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Sister Wives: 5/13/12

Sister Wives is back, and there's trouble in paradise. Last we left off, Robyn had a baby and immediately offered to be a surrogate mother for Meri. You know, because real women offer to birth other people's babies immediately after giving birth to their own.

The kids adjusted very well to Robyn and Kody's baby Solomon, which was strange, considering that they weren't thrilled about Robyn joining the family in the first place.

Robyn addressed the surrogacy issue and noted that Meri's thinking it over. Robyn also noted that she needs to wait for Solomon to be old enough for Robyn to become pregnant, so there's plenty of time for the family to decide what they want (or what will keep their show popular on TV, but whatever).

Just a note on the waiting-to-be-a-surrogate thing - in my personal opinion, and the opinion I've read on other blogs, many people think Robyn isn't being sincere. Also, there seems to be a sentiment that the Brown family seemed to have good intentions for having their TV show at first, but now seems to be playing things up for the TV cameras.

The family went to look at a place to live where everyone can live in one area. The adults all went to look at three property sites. Surprisingly, they all agreed that the liked "Property A" - the first one that they looked at. The family has hardly been agreeing on things lately, so this was a surprise...but a good one!

Meri and Robyn went out shopping for the Sister Wives' Christmas presents. Christine admitted that she didn't enjoy shopping with the pair, so she opted to stay out of it. In the confessional, Christine turned on a sugary sweet voice and said something along the lines of, "Just because there's four wives, that doesn't mean we have to do everything together." At this point, the other wives laughed and one said "Really?" I think Christine was a little offended.

The Brown family announced that they'd be celebrating Hanukkah this year because of the meaning behind the holiday. Kody threw in one of those obligatory lines about having Jewish friends or something, but in reality, I don't think he needed to - I think it's wonderful that he and his family are enjoying the positive traditions of other cultures.

The family followed up on this explanation by saying that they used to celebrate Joseph Smith's birthday but Kody decided it was something he no longer wanted to do. The family noted that it's not something that most Mormons do - it was a tradition to Christine's family. Christine, of course, felt slighted that her tradition was being taken away, and while the family claimed it wasn't against her, I can see why she felt otherwise.

This led to Christine, Kody and Meri weighing in on the Christine-and-Kody situation. It started with Christine talking about how she felt her relationship with Kody was at a stand-still. She's hoping for improvement, but feels that they aren't even working on their relationship. Kody noted that Christine's different than she used to be and she needs to learn how to 'deal with her stuff'. The camera flashed back to Christine, who said that she feels fine as a person - basically saying that her problems are with Kody and the marriage, not herself. Meri weighed in, stating that Kody and Christine are blaming each other when they both need to look inward.

 Next, the family did some traditional happy family stuff - caroling and cutting down a Christmas tree. Unfortunately, these activities were not all fun and happy - Gabriel and Garrison got into a fight, which led to Garrison being punched in the nose. Kody continued stringing up the tree while Janelle managed the situation. It was evident that Jenelle was frustrated by Kody's absence, especially because he was physically only a few feet away.

Kody took Ysabel, Gwendlyn, Aurora and Savanah shopping to buy their moms Christmas presents. The kids whined and wanted to leave, and Kody seemed to have the same sentiment, only internally - he noted that buying his wives' gifts was a challenge.

The family got ready to go to their Christmas house, where they'd all be under one roof for the holidays. Meri had trouble packing because she didn't have help. On the flip side, lots of the kids helped Robyn pack up her stuff. When this was addressed in the group confessional, Meri was quick to say she could handle everything, but there seemed to be some jealousy involved.

The Brown family arrived at the Christmas house. The kids immediately staked their claim, but the moms looked to Kody to assign their rooms. Kody stepped in to divide up the rooms, but he seemed to cause trouble - the moms ended up getting upset with his ideas.

Janelle seemed to have her faith in family renewed when she saw the kids together in one home. It made her feel even more strongly about the families living in the same area again.

The kids decided to do a nativity play. Mariah led the efforts, but some of the kids seemed less than interested. When the kids gave her grief, Mariah looked like she was going to cry. It was so sad.

Kody put the Christmas tree up. It looked awful, partially due to the fact that when the Browns' cut it down, it lost a bunch of branches. Logan helped to put the decorations on the tree, but it was bittersweet. He's the oldest child, and a senior in high school. Within three years, he and four siblings will be off to college and may no longer be around for holidays like this.

In the end, the nativity play happened and the family agreed that it turned out well. It was nice to see the family united and not thinking about all of the problems that had recently been occurring.

Christmas morning came, and the kids did their gift exchange first. (Each kid chose another child's name from a hat.) Savanah gave Mariah a homemade gift. She drew a picture of four houses and a road in between. There was a picture of a car as well. This was taped to a box that had sand or something in it, and when Mariah shook the box, it made noise. It was supposed to represent the noise of a car driving from one house to another.

Mykelti gave Ysabel a present - a nail polish kit. She loved it.

Kody's gifts to the wives were next. He gave Janelle a tablet. Robyn was gifted a guitar. Christine got a ring that she wanted. The wives gave Koday an exotic gun. Apparently Kody has more guns that are kept in a safe, sot his was right up his alley.

Robyn handed out gifts to the wives - necklaces that she'd designed herself. It was revealed that the wives were looking into starting a fashion line and this would be the first design. The wives loved the necklaces.

Christine and Kody talked about their issues. Christine noted that she doesn't think Kody wants to be with her, and Kody made it seem like being with Christine can be negative, which is why he stalls when it's time to go over. Even with that discussion, it seems that the pair came to an understanding and would work on their relationship.

The whole family went to see the cul-de-sac where they planned to live in the future. The kids seemed thrilled at the idea of living in homes next to each other. The kids were given kites to fly around the property and start getting familiar with the property. And with that, the season premiere of Sister Wives was over.

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