Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Toddlers and Tiaras: Southern Celebrity Fairytale Winter Pageant

This week brought Ava, Gabby and Alaska against each other again to compete in the Fairytale Winter Pageant.

Ava, 6, and mom Jennifer were the first to be featured. Ava's a pageant veteran, but she's not great at practicing for the pageants.

Gabby, 8, was second. Her mom Beth says she's the total package. Beth makes all of Gabby's pageant clothes. Gabby seems to really want to compete in pageants. Beth gives Gabby all the tools she needs to win, including a facial before she competes.

Alaska, 9, was third. Mom Lori doesn't seem much nicer than the last time we saw her on Toddlers and Tiaras (Cars & Stars Pageant, 2010). She described Alaska as a pageant announcer would and managed to throw in a dig about Alaska annoying her brother. Alaska seems to have a serious attitude on her, but I don't blame her - she seems to get it from her mom! Lori is committed to getting Alaska everything she needs to win pageants, especially since she's been consistently winning since her stint on Toddlers and Tiaras.

It should be noted that there's a longstanding rivalry between Alaska and Gabby. The moms and daughters are both intent on beating each other. Lori even went as far as to say that Gabby and Beth are stalking Alaska at pageants.

The Pageant

Lori, when she arrived at the pageant, asked if her father would have to pay for a seat at the pageant even though he's blind. Her husband thought it was a ridiculous question.

Lori and Beth were pulled aside before the pageant began. They were told to put any previous drama between the pair (which had happened on Facebook) should be put aside and should not come out at the pageant. Unfortunately, this didn't seem to work, as Lori called Beth stupid in the confessional.

Ava was first to hit the stage for beauty. She did a great job. Judge Johnny Browning agreed, praising her performance.

As Alaska prepared for beauty, her stepfather asked her how someone so rotten can be so gorgeous. Hint: I think some of Alaska's rottenness is because her mom and stepdad keep putting her down!!! When Alaska was onstage, her mom and stepdad were all praises, though, most likely because she was beautiful and awesome.

Gabby was third. She looked a little bit over-tanned. Also, her smile made it look like she was going to cry. However, her presentation was strong and her walk was good.

Winter wear followed beauty. Ava was first, and her dance, costume and presentation seemed to have Grand Supreme written all over it. She wore a fur dress (faux, I hope) and did a dance onstage. The pageant emcee noted that the pageant was ahead of schedule, and when Alaska was called, she wasn't yet in the ballroom. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that the whole lateness thing is forced or staged, so am I convinced that Alaska was intentionally or actually late? No. I mean, what's a show without drama?

Gabby ended up competing next in Winter Wear. I didn't love her costume or music. I'm not really sure what she was supposed to be. She did have good presentation, though.

Alaska and her family made it to the ballroom and realized they'd been skipped. Fortunately, Alaska was able to compete. Her costume and performance were amazing. The only thing wintery about her performance was the blue and white costume, but still, it was awesome.


6 to 7 Year Old Division
Most Beautiful: Janessa
Best Personality: Ava
Celebrity Fairytale Princess: Ava

At this point, Ava cried and dragged her mom out of the pageant because she was devastated. Fortunately, mom was supportive of Ava, which was nice.

8 to 9 Year Old Division
Celebrity Junior Miss Princess: Carly
Junior Miss Fairytale Queen: Gabby

Gabby also cried, but said she didn't know why.

Jacqueline and Alaska were told that they'd be coming back for higher titles.

Grand Supremes
Junior Miss Fairytale Winter Supreme: Jacqueline
Ultimate Grand Supreme: Alaska

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Anonymous said...

Promised to watch this with my daughter tonight since TLC is running them all day. Just noticed that when Alaska was packing to go, I noticed we had the same exact car, yet when they drove off they were in a different car. Bad editing and made me think it was sort of fake.