Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dance Moms Miami: Season 1, Episode 2

Does anyone else think the Dance Moms Miami theme song reminds us just a few too many times that the show takes place in Miami? It's a bit of overkill!

The show opened with the instructors telling the dancers that they were good last week but need to do better. Next, the instructors unveiled the dancers in order of talent on the list. At the top of the list was Lucas. Kimmy was second because she dropped too early in the group number. Sammy was third. Susan, Jessi's mom, was mad because she thinks Jessi is better than Sammy. Hannah followed, leaving Jessi in last place. Why? Because she pulled the trophy out of her teammate's hand onstage. Jessi's mom defended her, saying that she asked Hannah for the trophy, but Hannah said no. I hate to say it, but Hannah didn't have to give Jessi the trophy, so I'm on Hannah's side here.

Fortunately, despite her defenses, Susan told Jessi that she needs to apologize because she was wrong for grabbing the trophy. In the end, Jessi and her mom had to apologize - Susan did, after all, freak out and pull her daughter out of class.

This week, the team was going to Starbound in Long Beach, California. The group number was jazz funk. Lucas was given a solo - his first of the year. Sammy and Hannah were also given solos.

Sammy was not intimidated to dance against Hannah - she said Hannah doesn't have the technique that she has. Unfortunately, her technique didn't impress, and the choreography led to an argument between the instructors, Victor and Angel.

Lucas practiced his lyrical solo next. He was instructed to be very emotional. Even during his practice, you can see that Lucas is incredibly talented.

The teammates had to go through an exercise where they had to discuss their feelings and how others make them feel. For example, Hannah told Jessi that she can hurt her feelings, although she can be nice sometimes. Jessi seemed affected by Hannah's statement. In return, Jessi told Hannah that she's a hard worker and she's proud of her.

Hannah rehearsed third. It's probably because they showed her early in her rehearsal, but her technique was not great.

The Competition

Hannah did her contemporary solo first. Unfortunately, I was not impressed. While some of her moves were spot on, her choreography came off a bit spazzy. That could have been more the moves than her talent, though.

Sammy's dance was third. She was good. She put a lot of attitude into her dancing. She also does great dance tricks.

Susan decided to ask if Jessi can do a last minute solo because she can improv. Fortunately, the instructors stuck to their decision and said no because Jessi doesn't deserve a solo because of her behavior at the last competition. Susan got mad and walked out.

Hannah took fourth place in the Junior Solo Overall. I was surprised - I didn't expect that. Lucas took second place. Sammy took first place.

The group dance was next. Lucas was hilarious. The dancing was fierce. It had a lot of character acting, which was awesome. The group brought it, and at this point, I was sure they had first place locked down.

It turns out I was right - the team from Stars took home first place. And they deserved it. They were awesome.


Kimmy is awesome. She's adorable when she speaks in the confessional. She's clearly saying pre-chosen words, as she's not an actress, and it's so cute how she communicates what she's reading or has memorized.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Lucas has a lot of talent. He's going to be a star in the dance world.

On this show, the teachers are much more supportive than Abby on Dance Moms. It's nice. At the end of each episode, we close out with excited, happy words from the teachers. That's not to say that the moms don't close out the show with a dramatic episode, but the teachers are a good influence at least.

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