Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tough Love New Orleans, Episode 4

After Elizabeth's outburst at the group session, Joanne Ward wanted to meet with her. At their meeting, Elizabeth began to cry. She admitted that she was trying although Steve couldn't see it. Joanne shared a story about her life - she married young but wasn't in love, so she left her husband even though her family cut her off. She later remarried and reunited with her parents, and everything worked out.

Steve introduced this week's lesson: class versus crass. Steve sent the women to a club in the city of New Orleans while Steve Ward and his mom Joanne Ward watched. Donna started the party off by dancing. Melissa branched away first to see if a guy would talk to her. A guy, Frank, approached her. The other girls thought Frank was perfect for her because of how he dressed. Melissa did a good job of flirting with Frank.

Elizabeth danced up close with a guy, even though she said it wouldn't lead anywhere. Tiffany had dollars thrown at her while she danced. Stephanie got trashed made out with a bad boy, Brandon. In a drunken state back at the house, Stephanie tried to convince herself and others that she did nothing wrong with Brandon because she's not in a committed relationship.

Steve discussed the events at the club with the girls. Melissa was given props for flirting in a classy, respectable way. Tiffany was criticized for taking the dollars that were thrown at her off the stage. Stephanie heard Steve's wrath for her actions.

Steve brought in an etiquette coach to teach the girls good Southern manners. The end result was that the girls would have a cotillion dinner that night. Each girl would wear a cotillion dress chosen by Steve. While most of the girls would find their dresses upstairs, Stephanie's was at a salon, where she'd be given a makeover to go with her dress.

When Steve brought Stephanie to the salon, he told her he wanted her to look natural, but she didn't take it well. She said she worked hard to get the Barbie look she has, so she was hesitant to change. After all was said and done, Stephanie admitted that she didn't look as fake as she usually did and she seemed to like it.

At the cotillion, each girl was presented as she walked down the stairs and she was united with her date. Elizabeth was united with a guy named Carl who she seemed to like. All of the girls were already at the table when Stephanie made her entrance. Stephanie looked like a person, not a Barbie doll. The only think her look needed was some confidence - she looked insecure to not be covered in makeup.

Steve challenged the girls in another way - he gave them escargot as the first course of the meal. Fortunately, the girls handled the first course well. Shalana did especially well - she engaged her date without dominating the conversation. Stephanie's date brought up the club the night before, and Stephanie admitted that she drank, but not what she did.

After dinner, Steve pulled Stephanie outside for a horse and carriage ride. She felt that she finally connected to her date.

Despina spent time with her date and admitted that she's had issues with commitment. Melissa also admitted that she didn't feel a spark with her date Tom, and she's upset that she hasn't met someone that she's connected with yet.

This week at the group session, Shalana was told that she did the best. Her date said they hit it off right from the start. Her date rated his interest level in Shalana an 8 out of 10. Steve told Despina that she needs to be able to let the right guy in and she agreed to try. While Melissa wasn't interested in her date, he was interested in her. Steve asked Melissa if she'd not become mopey next time a date didn't go perfectly, she said it depends on the time of the month. Steve didn't accept that and said she was BSing and needed to get over that.

While some girls believed that Stephanie would be in the hot seat, she was not. Steve told her that she was more attractive when not dressed like a Barbie. Steve criticized Stephanie for making out with a guy at the bar. However, she may have redeemed herself because her date seemed to like spending time with her. Still, Steve said she should have told her date about her indiscretion at the bar, and got upset that Stephanie used excuses to cover up why she did what she did.

Tiffany found herself in the hot seat, but refused to go because she didn't believe that she should be. And that's where the episode ended. I guess we'll see the outcome of that next week!

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