Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tough Love New Orleans, Episode 6

The show opened with Melissa's inability to connect to her date Chris even though he was great for her. The girl appears to be picky, but she admitted that she's scared to move forward.

This week was about how a sense of humor is important to a relationship. First, Steve and Joanne Ward set up matches for the girls who needed them. Danielle was set up with Corey. Donna was given a guy named Chris. Melissa got a new date as well, Brock.

The girls were told they'd be having a normal dinner with their dates, but Steve said he'd be giving the girls problems to see if they can find humor in tough situations. He warned us that there could be a serious meltdown factor if things go wrong.

Donna's date was first, and she said she felt comfortable with her date. Things went smoothly until Steve's surprise went down - the waitress 'accidentally' spilled bouillabaisse on Donna. She fortunately handled it well and laughed a lot, and she enjoyed how much her date stood up for her. She was great!

Elizabeth was next. She handled the spilled food situation well, too. She told the waitress that she could just wash the dress and it was no big deal. She was actually happy because the situation allowed Carl to be close to her, um, private places.

Danielle was third. She and her date seemed to really hit it off. After the bouillabaisse was dropped on her, she got sarcastic with the waitress, saying that she can buy her a new dress, and stormed off to the bathroom. She proceeded to stay in the bathroom way longer than necessary. She then completely tuned out with her date and said she couldn't continue the date.

Melissa was fourth. She was great! She said, "Shrimp and perfume, my favorite scent." Melissa handled it well and even noted that Brock seemed more awkward than she did in the situation!

Steve gathered the girls to discuss the events on the dinner dates. Donna was complimented because she handled the situation well and calmed her date down while doing that. Her date's feedback about her was very positive.

Surprisingly, Danielle's date was impressed with her behavior, even though on camera, her behavior didn't look so great. The benefit for her was that her date wasn't turned off by how she acted.

Steve then dropped the bomb that he'd be sending the girls to a comedy club and they each had to do some jokes about themselves. To help, Steve brought in some comedians to help them write their jokes.

Stephanie hated this challenge because she's been made fun of before, so she doesn't want to be the target of her own jokes. She went as far as to pack up to go home. It was noted by one of the other girls that she probably wants attention, and Steve noted that she's acting like a brat and throwing away a potential relationship by running away.

Steve told jokes first, which was nice because it shows that he was participating with the girls. He called Elizabeth up as the first girl to do her jokes. She had great presentation when she told her jokes. She was very natural on stage. Donna did great as well. She was funny! Her routine was a bit raunchy but she totally played it off. Despina did well, Shalana was alright, Danielle did great and Stephanie pulled it off well. After all of her freaking out, she was amazing! She was incredibly emotive and had great stage presence. After her performance, Stephanie talked to her date and explained that she almost had a breakdown before the challenge, which was a bold thing to do.

Melissa, who I thought would do really well, kind of crashed and burned. Well, she REALLY crashed and burned. You could practically hear the crickets in the room. It's unfortunate because she had potential to do really well, but her act was just...well, awkward. Fortunately or unfortunately, Melissa's night wasn't over yet - he former date Chris was brought onstage. (If you recall, Chris has wanted another date with Melissa even though she'd turned him down.) He told Melissa that he really wanted another date with her and asked what he has to do to get that date. She invited him to come sit with her, and told Chris that she loved his presentation because it was dramatic like a movie. Later, Melissa, who's incredibly frustrating, told the girls that she still doesn't have feelings for Chris. Try harder, Melissa!

Stephanie's date confronted her about the wild night she had on a previous episode where she got drunk and made out with a random guy. To her credit, she told her date John the truth. He said he wasn't bothered by it, but Stephanie thought otherwise. In what was a probable defense mechanism, Stephanie asked her date if he thought the relationship would go anywhere. From Stephanie's perspective, John shrugged off her question. I'm sure from his perspective, he just needed some time to think without taking in the idea of a long term, long distance relationship. Stephanie's defense mechanism kicked in when she got back to the house, and she told the girls that she wants to end things with John before she gets hurt.

During the group session, Donna was told that she did the best this week. Her date said he made a connection with her and she has a great personality. Next, Steve asked Melissa what she finds attractive. She said she needs a guy who's bigger than her and she doesn't know how she's supposed to feel in a relationship. When asked if she likes Chris, Melissa still wasn't sure. That was unfortunate because Chris, again, really seemed to like her.

The hot seat was next, and Stephanie found herself in that spot. When asked if she knew why she was there, she said she wasn't sure if it was because she was threatening to leave or because of her conversation with her date. Steve said next time Stephanie tries to leave, he'll help her pack. Ouch! Stephanie broke down and cried about the situation with her date and how she felt like her date brushed her off after she noted her indiscretions at the bar the other night. Steve asked Stephanie if she'd be able to tell her date what she told him, and Stephanie said yes. This, of course, was a trick question, because as soon as she said that, Steve brought her date into the room. Stephanie and her date talked out their issues. She explained that her date can trust her and that she made a mistake because a guy paid attention to her. She explained that she wants to move forward, and her date said she wants their relationship to work out. It was such a happy ending to a tough date for the pair.

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I liked Donna's date Chris but I still wanted to see more of Julian. His sexiness was oozing through my television screen. I want to marry him!