Monday, April 23, 2012

Tough Love New Orleans, Episode 2

This week on Tough Love New Orleans, the women had to write online profiles about themselves. As the girls discussed their profiles, Shalana admitted she's never had a boyfriend, yet she has a baby.

Steve Ward brought in three guys to judge the girls' photos and personalities. Danielle's photo showcased her butt. The guys read it as a sign that she's looking for something dirty.

Shelana's photo went over better and the guys didn't seem to have a problem with her having a son. However, when the guys got to the part where Shelana's never had a relationship, things went sour.

Elizabeth was told that she's hot, but her bad relationship with her family was a negative.

Despina's photo was said to be taken from too far away. The guys said that Despina's comment about always having sex after a date was a problem, and they noticed that she had intimacy issues.

The guys liked Tiffany's profile but were concerned that she left questions blank. To them, it meant that Tiffany wasn't looking for a relationship. She failed, again, to mention her kids.

Stephanie was told that she looks plastic, although she'd be beautiful if she toned it down.

Steve dug into Elizabeth's family issues. It turns out that she was with a guy, and during that time, her family wouldn't talk to her. It came down to money issues. The discussion seemed to help Elizabeth, and she seemed to come to a realization that there's more to life than money.

Joanne Ward and Steve went over a bunch of guys as possible matches for the girls. Some matches were easy, while others weren't. Once the matches were made, Steve filled the guys in on a secret: the girls would theoretically be going to their guy's apartment, but they'd really be going to a fake apartment filled with relationship red flags. Also, Steve was going to call the guys to go outside to get their delivery, allowing the girls time to snoop around.

Melissa and Chris dated first. Melissa noted that one of the wine glasses had a lipstick stain on it, but kept her mouth shut. When Chris stepped out, Melissa snooped and found a ton of red flags. She kept her mouth shut, though, to keep awkwardness at bay. She also determined that he's dating around so things would be over right then and there.

Shalana was next, and she snooped around at the iPad that was lying on the table. Tiffany cased the place and went through her date's phone. Stephanie and "the good John" had their second date. Steph took a look at the Valentine's day card and decided to ask about the pictures and other girl-type clues. She got a great answer - the pictures of females were family members and friends.

Donna was next, and she was saying that you can judge a man by the cleanliness of his towels. She also immediately decided that Butler is not her type. This was further emphasized by a Diet Coke and scratched Teflon pan. Donna practically had a meltdown, and managed to forget her date's name. Classy!

Elizabeth was up next. She immediately noticed the hot pink purse but didn't ask about it. She wasn't thrilled because Stefon didn't explain the wine or do a toast. However, she realized that she and Stefon did get along.

After the dates, Stephanie and Elizabeth walked out when Donna was talking, and Danielle got mad. Despina followed her anger.

In the group session, the girls were told that the apartments were fake. After that was revealed, Stephanie was told that she did the best this week because she addressed the red flags. Her date, John, had great feedback about Stephanie. He said they clicked and he wants to see her again.

Shelana was criticized for looking through her date's iPad. Elizabeth's date seemed positive about the couple's time together. Melissa admitted that she jumped to conclusions after seeing the red flags. Her date liked her even more after this date, but Melissa wasn't sure whether she wanted to see him again.

Donna was brought to the hot seat for being high maintenance and having entitlement issues. Donna was told that she was acting horrible by being nice to her date and then talking about how much she didn't like him. She was also criticized for her unreasonably high standards.

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