Saturday, March 3, 2012

So, Snooki's Actually Pregnant

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is pregnant. As in, having a baby. As in, the hard partying Jersey Shore star is going to be a mother. Yikes.

I bet Snooki's parents are proud. She showed the world her dirty side and her dirty bits on Jersey Shore. She got arrested. She promoted having lots of random sex. And now, she's an unwed mother. I'm not bashing single moms by any means, because there are many wonderful single moms out there, but I question Snooki's judgment by not using proper birth control. She probably has millions right now - she can afford $10 for birth control each month.

While I hope Snooki turns things around, I feel as if she's starting in the wrong direction by airing her pregnancy woes on TV while living with J-Woww. Shouldn't she be relaxing? Resting? Bonding with boyfriend Jionni? I understand the need for cash when pregnant, as well as the contract she probably already signed with MTV, but isn't this a time that we should be granting Snooki some privacy? Shouldn't she want some privacy?

I really do wish Snooki the best, but I hope she considers birth control until she's absolutely ready for a second child, and considers stepping out of the spotlight the child she's having soon can have a normal life.

Random question: What do you think Snooki's going to name her baby? Something normal like John? Or something spelled weird like Mukayluh? Or maybe something obscene like Jersey Shore Baby? Let's hope she picks something that will allow the kid to go through school without being picked on each day. I mean, the kid's going to get enough scrutiny from the parents in his or her class - at least let the young classmates think Snooki's baby is normal.

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