Monday, May 28, 2012

Tough Love New Orleans: Episode 7

This week on Tough Love New Orleans, the girls said goodbye to city life and had to adapt to situations out of their control. They were sent to a bayou for some times with their dates...and their dates' fathers.

If you recall, Danielle freaked out during last week's challenge, so this was her chance to redeem herself. She clearly wasn't thrilled with the day's events when they began. That continued as she cursed and made a less than positive impression on her date Corey's father.

Despina and Stephanie, on the other hand, handled meeting the dads properly. However, as Despina's date continued, she ignored her date Austin's dad and didn't embrace the challenge. Fortunately, Stephanie had better luck. She said that most guys don't take her home to meet their parents, so she embraced the experience with Jon and his dad.

Shalana embraced the challenge and had a great time. She, her date and her dad's date had a great time, although she screwed it by making out with her date in front of his father.

Elizabeth's date with Carl was next. Elizabeth completely freaked out when the guys picked up an animal from the water. However, she took control of her experience and improved.

Melissa and Chris had a bowling date instead of being in the water with the others. This was her chance to commit or make a clean break. In the confessional, Melissa said she was having a great time...but saw him as a friend. Melissa sat down with Chris and told him that she likes him but doesn't know if she feels a spark. She handled the situation so well. She was so mature and kind. Unfortunately, Steve Ward thought Melissa was making a mistake and may not commit with anyone during boot camp.

Steve brought the girls together and said that they need to show what they can bring to the table - literally. Each girl was told that she has to cook a traditional Louisiana recipe for her and her date. She also had to make a portion for what they were told was Steve and his mom - but that was a lie. The extra meal was actually for their date's mom. And, to top it off, the dish they had to cook was their date's mom's specialty. Donna, who's a chef, was told that she's not allowed to help anyone else, so they'd have to sink or swim.

Stephanie was charged with making Chicken Cacciatore. She made some mistakes, and Danielle and Shalana seemed to sink as well. Elizabeth had to make Crawfish Etouffee. She seemed to panic as the challenge went on. She forgot about what she was cooking in a pot and ruined them. At this point, she totally freaked out.

Elizabeth sat down with her date and began to relax...and then her date's mom showed up...and dropped the bomb that Crawfish Etouffee is actually her recipe. Fortunately, in a surprise twist, her date's mom said it was delicious. Elizabeth and her date's mom got along so well, and Elizabeth was thrilled.

Danielle was faced with her date's sister Richelle, who critiqued her recipe and didn't say the nicest things. However, she held it together and was personable.

 Melissa had a new date for this challenge. She made Fettuccine Alfredo for her date Ryan and his mom. The date did not go well, but that was Melissa's fault because she wrote Ryan off before their date even began.

Stephanie was next. Stephanie was respectful of her date's mother's wishes and said grace before the meal. However, Stephanie was overwhelmed when Joyce threw a ton of questions at her about God and religion. After the date, Joyce told Stephanie's date that she doesn't think Stephanie's right for him, even though she said he is. Hello, ridiculous overbearing mother!

Back at the house, Despina received a keychain from Austin. In the keychain was a flash key or something, and when put into a laptop, a video played. In the video, Austin told Despina to come to the airport for a special date. (He's a pilot.) When she arrived, a table was set up for them to have a private date.

The group session followed. Elizabeth was told that she did the best. She was surprised but admitted that she pushed through it. Feedback about her date was played, and her date's mom really liked her. Danielle was brought up next. The feedback about her constant cursing wasn't fantastic. Her date's sister said that she was cool, although the jambalaya wasn't fantastic.

Stephanie was up next, and wasn't sure if her date's mom liked her. The mom was a not-so-nice person. She said the food was bad, the makeup was bad, she was insecure and her intentions weren't right. Stephanie said this was her fear - not being good enough. Fortunately, she took this feedback to make her work harder.

Despina seemed to still fear commitment, but her date liked her a lot, so Steve convinced her to try to move forward and allow herself to feel something.

Melissa was last, and Steve decided to try something new with her. He brought out a whole lineup of guys and allowed Melissa to choose one that she thinks she can connect with. She was asked who she's attracted to and she chose some of the guys. She was told to ask them questions, and she asked what the wildest thing they've ever done was. Steve put Melissa on the spot and asked if she could be attracted to any of the guys, and she couldn't answer. Steve excused the guys and brought Melissa to the hot seat. Steve noted that she'd had 8 first dates and none worked. Steve told Melissa that she's acting helpless. She said that she liked Chris but she didn't like him all the way...and then she cried. Steve then got to the real problem - Melissa pushes guys away because everything she cares about goes away. Steve told Melissa how to handle things with Chris because she clearly does like him, and said he'd talk to Chris to try to make things right.

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