Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tough Love New Orleans, Episode 3

This week on Tough Love Miami, Steve Ward asked the girls to prove whether they know how to turn men on.

On the way to the challenge, Despina was confident and Melissa admitted that she was clueless.

When they arrived at their destination, the girls found themselves on the set of a fake game show called Turned Off. They were in front of a panel of men. Each woman would come up, and if they said something that turned men off, the lights in front of them would turn red. It would turn green if they're turned on.

Melissa was up first. She immediately revealed she was a virgin who's never had a boyfriend and the most of guys' lights turned red. Elizabeth turned guys off when she said it's a turn off when guys don't open doors for her or when they want to split a dinner bill. Stephanie turned the guys off by being shallow. Donna turned the guys off by saying she has OCD. Tiffany finally caught onto the fact that she has to tell the truth and put an upbeat spin on her secrets. She seemed to do well with the panel of guys. Despina talked about letting her relationships fade, which the guys didn't like.

After the game show, Steve Ward discussed the women's performance. Melissa was told that she can spin her virgin status in a positive way. Danielle was criticized for not even trying. Despina was told that she had an attitude problem, but she didn't seem to be aware of that.

Next, Steve sent the girls on dates...with a twist. They'd be wearing zappers. Every time they did something that Steve deemed inappropriate, he'd zap them. Melissa was told to keep her v-card a secret. Shalana was told not be negative. Elizabeth was told to let her date know she's into him. The girls were instructed to not talk about politics and money.

Melissa was up first. She immediately commented on having garlic breath and then talked about religion - not good. She also talked about not having been in a long term relationship. Shalana was next. She repeated herself too much. After that, Danielle cursed too much. Stephanie had trouble connecting to her date. Tiffany, on the other hand, did great. She let down her emotional walls.

During her date, Steve pulled Elizabeth aside to critique her actions and she broke down. Steve noted that something must be holding her back. It's clear to Steve that Elizabeth's date liked her but she was unable to break out of her shy mode. After the talk, Elizabeth still couldn't open up as well as she should.

Donna and her date Nick were next. Her date seemed surprised that Donna is older than he is, which led to major awkwardness.

The group session followed.

Steve was surprised with this after the past weeks, but Tiffany did the best this week. Stephanie was told she should be called Poker Face because her date couldn't gauge her level of interest in her date. When Steve went to talk to Elizabeth, he noted that she had a sour look on her face. A few minutes later, Elizabeth broke down and she and Steve yelled at each other. She did agree to work with Steve to improve her issues, even if it means dating someone other than her current date who really likes her.

Even with Elizabeth's bad behavior, she avoided the hot seat, which went to Danielle. Steve replayed a video of her cursing with a count of the bad words that she said. Steve also said that she gives the impression that she's the kind of girl you sleep with then ditch. Her date was turned off and said he wouldn't want to date a girl like her. Steve's theory on her behavior is that Danielle brings out her worst around good guys as a test.

Steve told the girls that he wants them to commit to what he wants for them, and with that, the episode ended.

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