Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Gypsies Are Back...on TLC, That Is.

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding was back on TLC last night, and the weddings and events were bigger than ever.

One of the main features of this episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding was a man creating a Gyspy beauty pageant which he thought would play on the English Travelers, Irish Travelers and Gypsies' sense of fashion. He expected fifty girls to attend, yet only four did. And they were not good. Sammi Jo, one of the participants, was beautiful, yet she couldn't walk a pageant walk, and neither could the other girls. Also, surprisingly, the girls were terrified to be in a pageant. For girls with a culture of over-the-top revealing clothing, a pageant was a totally new and terrifying experience.

It was notable that as Sammi Jo and her sister picked out dresses, their grandmother commented on how she didn't like the revealing outfits, and how this fashion culture was relatively new. Also, Sammi Jo, who tans multiple times a week, was asked by a show producer if she was afraid to get cancer. Sammi Jo said that she's never heard of a Gypsy getting cancer, so she wasn't concerned. If she heard of someone getting cancer, she'd cut back to tanning twice a week or so, but she wouldn't stop.

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Dolores, a 21 year old Traveler (which makes her an older bride, in her culture) wanted a wedding that would be like no other, and that would be a tough challenge for a Traveler. So instead of flowers or stars as her theme, she went with cats. Her dress was white with diamond cats on it. Her cake and other things had the same design. I personally didn't love it because it was strange to have cats on wedding dresses, but the dress and cake were well made, when it came down to it.

Her outfit for the night before the wedding was also over the top. She dressed as a palm tree, while her friend dressed as a pineapple. The dresses were well constructed, but walking in them proved to be beyond difficult.

Nan-Girl and her cousins were making communion and were trying to outdo each other to be the most beautiful, because in their words, God wants them to be beautiful. When one of the show's behind-the-scenes cast members asked the priest how he felt about the girls wearing skimpy, over-the-top communion dresses, he basically said that he doesn't discriminate and accepts them for their culture, but it seemed that he wasn't entirely approving of the outfits.

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