Thursday, April 5, 2012

Toddlers and Tiaras: Isabella, Shian and Paisley

This week, Paisley of Pretty Woman Prostitot fame had her time to shine on Toddlers and Tiaras.

This week's pageant was Darling Divas in NY, NY.

We opened up with Paisley's mom Wendy telling us that she loves to live vicariously through her three year old daughter. Paisley's mom let us know that she didn't think the prostitute costume that made her daughter famous was too sexual, and this was evidenced by this week's costume, which was way more inappropriate, in my opinion.

Paisley was clearly sent to this pageant by her agent, who had gone so far as to set her up with a New York style wardrobe for the whole week. This was clearly on the list of "things to do to improve Paisley's reputation".

Isabella and mom Susanna were next, and they were not shy about how much they spend on pageants. They seemed like fun, though. The five year old had a great personality and dealt with pageant prep very well. When it comes to getting hyper, Susanna skips the candy - she gives her daughter pure sugar.

Eight year old Shian (pronounced Cheyenne) and mom Trisma were next. When Shian wasn't allowed to get tips on her nails because the lady at the salon said it wasn't healthy, Shian cried. Mom took her back in to get tips on her nails against the salon because in her mind, Shian's happiness comes first.

The Pageant

The producers of this show must have had a sense of humor, because when a girl named Chastity, who was stone cold onstage went on, the producers played the line that her parents wrote for her: the most unique thing about her is that she's comical. Seriously? She did not look comical on stage.

Right before her turn for beauty, Paisley had to go to the bathroom. This began the drama (complete with dramatic music) where Paisley and her dad had to run to the bathroom and miss Paisley's cue. She made it back to do her routine, and she did great. Isabella was next. She blinked a lot. Like, way too much. Other than that, she did great. Shian was beautiful and polished.

Next was New York Wear. Paisley went on first in a toy car. The car had some issues, but Paisley recovered well. The problem was that Paisley had to watch her mom in the audience the whole time, so her performance was weak.

Isabella was next. Unfortunately, she freaked out a bit before her routine and totally forgot what to do when she got onstage.

Dressed as Diana Ross, Shian was last. She did great and was really into her character.


The girls who would be coming back onstage for a supreme title would receive a MetroCard. Jaleah and Paisley got MetroCards in their division. Casey, Lily Ann and Isabella got MetroCaIrds in the 5-6 year old division. For the 7-8 year olds, Shian got a MetroCard.

Mini Supreme: Greer
Division Supreme: Shian
Casual Wear Supreme: Paisley
Beauty Supreme: Isabella
Ultimate Grand Supreme: Lily Ann

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