Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dance Moms Miami: Sammy and Hannah Do a Duet

This week, the instructors began by saying that the dancers aren't doing well enough, which isn't a promising start.

Kimmy was at the top of the list. Sammy was second. Jessi was third for nailing the group routine. Fourth was Lucas because he made a lot of mistakes. Hannah was last, despite her improvement.

This week, the Dance Moms Miami team attended a dance competition called Energy. Kimmy was given a solo. Sammy was told she has a duet. Jessy was given a solo. Lucas was not given a solo. Finally, Hannah was told she'd be in a duet...and it would be with Sammy. The theme for the week was named, and it was discipline.

The theme focused around being in jail, and each child was given a pretend crime. Lucas' crime was tax evasion, which apparently hit a little close to home because his mom recently had to pay unpaid back taxes. Jessi was a thief.

The moms began to talk and they agreed - Sammy and Hannah dance differently, and putting them in a duet made no sense.

Jessi's solo rehearsal was next. Her lyrical routine was called Cry Baby Cry. Sammy and Hannah practiced next. The goal of the contemporary routine was to teach of the girls a lesson and get them to work together. As they practiced, it was evident that the girls had different dance styles. Victor and Angel noticed, and tried to get the girls to do a trust fall. Hannah wasn't able to do it, and Victor and Angel wouldn't let the girls move on until it happened. When Hannah couldn't follow through, the instructors noted that she doesn't want to do the duet. After a lot of tears and talking to her mom, Hannah did the exercised and maintained her spot in the duet.

As the team rehearsed, a huge fire broke out near their practice space. As it got closer, Victor and Angel told everyone to evacuate. There was chaos - kids whose parents weren't present cried, and Victor and Angel coordinated carpools to their homes. Victor and Angel were so brave and organized. You could see that they really cared about the kids.

Kimmy's song was about being bad. The instructors asked if Kimmy had ever done anything bad, and even her mom Ani said no. Lucas and Jessi were called down to help Kimmy learn to be bad. They were asked what bad things they've done. Lucas admitted he put all of his mom's bras in the garbage one day. Kimmy was given the homework to do something bad in order to learn what it's like to be a bad girl.

The duet rehearsal continued and it was still off. Hannah's mom Debi felt like she was being set up to fail because Sammi and Hannah's differing styles made Hannah look bad, in her opinion. Brigette took matters into her own hands and told the instructors that Debi thinks Hannah's being set up to fail. Debi was confronted by the instructors, and an argument ensued. You know, the usual.

The competition

Jessi danced first. She was good, but it wasn't my favorite dance of hers. You could really see the emotion on her face, which was a plus.

Kimmy was asked what she did to be bad, and unfortunately, she was told that she failed. All she did was through a pistachio back at Jessi, who threw a bunch at her first. Despite her inability to be bad, Kimmy's dance was good. She was adorable during her jazz routine.

Kimmy ended up taking fourth place in the teen solo competition. Jessi took second place.

The group number followed. I didn't love it. The dancing was good, but the costumes and choreography were not my favorite.

The dreaded duo was last. Before the kids went on, it was addressed by the instructors that this solo is not an act of sabotage, no matter what anyone says. Arguments ensued, and so on, and so forth. After everything, the duo worked. Like, it really worked. It looked great.

I guess the group number went over better than I thought, because it took first place. The duet also did great - it got a platinum award.

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