the girls voodoo dolls representing their ex-boyfriends and were told to use pins in the dolls to relieve their own pain.

Danielle really let her feelings out in this challenge. She admitted that she didn't want to have children with someone she wasn't married to, yet she did, and it didn't work out. Then, she trusted another man with her heart and her son, and he broke her heart as well.

Elizabeth talked about her ex Paul who she gave up her family for, and who she waited for him to be divorced to be with her. He gave her rings which he one day took back. She tried to take them from him and he called the cops on her to have her arrested. She showed such real emotion as she discussed this - you could truly feel her sense of loss and pain.

The girls then went outside to see a traditional jazz funeral professional. While they shared their sadness, they were given a surprise - their exes. First up was Stephanie's ex Jesse, who left her when she wanted a commitment. They've been on and off for ten years. Jesse kept bringing up Stephanie's self-esteem issues...not healthy!

Danielle's ex Kevin was next. He's the father of her son. He was followed by Donna's ex Michael and Melissa's crush Jeff. Shalana's ex Omar came, and they broke up recently. Omar was acting ridiculous - completely disrespectful. It got so uncomfortable that Shalana had to walk away.

Elizabeth's most recent ex Paul (noted above) came next, and he came with roses to win her back. He was really sweet to Elizabeth, saying he thought flowers would bring her happy memories and saying he'd be there for her. It was so confusing - Elizabeth seemed to fall right back into things with Paul, and it was terrible. Paul kept trying to outdo her date, and while Elizabeth didn't appreciate it, she seemed to be falling back into his charm. Fortunately, Paul eventually asked if he should leave, and Elizabeth did the right thing and asked him to go.

Melissa and Jeff talked about how Melissa felt like Jeff wasn't into her even though he would ask her for drinks. He admitted that he really did just want to be friends. Fortunately, Melissa was straight up and admitted to Jeff that she misses her date Chris and wants to win him back. (Good on many counts!)

Despina was last, and because of the way she treats guys, none were willing to come for her.

The camera flipped back to Danielle and her son's father, and she was doing great. In the confessional, she noted that it seemed like her baby's father had grown up and they could connect now, but really, it's Danielle who made the change for the better.

Not to make things easy, Steve then brought in the girls' dates. Shalana looked overwhelmed as, in her opinion, Omar made her look dumb. Elizabeth immediately gave into tension and walked out, but the guys followed her. Carl asked to talk to her, and the guys seemed to start competing for her attention.

Stephanie's ex was horrible - her date Jon was saying that he hopes things work for the pair, and Jesse said Stephanie would leave. What a jerk! Later, Stephanie explained her situation with Jesse to Jon, and I don't blame Jon for being hesitant that the pair is truly done with each other.

Steve brought Chris back in for Melissa, and finally, she looked genuinely happy to see him. Understandably, he was confused, but it was worth him coming back - Melissa finally shared her real feelings. Melissa was dared to kiss her date, and wow...she finally gave him a great kiss and made things right. It was a happy highlight of a tough evening.

Danielle and Corey spent time discussing her situation with her baby's father. Danielle handled the situation appropriately and Corey acted very supportive of the situation.

On the other hand, Omar kept acting like he and Shalana were still together, and Omar acted like a real jerk to Shalana's date. Unfortunately, Shalana just sat there and cried until she walked out, rather than defending her date and knocking Omar down a peg. Unfortunately, Shalana didn't appreciate the fact that her date Aubrey stayed by her side as Omar treated her terribly.

After the dates left, Danielle broke down about how she can't give her baby a father like she wants to. She admitted she still has feelings for her ex but doesn't know how to say it, and she wishes she could have a redo and work harder to stay with her baby's father.

The group session started and Steve immediately told Melissa that she did the best. It was well deserved! Her date gave positive feedback about her actions and the fact that Melissa kissed him. It was such a breakthrough for Melissa.

Danielle addressed how she felt about her ex. Her ex, in the confessional, said he was happy with Danielle's positive progress. Danielle told Steve her feelings - how she wants to be with her ex and thinks they didn't try hard enough. Steve told her that her ex has moved on and Danielle needs to do the same. Her date Corey's feedback was good - he said that Danielle handled herself well. Steve advised Danielle to live in the present, not the past.

