Monday, May 14, 2012

Tough Love New Orleans, Episode 5

When we left off at the end of last week's Tough Love New Orleans, Tiffany was called up to the hot seat but refused to go.

When this episode opened, Tiffany still refused to go up and told Steve to talk to her in her seat. And he did - he called her out on her lies about her age, having kids, etc. Steve then asked her to reveal another secret, and she refused. Steve asked her if June 28th meant anything to her, and she said it's the day she was married. She couldn't remember the year - she first said 2009, then 2010. Steve showed her wedding pictures, and also a picture from Facebook where her husband refers to her as his wife. Steve said he interviewed several people about Tiffany, and all of them thought she was still married. And with that, Tiffany was kicked out of boot camp.

Steve announced that the Tough Love New Orleans ladies would be helping him answer questions about sex on a talk radio show. The goal of this exercise is to see how open the girls are about sex and if they view it the same way as others.

A girl named Amy called and asked what she could do besides sex. Steve gave the question to Melissa, who advised giving a blow job. Next, a caller asked how to tell when you're in love, and that was given to Elizabeth. She said it's all about effort on the guy's end - flowers, opening car doors, etc. Charlie called and asked if sex is okay on the first date. Despina said if you're looking for just sex, it's fine, but if you want a relationship, sex on the first date won't work. Dana asked how she could introduce the idea of using her vibrator with her man. Elizabeth was asked, and she said she doesn't believe in masturbation. Melissa said that she's been masturbating since she was "like three years old".

After this, Steve set up a party for the girls. The catch? The house was decorated with sexy, seductive stuff. The point was to separate the girls from the women. The ladies were told to dress provocatively - Steve wanted to see how they interpreted that.

Danielle was given a new date - Bradley. Melissa was given Steven. Donna had Julian. Most of the girls were having dates with people they've already met. Melissa was told something special was in store for her. To empower her, Steve gave Melissa a dominatrix outfit and a makeover. He wanted Melissa to be empowered and rock tonight's challenge.

When Melissa went to meet the girls in her new outfit, she looked great, but was clearly still a bit insecure, because she said, "I'm going to dominat...rix him." She wasn't sure of the word to use and doubted herself. Fortunately, things got better. She greeted her date with confidence when he came to the door.

 Donna seemed to be turned on by her date Julian. She seemed to open up well and conversation flowed smoothly. Stephanie, in her new, somewhat more natural look, seemed to be more relaxed than usual.

Steve pulled the girls aside from the party to announce another piece of the challenge. He called it Steve Ward's Game of Sex. The girls were instructed to play this with their dates and talk freely about sex.

Melissa's date asked her what her favorite sexual position was (a question from the game), and she said she's never had sex and is waiting to be exclusive with a guy. Steve was not happy with that. Also, she offered to show her date her vibrators.

Elizabeth had a lot of trouble with the challenge and blushed like crazy. She had trouble explaining how she has an orgasm. Stephanie, on the other hand, had no problem showing off her phone sex technique.

Despina was super defensive on her date. Her date asked her what her career passion is, and she felt that it was too deep and mentally pushed her date away.

After the party, Steve told Despina that she shuts down when a guy tries to make an emotional connection with her. Steve replayed the video of Despina asking her date if he's worried about her career. She stated that she's shuffled around her whole life. Her goal has been to become self sufficient. Steve pointed out that in doing this, she's isolated those around her.

Donna told Steve that she felt chemistry with her date. Steve commended her for doing well during the challenge. Unfortunately, her date realized that Donna wanted a serious relationship, and didn't want to pursue that right away with anyone. Donna felt terrible - she cried and said she felt old. Steve advised Donna that she has to convince guys that she and her partner can have fun and plan for kids - it can be done.

Stephanie said this was the first date that she felt comfortable and the chemistry was intense. Her date said that Stephanie's gotten much better at expressing her feelings. Steve told Stephanie that she's building emotional intimacy.

Steve asked Melissa how she thinks she did. Steve said she did embrace the challenge, but she didn't act confident or self-assured. Instead of saying that she's a virgin, she should have said that she's imagined different positions and stayed in character.

Elizabeth was put in the hot seat because she shut down when she had to talk about sex. She broke down because she's never had an orgasm and doesn't believe in masturbation. Steve said she's being her mother. She noted that she still wears a ring from her ex. Steve told her that she has to let go because it symbolizes a bad relationship and the wrong ideas. Elizabeth agreed to take off the ring, and she felt like a weight was lifted off of her the moment she took it off. Carl was willing to see Elizabeth again, and Steve encouraged Elizabeth to keep trying.


melissa1906 said...

I think Steve and Elizabeth like each other. IJS

Anonymous said...

Fun episode. Julian is a hottie, would love to see more of him on the show. I do feel that woman over need to get their own show. They have different needs and are at different stages in their life.

Anonymous said...

Bring Julian back will you! Please.