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Sister Wives: Kody Takes His Wives on Dates (5/20/12)

The episode began with Kody coming home with the new car he earned as a bonus from working for the family's marketing company. Meri noted that the car will make a great date video. This led into Kody's description of the fact that he has to date each wife separately because they have individual relationships.

The first date was Kody taking Meri skiing. This was a promise Kody made 22 years ago that was never fulfilled. Skiing proved to be a challenge for Meri, but she tried really hard! She ended up taking a really hard fall and felt a popping in her knee. At this point, Kody decided that Meri would be done skiing for the day, although Meri wanted to continue. Kody had someone from ski patrol check out Meri's knee, and he recommended that Meri stop skiing and go to the emergency room.

The couple reminisced about their engagement. It took place on Christmas Eve, and Kody handed Meri a box, which she opened on her own.  They had their first kiss that night and got married four months later. Kody used to sing a song to Meri, and he was convinced to sing it to her at their wedding. I believe it was called Everything I Own by Bread. He also sang it to Meri at this point...and he seemed really insecure about his voice! The date seemed to go well except for when Kody mentioned Robyn, and that hit a sour point with Meri.

We saw some video of the wedding and it's incredible how different Kody and Meri look at their wedding. Kody has totally normal hair, and the couple seemed like such a normal, happy young couple.

While Meri stayed home recovering, Kody took Jenelle on a hiking date. Jenelle was happy because she's made such accomplishments with her health and weight loss, and she can hike and do other activities that she previously could not do. Meri had lost 10 pounds and 18 inches in the past six months...she's doing fantastic!

Kody and Jenelle reminisced about how Jenelle had the first baby and how that and the following babies helped hold the family together. Jenelle then noted that she thinks she's more in love with Kody now than ever. It's interesting because Jenelle seems to be having a much different experience than Christine, who we've seen struggle recently with the Robyn situation.

Christine and Meri discussed the issues that Christine and Kody are having. Meri advised Christine that she needs to change and make things better, but Christine defended the fact that Kody needs to make changes as well. Meri said that it does take Kody time to admit his wrongdoings, and Christine will have to fix herself. It will be one sided. Christine wondered how Meri could be so happy with things because Kody did nothing for her for her wedding or anniversary last year, but Meri said it hurts but she tries to be happy when she's with Kody and doesn't focus on their time apart. She advised that Christine should do the same and work on her own issues.

Christine noted that the root of her issue has to do with the addition of Robyn to the family. Her conflict and unhappiness comes from the fact that she was the last wife for a long time, and Robyn's taken that special place in Kody's heart. Christine felt as if Kody's not balancing his time for each wife, and per Meri, Kody's staying away from Christine because she's upset whenever they're together. She told Christine to act happy and fix herself, and things will fall into place.

Kody and Christine went on a date that Kody chose - a helicopter ride. Christine was thrilled. The pair enjoyed some fun time together and didn't think about their problems. At the end of the date, Christine apologized for the things that were going wrong in their marriage, and it seemed to help Kody and Christine reconnect.

Kody and Christine discussed their fast marriage and courtship and her desire to be the third wife. She'd always wanted to be in that position. She imagined that the first wife paved the way, the second wife was a tough spot and the third wife came in once things were ironed out. Christine noted that she was surprised to learn more about Kody after they were marriage - she thought he was the life of the party, but after marriage, realized he had a serious side that she hadn't anticipated. However, she did help to bond the three wives, because before she came into the picture, Meri and Jenelle weren't getting along.

Robyn's date was last. Before her date, she noted that she thinks things are going well between her and the other wives, although I think her views may be somewhat deluded, based on what the other wives have said on this episode and past episodes. On the flip side, she and Kody seem to have a strong relationship because Kody said he fell in love with both Robyn and her kids.

During their dinner date, Kody and Robyn reminisced about how they met, which was at a church dance. Robyn met Meri, and Meri encouraged Kody to ask Robyn to dance. Even though Robyn and Kody ended up hitting it off, Kody was originally turned off by Robyn being divorced. Clearly, he got over it because they're married with a child now. The pair discussed having more kids and the fact that Kody will be 63 when Solomon graduates.

Kody noted that Robyn hasn't really given him problems yet, which is interesting because it explains a lot about why she's the favorite. Not only is she the newest, youngest and pretty, but she's not presenting problems to Kody. Do I think that's going to last? No. Once Robyn's around longer, the problems will come out. But for now, she's keeping things smooth, which is probably a smart move that I believe is at least somewhat tactical.

Dayton and Meri had a joint birthday party. They actually share a birthday, which Robyn said has been a good bond for the pair. Meri agreed. Robyn continued by saying that Solomon's addition to the family has brought everyone together, and they're thrilled that the other kids have taken to him so well.

After the presents were almost done, Kody handed Meri a box with a piece of paper in it. The paper showed a picture of Mexico, where the pair would be taking a vacation. Meri was clearly thrilled nad speechless. You could see it on her face. It was really nice to see her look truly happy, because she struggles and has a major role in the family as the first wife. As many things as can be said about Kody and the wives, it was beautiful to see the connection between Kody and Meri and realize that there are many happy moments like that one.

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