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Celebrity Apprentice: Crystal Light...Can They Get It Right?

When discussing the fact that she was called slow, Teresa Giudice said, "Anyone who knows me knows (stumble on words) I'm the opposite of slow." Oh, Teresa. You can't make this stuff up.

This week, the teams were told about Crystal Light's new flavor line, Mocktails. These are low calorie, non-alcoholic beverages. The teams were told to throw a party to launch two new Mocktail flavors: peach bellini and pomtini.

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Aubrey O'Day and Clay Aiken took the roles as team leaders. Aubrey started sucking up by saying that Crystal Light helped her lose a lot of weight. After the leaders were chosen, the drink each team would represent was chosen. The girls took pomtini and the guys took peach bellini.

The guys noted that they aren't big partiers, so this week's task was daunting. On the flip side, Aubrey was beyond confident since she was a sorority sister and member of Danity Kane. To her credit, Aubrey came up with an idea quickly - calling the pomegranate the forbidden fruit and showing that Crystal Light made this fruit possible again using their low-cal drink.

While the guys struggled, Aubrey schemed. She asked Debbie Gibson to write and produce an original song for Crystal Light so she wouldn't have to hear Debbie singing her own songs.

The guys ultimately decided to decorate their storefront like a beach and call their theme "Life's a Peach" (like Life's a Beach). After last week's argument between Clay and Penn Jillette, Penn tried to step it up this week, although he still annoyed Clay. While Penn and Arsenio Hall stepped out to buy props, the guys called their New York friends to come to their event. They asked people to dress as if they were visiting a beach to enhance the beach atmosphere. The guys also decided to sing the song "Under the Boardwalk" to add to the theme of their party.

Aubrey had to present her idea of Donald Trump Jr. She said the slogan would be "Stir your healthy desire." Donald Jr. asked Teresa Giudice what she thought and she nicely noted that she didn't agree with the slogan because it doesn't have the necessary fun. Unfortunately, when Aubrey asked Teresa to come up with a new idea, she couldn't. That annoyed Lisa Lampanelli because she thought Teresa was just speaking up so she doesn't get criticized in the boardroom.

Dayana Mendoza accompanied Debbie Gibson to record the women's theme song about Crystal Light. Dayana seemed to love the song and Debbie's voice, but I wasn't impressed. I felt like the song was missing the it-factor that would make it truly great.

Neither team was entirely happy with their signage. Clay Aiken didn't love the signage for his team, and Aubrey O'Day noted that while Patricia Velasquez took beautiful photos of gardens for their party, she didn't get any signage about the actual Crystal Light product.

The women's party opened with plenty of people in attendance. Their location looked pretty, but it seemed more mellow than the Crystal Light team wanted. Even though the women's set-up seemed to fall short, they had a major advantage over the men. Why? Because no one showed up to the men's first.

Fortunately, the men's party heated up fast and they seemed to take the lead. The guys' event had a fun, party atmosphere, despite the fact that the guys claimed to not be partiers. However, the girls, who claim to be great at parties, couldn't create an atmosphere with the same excitement that the men had.

The girls had an interesting idea - have everyone write down a healthy desire. Lisa took the written desires and read them out loud along with her own funny comments. It seemed like the audience enjoyed it, but it didn't seem to fit a party atmosphere. Then, Debbie sang her song, and although it was annoying, it was catchy. The executives seemed to enjoy Debbie's performance. However, the executives seemed to really love the guys' rendition of Under the Boardwalk, so that outdid Debbie's original song.

The executives gave a really great critique of Aubrey's performance and the team's slogan, but didn't like that the Crystal Light branding wasn't strong enough. The executives said the men didn't have enough branding and signage, but on the plus side, they liked the bars and the fact that the guys were truly engaged.

In the boardroom, the women agreed that they thought they won, and both Patricia and Teresa said that Aubrey was amazing. Lisa talked about how cool the party was. All of the women gushed over Debbie's song. Things started to go sour when Teresa was asked about the party. She started to answer, and Aubrey cut in and spoke for her. When asked who should be fired, Teresa said Dayana. However, when Lisa was asked who should be fired, she didn't agree - she actually stuck up for Dayana, who she typically doesn't like. When asked who she'd bring back if her team lost, she said Dayana and Patricia. Donald called her out for choosing people she doesn't like.

Donald Trump told Clay Aiken that the executives loved him. Dee Snider said that Clay was a great leader and the team was stronger than ever this week. When asked, Penn Gillette agreed that Clay did a great job. Clay was asked who he'd bring back if his team lost. Clay reluctantly named Dee Snider and in his words, either Lou Ferrigno or Paul Teutul Jr.

Ultimately, the girls lost, which didn't surprise me in the least. The girls were good, but the guys were great.

Either Aubrey got to Donald or he thought the women's team did a great job, because he gave $10,000 to Aubrey's charity. After telling her that, he asked Aubrey if she should go home. She said no, and nominated Dayana as the person who should leave. Teresa agreed. When Donald asked Aubrey again if she should leave and take one for the team, she said no because she's an invaluable member of the team. Donald pressed on, asking if Aubrey thought she's better than everyone else. She said no, but I don't really think that was the truth. Despite Aubrey borderline insulting everyone else, many of her teammates seemed to stick by her and wanted her to stay. Aubrey brought Patricia and Dayana to the boardroom where one of the three would be eliminated. In the boardroom, she stated again that Dayana should be the one to go.

Dayana stayed strong in the boardroom but noted that Aubrey's been a big player in many of the competitions - most of which the women lost. Aubrey responded by saying that you can't blame the creative person for being creative.

After a lot of drawn out conversation, Patricia Velasquez was fired because the judges didn't like the details, and the details were Patricia's responsibility.

And that was the end of another episode of The Celebrity Apprentice.

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"The guys also recorded the song 'Under the Boardwalk' to add to the theme of their party."

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