Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dance Moms - Season 2, Episode 12

Abby opened this week's episode by complimenting Abby and criticizing Nia. You know, the usual.

In a surprise move, Chloe was at the bottom of the pyramid. She was there, though, because Abby had something big coming up for her and wanted to motivate her. Nia joined her, and so did Paige. Mackenzie and Brooke took the center row, and Maddie took the top.

This week, the girls would compete in front of scouts for the Joffrey Ballet Company. This was a big deal for the girls.

The group number was called Nip and Tuck. It was based on the surgeries the moms discussed, namely Kelly wanting breast implants. In addition to the group number, Mackenzie, Paige and Nia would do a jazz trio. Brooke, Maddie and Chloe would do a contemporary lyrical trio called Somebody Told Me. Chloe and Maddie were each given a solo. Maddie's was called Quiet Voices. It's about someone hearing voices in their head. While I'm all about the art behind the dance, I'm not entirely sure that all of Abby's ideas translate clearly to the audience. Like this one, for example.

As the moms discussed plastic surgery and the unfairness of having two trios compete against each other, Nia fell and twisted her ankle. Strangely, Abby seemed sympathetic, although she didn't hesitate that Nia could be pulled out of the competition if she didn't improve. Holly took Nia to the doctor, who fortunately cleared her to dance, although she'd need to be careful.

While Abby loved Maddie's dance practice, Chloe faltered. To show off Maddie even more than she usually does, Abby had Maddie perform for the senior company. In the 'mom room,' Kelly noted that Abby's trying to turn all of the kids against Maddie. Christi asked Melissa to stand up for the kids and not let Abby do things like this. Christi said she's an advocate for all of the kids, and Melissa should be as well. Melissa stormed out and told Maddie that she doesn't want to dance at the Abby Lee Dance Company anymore because of how the other moms treat her.

On the bus to the competition, Abby told the driver that the bus needs to stop at her house to pick up her dog. The bus driver refused, saying that he can't deviate from the route. The moms loved that Abby was put in her place. Also on the bus, Melissa gave Kelly a push-up bra to enhance her assets until she could get her surgery.

During the rehearsal, Abby had noted that Maddie started acting strangely. Maddie noted in the confessional that Abby's being even tougher than usual. At the competition, Maddie seemed to be completely stressed. Like Maddie, Christi was stressed, but that's because she felt Chloe didn't get enough rehearsal for her dances.

The Competition

Maddie danced first. She was great as usual. She did great twists and turns, and the choreography was pretty and appropriate.

Maddie, Chloe and Brooke's lyrical trio was next. They also did well, and their outfits were completely age appropriate.

Mackenzie, Paige and Nia (who worried about her foot) were next. They did great, and their song was fun and age appropriate. Fortunately, Nia's foot was fine when she hit the stage, and she contributed to a great trio. Nia asked Abby how her jumps were, and Abby said they were good, but also criticized Nia's form. Holly spoke out in frustration - she wanted feedback from Abby, and Abby wasn't providing it.

Abby and Chloe went over Chloe's routine, called Watercolors Fade, in the dressing room because Chloe kept forgetting part of her dance. Christi gave Chloe a pep talk, telling her to do her best. Chloe looked beautiful until she forgot her move and stumbled onstage. She seemed to recover well, but Abby was clearly less than pleased. Abby used this opportunity to take a dig at Nia. She noted that Chloe handled things correctly by staying onstage and finishing her dance, whereas Nia ran offstage a few weeks before.

The group dance was last. The girls danced well, but the dance was a bit haunting, and I hated how they had the cut marks drawn on their faces. I understand that they were part of the costume, but there's something so wrong about these young girls even thinking about plastic surgery.

The Results

Maddie took first place in the junior division, but Chloe did not place.

In the trio competition, Maddie, Brooke and Chloe took first place.

The girls did not place in the group number. Abby said that when the girls realized that working as a team would win them the overall, they'd win. Yet somehow Abby seemed to take no responsibility for the fact that maybe the judges just didn't like the costumes or choreography.

The scout from the Joffrey Ballet School came into the dressing room and invited the Abby Lee girls to audition for a full scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet School. They were thrilled. It seems that we'll see the auditions at Joffrey next week, and we'll also see some rivalry between Abby Lee and Cathy Nesbitt-Stein.


maryberry153 said...

do you happen to know the real name and artist of the song maddie danced to? I loved that song!

Anonymous said...

Will you do the Dance Moms Miami Recap too?? Because I am Brazilian and it takes at least 2 days for me see the episode, your recaps are amazing for me!

Isadora Córdova

Less Than Reality said...

I reviewed the first Dance Moms Miami & hope to do more. :)