Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why Is Lisa Lampanelli Still On Celebrity Apprentice? Seriously!

I began this season of The Celebrity Apprentice as a Lisa Lampanelli fan. I thought she was funny, professional and great. As the season progressed, her negative attitude began to wear on me, and I find myself wondering why Donald Trump has yet to give her the boot.

Actually, I take that back - I don't wonder why she's still on the show. Lisa Lampanelli's still on the show because she and Aubrey O'Day are the most entertaining characters. It would be absolutely crazy - and vicious - to see the two strongest-willed players battle it out in the end. But do the pair truly deserve to still be on the show? I don't think so.

I can understand Donald Trump keeping Aubrey. He seems rather enamored with her, along with co-star Teresa Giudice. Teresa's funny and she tries hard, despite the fact that she isn't the strongest contributor. Aubrey can barely define the word teamwork, but she's a strong and controversial game player.

Lisa's funny and puts good ideas out there, but I don't have much other good feedback right for her at this point. She alienated - then liked - then re-alienated Dayana Mendoza on the show. She started issues with Arsenio Hall and made it very clear when she disliked (and then liked) Debbie Gibson. She can't make up her mind about how to feel about people and it comes off as fake and flaky.

Lisa is the root of so much of the show's drama. While Aubrey O'Day is responsible for some of it, Lisa is behind a lot of Aubrey's antics. She's an enabler. And when she wasn't with Aubrey, she got nervous and spied on Aubrey's team. Shady, Lisa, shady!!!

Lisa is clearly manipulating the other contestants and isn't necessarily playing fair. While this would be a problem in a real work environment, The Celebrity Apprentice isn't a real work environment, so her ability to be entertaining is saving her spot in the game, even though she should have been eliminated long ago.

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