Stephanie's ex Jesse, in the confessional, was a jerk and implied that he could have her back. Her date, Jon, admitted that he was concerned about Stephanie's ex, but also said he's falling in love with Stephanie.

Next up was the hot seat, and the person who was put in the hot seat was Elizabeth because she seemed to sink right back into Paul. In the confessional, Paul made it very clear that Elizabeth is attracted to his money (although he didn't outright say it) and he could have her back. Her date Carl was concerned about Elizabeth still having feelings for him. Not good!

Steve announced that he'd be changing things up and sending the girls home for a few days...with their dates. Should be interesting!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Why I'm Loving The Glee Project Season 2

I watched The Glee Project casting special and episode one, and I've decided that I like this season way more than season one. And that's impressive, considering that I really enjoyed season one! Here's why I think season two of The Glee Project rocks.

1. The diversity. I'm not just talking about ethnic diversity - I mean that there is a person with a visual impairment, a girl in a wheelchair, a girl from a religious Muslim background, a transgendered person - such amazing, courageous people with wonderful stories of hope to share.

2. The guest mentors. Lea Michele was a guest mentor right off the bat! It was interesting to see her outside of her Rachel Berry character. With the news stories of Lea Michele being a brat in real life with characteristics similar to her Glee character, it was cool to see her as a real, humble person.

3. The relationships we build with the contestants. I think it's easy to distinguish between the contestants that we're really rooting for and those that we don't support as much. We know right off the bat who we think is awesome and who we want to win. In my case, I'm really connecting with the contestants who've been through a lot of hardships and not siding as much with the contenders who are talented but are just kind of normal.

4. We know what to expect. While season one of The Glee Project was hardly original in the reality TV realm, we weren't quite sure what was going to go down. Now, we get it. We know the challenges. We know the ideas. We know the expectations and we know the eliminations. It's fun to know what's going to happen next, especially because we can look forward to finding out what songs will come next and who'll survive the last chance challenges.

5. I genuinely think there will only be one winner this season. Why? It was cute last year to throw the wrench into things with a twist, but the show can't do that two seasons in a row...unless they want it to get stale, that is.

And that's why I love season two! Do you like season two of The Glee Project?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dance Moms Is Back! 6/5/2012

Dance Moms is back! The episode opened with the girls and moms in the dance studio...but with Abby nowhere to be found. After half an hour (we're told - not an actual half hour on TV) Abby appeared, and she seriously looked like she was in mourning.

Abby congratulated Chloe on her solo win, and admitted to Holly that she left the studio because Maddie forgot her solo during the last competition.

Abby then announced that the next competition will be in LA, where the dancers are fearless, so that'll be a challenge. Chloe and Mackenzie were given solos. Mackenzie's was a jazz song called Perfect Fit. Maddie was supposed to have one, but Abby pulled it so Maddie could pull herself together. Chloe, Brooke and Paige got a trio. There was also a group number called "I Want It Now."

Next up was the pyramid. Paige, Nia and Brooke made up the bottom row. Maddie, despite her failure in the last competition, was in the middle row. Her sister Mackenzie joined her. Chloe took the top spot.

We flashed over to Cathy and Candy Apple's Dance Studio, where Cathy welcomed Taylor back to her studio after her dancing accident last season.

In Abby Lee's Dance Studio, the moms pressured Melissa to talk to Abby about what happened when Abby left the last competition. (Melissa claims that she was told that Abby needed to go see her mother, whereas the other mothers knew it was because of Maddie forgetting her song.) While that didn't happen right away, the other moms did approach Abby to ensure that they'd be there for their kids at competitions, and in typical Abby fashion, she wasn't kind in response.

Chloe and Mackenzie had dance rehearsals. Abby seemed to be hard on Chloe, but had nothing but compliments for Mackenzie. The group also practiced their routine, and the trio got practice time on top of that. During the trio rehearsal, Abby had Maddie watch Chloe's performance and perform moves for the girls in the trio. Abby said her reasoning behind this was so Chloe realizes how hard Maddie's had to work to take the spot at the top of the pyramid so many times, but it really looked like she was trying to build Maddie back up to her former glory. After that, Nia and Maddie were asked to judge Chloe's solo, which does seem to match with Abby's intention, although it also seemed cruel to the kids.

