Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dance Moms Miami: Season 1, Episode 3

The show opened with the instructors telling the students that they didn't dance to their pull potential.

The list followed, with Lucas on top, Kimmy second, Sammy third, Jessi fourth and Hannah last. Of course, Hannah's mom Debi was angry because Hannah did well last week but it wasn't enough.

This week, the team would be going to another Starbound competition. Lucas, Kimmy and Sammy were given solos. The group routine would be a contemporary dance with a theme about insecurities. Victor's goal was to make the audience have an emotional reaction to the number, and in order to do that, the kids must have the feelings as well.

The dancers were asked to talk about what makes them insecure. Jessi was concerned about being embarrassed by her dancing and people thinking she's ugly on the inside. Hannah's insecurity was how the judges and others look at her onstage. Kimmy was insecure because she wants to be perfect but isn't. Lucas was insecure about people's opinions of him because of his hobby. Sammy was insecure about making a fool of herself.

We flipped to the moms arguing about who gets a solo. To her credit, Brigette was a voice of reason, and although critical, made good points in her discussion. When everyone else spoke, I just heard arguments. Abby looked frustrated, and with good reason - she and daughter Sammy didn't exactly seem to be welcomed to Stars Dance Studio when they arrived.

Brigette pulled Abby aside to talk. Brigette apologized to Abby, having realized (in her opinion) that Debi manipulated the argument and what was said was wrong. Mayra joined them and agreed. Abby wasn't entirely sure that the trouble would end post-apology, but she did accept it.

Following the mama drama, Kimmy practiced her solo, which was a combination of contemporary and lyrical dances. Kimmy was told that she doesn't listen to her music as well as she should. Later, mom Ani stressed about Kimmy's perfectionism, although Kimmy seemed to be relatively calm. Lucas practiced next, and while he struggled with some moves, he worked very hard and his talent was evident. Sammy practiced her jazz song next. It was called "All Eyes On Me" and she loved it because she likes being the center of attention.

One of Sammy's moves was like The Dougie, and the instructors brought the moms down to learn how to do The Dougie. They actually loosened up and had fun for a few minutes!

Later, the moms disappeared, so the kids took their places on the couch and made fun of their moms' complaining. It was so funny. The kids were spot on and made the arguing sound so ridiculous. The moms walked in and the kids continued to mock them in a funny way...even the moms laughed. Until they told the kids to get back to practice, that is.

Some of the moms went out for drinks. Abby dropped the bomb that Debi and her daughter Hannah were asked to leave their old studio. Brigette was shocked by this because of all of the bad stuff Debi had said about Abby and Sammy. Brigette dropped another bomb - Debi planned to tell Angel and Victor to sabotage Sammy's dance so she'd lose.

The Competition

Due to a registration error, Kimmy would be going on to perform sooner than planned. Kimmy's dance was called "I'm Not Perfect' but her dance looked pretty perfect to me! It was dramatic and filled with feeling. Lucas was next. He was great, but this is no surprise. Sammy danced third, and she was also great. This was a strong week for Stars solos, in my opinion, although Sammy was told she looked nervous onstage.

Kimmy took second place in the Junior Solo Overall category. Lucas and Sammy didn't place, even though they were great. When Sammy didn't place, Abby told Victor and Angel about Debi's alleged sabotage of Sammy's dance. Victor and Angel certainly didn't deny it, but they did say that they treat everyone the same (meaning that they wouldn't listen).

The group number was next. Each child's costume featured the words describing their insecurity on their outfit. The words were later ripped off to reveal the words "I am unique" in their place. The dance was good, although not my favorite. That being said, it had a powerful message and was a strong number.

The group dance ended up taking fifth place. The instructors came in and said that the group did okay but not their best. They emphasized the fact that the dancers would have to step it up. When Victor and Angel left the room, Abby noted that someone told Victor and Angel to sabotage her choreography. She straight up asked Debi if she'd done it, and Debi denied it. Abby called everyone in the room lying animals and walked out in frustration.

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