Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dance Moms: Season 2, Episode 11

This week on Dance Moms, the girls competed at Company in Chicago, and they'd be. competing against Cathy Nesbitt-Stein's team from Candy Apple's Dance Studio

The pyramid was first. Nia, Mackenzie and Brooke took the bottom row. Chloe and Paige were in the middle. Maddie, like usual, was on top.

The group routine was a lyrical dance about a homeless child. In addition, Maddie was given a lyrical solo in which she pretends to be Snow White, and Chloe, Maddie and Nia were given a trio.

The moms talked about how Abby Lee was being nice, so something must be going on. Then, Holly came in and was thrilled to hear that Nia was in the trio. Holly had another announcement after that - she'd be taking a year off to spend more time with Nia and enjoy her life.

Next, we flipped to Candy Apple's Dance Studio and Cathy Nesbitt-Stein. Cathy announced that her girls would be competing in Chicago. Her team was doing a dark, satirical clown routine, and her dancer Justice would be going head-to-head with Maddie.

Abby's true intentions came out next regarding the trio. She said that Holly thinks that by putting Nia in a dance with Maddie and Chloe, she'll dance as well as them. Abby wasn't as convinced. Also, Abby noted that the way the women treated Melissa may make her snap. (Foreshadowing!)

Melissa and Kendall's mom Jill met up and discussed how great Cathy has been to Kendall. Then, the pair discussed Melissa's engagement and how the other women tried get into her personal business. Later, we saw the women talk to Melissa about her engagement (against her will) and asked her why she wasn't wearing her ring. Melissa got frustrated and walked out.

Melissa, apparently fed up, walked into the dance studio, got her kids, and said she wouldn't be going to the weekend's competition. Maddie cried because she wanted to dance so badly, so Melissa agreed to let her go if Abby would take care of her. Abby hugged Maddie as she cried. Then, Abby lectured the girls and told them to tell their moms to stop talking about Melissa. She said, "There's two things you don't talk about - weddings and divorces." Christi was not happy about this. Kelly wasn't either, and they told Abby to stop yelling at their kids. Things couldn't have been too bad, though, because Melissa was back the next day.

Melissa filled the moms in on the Cathy and Kendall situation. She noted that she wasn't sure if Cathy was doing nice things for Kendall as a dig at Abby or there were simply positive intentions.

The competition

Maddie's dance, Reflection, was first. She was good as usual. That's no surprise. Justice was next. I did not like his choreography. He was talented, but the choreography was weird. Some of it was awesome, but some was just...strange. In the end, Maddie took first place in this division.

The trio performed next. Their dance was awesome. I personally think Nia did great and we saw some real talent from her, although Abby said she was a beat behind. Unfortunately for Nia's chances to be in another trio, the group didn't place.

The moms took a lunch break, but Melissa didn't join them. The others discussed the weirdness behind Melissa's engagement. The moms admitted that they each got a letter from Melissa's attorney saying that they weren't allowed to talk about the engagement or they'd be sued. Needless to say, the moms thought this was ridiculous. Melissa showed up late, and the subject of the letters came up. Melissa said she didn't send the letters.

The group numbers were performed last. Abby's dance was really interesting. Very nontraditional. I liked it. It tackled a tough subject, but very appropriately. I really enjoyed this dance. Cathy's team danced next. I didn't like it. The dark costumes didn't stand out onstage. One dancer, Taylor, was off beat...and then she ran off the stage. Backstage, Taylor cried hysterically and said she feels like her ankle popped out. She was taken out on a stretcher. Cathy told Kendall that she'll have to replace Taylor on the team.

Abby's team ended up getting third place in the group number. The moms were surprised because they thought it was a great dance, and I agree. I guess some of the other teams must have been really great.

Cathy knocked on the door and brought an engagement present for Melissa. Melissa said thank you, but they can't discuss this and Cathy needs to speak to her lawyer. Oh, Melissa, relax!

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