Abby went on to make it clear that Chloe needs to lead the group number, and she made Chloe work. Unfortunately, Chloe began to show signs of pain, and Chloe admitted that her hip hurts. However, Chloe knew it was her week to shine and kept fighting.

Maddie and Abby had a talk about how Maddie froze last week. Abby asked Maddie to try her routine again, and Abby told Maddie that she should be ready to do her solo from the last competition because she'll have her do it when she least expects it.

Abby Lee and her team arrived at the Nexstar competition. In a not-at-all made for TV surprise, Abby learned that Maddie was still registered for a solo. (She's originally been registered but it had theoretically been rescinded.) In typical Abby fashion, she told Maddie has needs to do the solo. Maddie made it clear that she wasn't ready, but Abby encouraged her to go forward...because Maddie not doing it makes the studio look bad.

The Competition

The trio's number, called Girls In The House, was first. I didn't love it. It looked overly simplistic (maybe after seeing the crazy stuff on Dance Moms Miami!) and the moves didn't look perfect. In fact, Paige forgot a step, and Abby immediately lectured Paige for her mistake.

Mackenzie's solo was next. It was cute but a bit mature for her. Mackenzie ended up slipping on her outfit, but continued her dance as long as she could. Backstage, she was heartbroken. Like she's done with Maddie, Abby gave Mackenzie a pep talk to make her feel better - although she admitted that she would rather have yelled at her.

Abby and Maddie spoke again about her solo, and Maddie tearfully declined the opportunity to do her solo. Abby begrudgingly accepted her decision. Still, the announcer called Maddie's name for her solo. When she heard that, Maddie jumped up as if to go onstage. Melissa held her back, and Maddie broke down and cried.

Chloe danced next. Her dance was beautiful. Her dance was fluid and well executed.

The group dance followed. It was very cutesy. It was stereotypical of California Valley Girl. It unfortunately, was not fantastic.

Mackenzie took tenth place in the solo competition. Chloe took fifth. The trio took third place in their competition. The group number took fifth place.

Abby, of course, wasn't happy. She criticized the ways the girls worked together in their number. This led to an Abby and Kelly screaming match. Kelly let us know that she thought Abby's choreography is getting stale, and Abby criticized Kelly's grammatical skills.

It looks like this season of Dance Moms is going to get nasty. It'll put the previous Abby episodes to shame.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sister Wives 6/3/12: Addressing Housing and Meri's Fertility

The Sister Wives opened the episode by talking to their real estate team about purchasing the four lots on a cul-de-sac. As far as the paperwork goes, Meri and Kody would apply for their home as a married couple and the other wives would apply as single moms.

Next, the Sister Wives talked about their business plan to open a gym. Christine wrote the initial plan and presented it to the family. When Christine explained the amount of money needed and the number of members required, Kody wasn't thrilled and noted that the family could go bankrupt. In the group confessional, Christine admitted that she was upset because when Kody turned negative about the gym, it was almost impossible to overcome that. Later, Kody said that the gym was originally his idea but now he doesn't know if it's feasible, which seriously rubbed me the wrong way. Why? Because Kody's been criticized for his narcissism, and while I haven't disagreed in the past, I strongly agreed with that sentiment in this moment. The gym was HIS idea? And it was a great idea until someone else put reality behind it? Please, Kody. Whatever.

Kody and Meri addressed Meri's desire to have another baby. Meri addressed the pain she felt when both Jenelle and Christine got pregnant before she did. Meri and Kody eventually came to terms with Meri not having a baby, and then Mariah came as a surprise. Twelve years later, Meri found out she was pregnant again, but the doctor told her that the pregnancy was not viable. As Meri discussed the situation, you could see the pain in her face. It was heartbreaking to see her hurting so much because of how much she wanted a second child and how she wasn't able to achieve that.

Apparently Robyn's offer to be a surrogate for Meri kicked Meri's desire for a baby into gear, and Meri and Kody visited a fertility specialist. The specialist asked the pair how often per month they have intercourse, and they shot down the idea that not having sex is the problem. I think it's a fair question for any couple, yet especially relevant for this couple, considering Kody's splitting his sex time with four women.

