Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dance Moms: Season 2, Episode 13

This week brought the Dance Moms girls to New York, New York for the Joffrey Ballet audition. They also attended Starbound in Paramus, NJ.

This week's pyramid had Paige, Mackenzie and Chloe on the bottom. Nia and Brooke took the middle. As usual, Maddie took the top of the pyramid.

For the Starbound competition, the girls did a dance where they were jailbirds. It was based on the musical Chicago but in Abby's words, watered down for the girls' ages. (Unlike the birth and stripper songs, I suppose.) Chloe and Maddie were given solos in addition to the group number.

In a not-at-all-surprising move, Cathy Nesbitt-Stein announced to her group that they'd be doing the same audition (Joffrey) and competition (Starbound) as Abby's girls.

Maddie had one day to learn her lyrical solo called "In My Heart." While the routine looked beautiful, how did Abby expect Maddie to succeed with only one day of practice?

Maddie left her dance bag at the hotel before her practice, and Abby freaked out. Melissa tried to take responsibility for the mistake, but Abby would have none of it. Melissa and Abby argued and Maddie got stressed out.

In regards to the audition, Abby told the girls that they're not only representing themselves, but the whole Abby Lee Dance Company. Pressure and taking credit, much?

The Joffrey Auditions

Paige danced first, and she was great. Brooke was great too. Both of those girls seemed to have tricks in their routines, which is unfortunate because a judge noted that she wasn't a fan of tricks. Nia was next, and she said she thought she did well. Mackenzie was told that whoever told her to shake her bum-bum is a dum-dum. Abby was quick to blame Melissa for that.

Kendall, the Abby Lee-to-Candy Apple transport, was next, and the judges seemed to respond positively to her.

Chloe followed her and did beautifully. A judge told her she has natural talent but needs more ballet classes. Maddie followed Chloe. She was nervous because she doesn't focus on ballet in her training. She did wonderfully and kept a smile on her face the whole time. She was told that she could have been on Broadway because of her showmanship, but she never let herself pause. She was told that she has potential but wasn't where she needs to be.

During the group audition, Cathy insulted a dancer pretending to not know who it was, then turned to Kelly and said, "Oh, that's your daughter!" Classy, Cathy. Christi got in on the argument, and one of the dance judges had to come out and tell the ladies to be quiet. He then stepped back in to tell the dance students to never act like the women arguing outside.


Abby's girls did their jail-based dance number. If Abby's goal was age appropriate, it didn't work. The costumes were way too mature, as were the song and dance. It talked about hurting boys before they hurt you - what?

Cathy's team was next. Their lyrical dance was beautiful. Vivi-Anne was used appropriately - she was more of a prop than a dancer, but she doesn't have technical skills like the other girls, so it makes sense.

Abby noted that Cathy might beat her this time, and she was right - her girls took tenth place. Ouch. However, Candy Apples only beat them by one point, taking the ninth place position. Cathy bragged about beating Abby's team, but it was only by one point - it was hardly a victory!

The Scholarship

Chloe was offered the scholarship at Joffrey. She handled it like a pro - she was quietly happy and didn't brag when she and Christi took the call about it.

Maddie got upset that she didn't get it, and Melissa tried to pull her away so she didn't act out in front of the girls. In the confessional, Maddie admitted that she thought she should have gotten the scholarship.

Back to Starbound

Kendall performed her solo first. She was the Queen of Hearts, which Christi claimed is a copy of her daughter's dance. Cathy said this was designed to steal Abby's team's thunder. I think Kendall did well, but I didn't love the choreography. Jill, Kendall's mom, commented on how much she loves that Candy Apple's accepts her and what a great environment it is.

Maddie danced next. She did beautifully until the word "cried" came up in her song, and she ran offstage and had a major panic attack. She begged the stage manager to go again as she freaked out because she forgot her song. Kelly wasn't surprised that Maddie ran off - Abby puts a lot of pressure on her. She had to learn her song too quickly - it wasn't right. Even through her tears, Maddie worried about Abby hating her.

Chloe danced next in a costume very similar to Kendall's. Instead of watching Chloe (who did well), Abby cried about Maddie's mistake.

Backstage, Abby held Maddie as she cried. Abby calmed Maddie down, whereas when anyone else messes up, Abby freaks out at them. Unfair? Clearly.

In the junior solos, Kendall took seventh place. Chloe took first! This was really Chloe's week to shine! Unfortunately, Abby didn't bother coming to awards to see Chloe's success. After a while, Abby walked out and Melissa revealed she was going home. The moms called her out, but Abby said the girls would be fine without her.

And that was the end of the episode...and the last episode of Dance Moms for a while. Now onto Dance Moms Miami!

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Christina said...

You summed this episode up well, but I have to say I was in disbelief pretty much the whole episode. I can't believe Abby would take a bunch of jazz dancers and trick heavy kids to a ballet audition. Actually I can't believe the kids in general don't take more ballet. It's such a technique builder, but then again maybe that's why Abby is always critiquing their technique...she doesn't teach them any.