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Celebrity Apprentice - 4/8/12

On last week's episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump switched Teresa Giudice and Aubrey O'Day to the original guys team, and Lou Ferrigno, Penn Jillette and Dee Snider switched to the original women's team. Before the switch, the women lost the majority of the challenges, and this didn't change - Dee, newly moved to the original women's team, was kicked off The Celebrity Apprentice.

The episode opened in the aftermath of Arsenio Hall's rant against Aubrey O'Day in the boardroom. Aubrey had stormed out and hadn't yet returned. Arsenio continued his rant after leaving the boardroom, and Lisa Lampanelli immediately jumped to Aubrey's defense. After the pair argued about Arsenio calling Aubrey a b***h and a w***e, Lisa, in a curse filled rant, told Arsenio that every woman in America in America would hate him. She's wrong - I'm female and I don't hate him.

Lisa continued her madness when Dayana Mendoza and Lou Ferrigno returned to the group and it became evident the Dee Snider was kicked off. Lisa put both of them down and stormed away. Ouch, Lisa...making enemies, are we?

Aubrey did return in support of her charity. She was back in time to learn about this week's challenge - create a 60 second commercial promoting the benefits of They'd present the finished product to the brand reps, who would determine a winner.

When Donald Trump asked who would lead the teams, Dayana Mendoza immediately volunteered to lead Forte. Lisa, of course, had negative comments about this. Teresa Giudice stepped up and took the role for her team, Unanimous.

Aubrey went to Arsenio to talk things out. Aubrey played the nice girl, but it came off fake. Arsenio offered a sincere apology, explaining that he was upset because a family member had recently died of AIDS. The pair seemed to make peace, which was a positive considering that Lisa Lampanelli has enough negative energy for everybody.

Dayana and team came up with the idea of having a love story in the commercial. It would feature two actors. Lou Ferrigno thought the commercial should feature the star power on the team (and I agree), but I disagree with his sentiment that he should play the male love interest. To his credit, Lou did try to contribute by suggesting a new camera angle to enhance the branding, but Dayana totally shut him down. Penn Jillette also got on Lou's bad side by leaving - he had a prior engagement and Lou resented that.

Teresa and team decided to do a commercial where a dad busts into his daughter's room, thinking she's about to have sex with a guy in her room. When the door opens, he sees two people being perfectly appropriate and looking at During their creation process, Aubrey got snarky about Teresa. I'm not sure why I was surprised - Aubrey is trouble, and clearly learned nothing, as she tried to do all of the talking and take control during the meeting with Ivanka Trump. A major plus of Unanimous' commercial is that they utilized Paul Teutul Jr. and Aubrey O'Day in their commercial - they utilized their star power.

In a truly shocking turn of events, Lisa Lampanelli admitted that Dayana may actually bring something to the table, although her compliment was backhanded - she insulted Lou Ferrigno in the process. As Lisa and Dayana worked on editing, Lou suggested enhancing the branding in the commercial, but Lisa shot him down. At this point, I'm thinking that this will come back to bite them later.

Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall did some work while Aubrey criticized them for running out of time and not having things done. That being said, Aubrey did suggest a way to get things done, so negative attitude aside, she did contribute to her team.

Unanimous presented their video first. It was cute, but I think it was too overtly sexual for a company like Plus, their intro was a bit too much of a kiss-up to the execs. Forte was next, and although their video was also cute, there wasn't a lot of visual branding. Plus, the commercial was confusing - the female character kept presuming things, which kept the viewer in the dark a bit,and at the end, the male character was suggesting buying a baby carriage. The continuity was off.

When the executives gave their comments, Unanimous was praised for their star power, but it was noted that their video may have been too risque and was worried about calling paper coupons old fashioned. Forte was praised for showing the variety of savings and features of, but not for using their star power.

Forte discussed their performance first in the boardroom. Dayana said Lou was the weakest player, and Lisa agreed. Lisa actually defended Dayana, although she threw an insult in with her compliments. Lou, who was not thrilled at this, told Lisa that she'd throw her through a wall if she was a man. Lisa freaked out and an argument ensued.

Teresa's team had a better run in the boardroom. Aubrey and Arsenio admitted that they now get along, and Teresa was even told that she's nice - which is a crazy contrast to what we've seen on The Real Housewives of New Jersey! When asked who the company's weak link is, Teresa said no one and she'd bring everyone to the boardroom for elimination, meaning that everyone was equal. Ivanka Trump brought up a good point that Aubrey O'Day took over when she should not have done so. Paul was asked who the star of their team is, and he chose Clay Aiken.

Donald Trump asked Forte why they didn't use their own star power in their commercial, and Dayana said it's because it didn't fit the story. Lou stuck up for himself by saying that he suggested that but his idea was rejected.

Donald Trump asked the contestants which commercial they liked, and when Lou was asked, he said he liked the opposing team's video better. Lisa's response to that was that Lou did nothing, so this is his way of taking himself out of the game. Lisa got combative yet again, and as of this point, I think it's Lisa's time to to leave, and I hope that happens.

The executives' decision was announced, and Teresa's leadership paid off and her team won $60,000 for her charity.

During the discussions that followed, Lisa insisted that she's the only one who's completely safe because she did everything. I disagree. Because there were four people on the team, Dayana was asked who would not be brought back with a chance to be sent home. She chose Penn, although she said that Lisa did a great job. Donald asked if Penn was getting a pass for not being present during the whole challenge, but Dayana said no - he did more than Lou in the hours that he was present.

Ultimately, Lou Ferrigno was fired for not having loyalty to his team. I think this was a mistake simply because Lisa should have gone home, but I definitely think Lou has run his course in this game.

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