The discussion with the fertility specialist gave the couple the idea that in-vitro fertilization could be an option, which is so happy for Meri, but is interesting because it seemed that she's turning down Robyn's offer to birth a child for her. At the end of this episode (the first of two tonight), Meri seemed very conflicted because she clearly wants a baby but is terrified of what could happen.

The second episode began with Kody and Meri at another fertility specialist, in which Meri addressed Robyn's offer of being her surrogate. (It seemed, in my opinion, that this was vetoed in the earlier episode, but this episode offered a different view of the situation.) The doctor Meri and Kody saw in this episode offered the idea of having a donor egg instead of Meri's own because of her age, but that option was taken off the table immediately.

The topic of this episode was Valentine's Day, and the elementary age girls prepared to take Kody to a daddy-daughter dance. While many of the girls were excited, one girl (I believe it was Gwendlyn) didn't want to share, so she instead took her brother Logan to the dance.

Kody went to a flower store to buy Valentine's Day flowers for his wives. He said that he was buying bouquets for his wives, and as he said that, the store clerk's face just...fell. She went from having a polished smile to having a look of shock and horror. Fortunately, she recovered once she realized what's going on, but it definitely took her a minute to take it all in.

The women plotted to take Kody's car and decorate it for Valentine's Day. Robyn's role was to pretend that her car tire needed air and to take Kody's for a few minutes. Unfortunately, Kody was ready to jump in and look at Robyn's tire, but Robyn managed to get out and the family was able to decorate the car. Robyn then went back in for Kody to get him to come outside. She acted apologetic and pretended that she'd damaged the car. Kody was pleasantly surprised to see that his car was painted, not damaged, and proclaimed in the confessional that he'd have to get Robyn back for that trick. While I understand why he felt that way, he should be more aware of the fact that all of the wives, not just Robyn, were in on the surprise.

Next, the family visited their real estate agent to find out that they were approved for all four homes that they wanted - but it would be in the form of non-traditional private loans. The cost would be double what they initially expected. And, to top it off, one of the properties that they wanted had been sold to someone else. Kody's reaction was that it was time to move on to other, more affordable options. His idea was to try to get two homes and then move everyone else nearby. Robyn clearly didn't like that idea - it was a hard sell after they had their theoretical dream solution in place.

At the end of the episode, Mariah noted that she didn't believe the Brown parents would find the perfect situation because they often presented news and couldn't fulfill it. She has a point - Kody and the wives talk a big game, but so far, a lot of their plans have fallen flat.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner Are Back Together!

Gold diggers, I'm sorry to tell you that Hugh Hefner's off the market...and he's been taken by his ex-fiancee Crystal Harris.

You remember Crystal Harris, right? She left Hugh Hefner only days before their wedding, and right around the time her single Club Queen dropped? Then, she insulted Hef's sexual abilities on the radio, causing a media frenzy? Apparently, Hef's forgiving and he's willing to overlook this to get back with his 26 year old girlfriend.

Rumor has it that Crystal left Hef for another man, Jordan McGraw, and she couldn't deal with the role she'd have to take on as Hugh Hefner's wife. So, she bounced days before the wedding and left Hugh to host a movie night rather than the wedding he'd planned. Ouch.

While I do give Crystal credit for leaving before she entered a marriage that she wasn't comfortable being a part of, it does make her reunion with Hef seem a bit fishy. When I heard the news, my first thought was that Crystal and Jordan called off their relationship, and Crystal realized that she'd have to take care of herself going forward...and after living a pampered life, it's not that easy to go back. So she went back to Hef, apologized and decided that it's worth having a curfew to live the spoiled life.

I also think Crystal realized that her music career wasn't going to take off. Part of the issue she was having with her marriage to Hef was that he didn't support her having a full-time music career. So she left, thinking she'd get famous in her own right. When that didn't happen, Crystal lost her reasoning for being away from Hef.

Whatever the case, I don't see a Crystal/Hef marriage anywhere in the future - I think Crystal will only stick around long enough to find another sugar daddy or find another way to get famous.