Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dance Moms: Season 2, Episode 10

This week's episode of Dance Moms began with foreboding music and Abby insulting the girls for losing at last week's Fire and Ice competition.

Abby Lee Miller announced the lineup on the pyramid. Mackenzie, Paige and Nia graced the bottom of the pyramid, as usual. Chloe and Brooke took the middle. Maddie took the top, and Abby said she won her challenge to stay on top of the pyramid twice in a row. She then challenged Maddie to stay there for a third week.

Next, we learned where the girls were going this week: Miami Beach, Florida. The girls would perform a group number called Reputation. When she described the number, Abby made references to Annette Funicello and 60's bikinis.

Chloe, Maddie and Nia were given solos, and Maddie, Chloe and Paige were given a trio. When Abby said this, Holly seemed disappointed for Nia, and Paige noted that she has to have warts removed from her feet this week. Abby said that might disqualify Paige from being in the trio.

We later learned that Maddie's solo was called All of My Life. Chloe was given a lyrical dance called Send Down Your Love. Nia was given a jazz acro routine. The trio's song was called Les Divas.

While the dance rehearsal went on, Holly walked into the dance rehearsal to ask Abby to consider Nia for the trio. Holly said Abby wasn't even considering Nia, whereas Abby contended that she was considering Nia after all. This argument turned into a screaming match, as usual. Well, Abby screamed and Holly was calm. In the end, Abby told Holly to leave because she was expelled. Holly said she'd never set foot in the Abby Lee Dance Studio again.

During the next day's rehearsal, Abby noticed that Nia was missing. In response to that, she reminded us that everyone's replaceable.

We saw Kendall in a private lesson with new coach Cathy Nesbitt-Stein. Cathy's lessons were positive, and Kendall's mom Jill noted that Cathy was helping Kendall improve. Even better for Kendall and Jill was the fact that Cathy got Kendall a gig dancing at the halftime show for the Harlem Globetrotters. We saw Kendall's dance, and she wore an outfit that looked like she was a race car driver. She was good, but the song was a bit slow for the atmosphere and I didn't love her choreography. Still, it seemed to go over well with the audience.

Paige went to the doctor to have her warts removed. The doctor warned Kelly that Paige may not be able to dance as soon as she'd hope. The pair hoped for no complications, but Kelly said health would come before dance. During trio rehearsal, Paige seemed to be in pain after having her warts removed. She was given medical clearance to dance, but she was clearly hurting. Abby asked her to leave rehearsal, and noted that she may have to eliminate the trio from the competition.

In a seemingly scripted move, Holly and Nia returned to the Abby Lee Dance Studio. Holly said it was a move to take the high road and not run away from their problems. Nia wanted to dance, so Holly didn't want her own feelings to interrupt Nia's opportunities.

When the girls arrived in Miami, they were given some time to hang out on the beach with Abby. Abby asked the girls if they watched a particular movie, and those who didn't were told to do push ups. After discussing the moves that were seen in the video, Abby made the girls practice their dance. After that, they were finally allowed to play in the water. They played, they did flips into the water, and the kids all ran back to Abby, except Mackenzie, who stayed by the water.

The trio performed their musical theater style dance first. I loved it. It was great. The costumes looked great and age appropriate. All of the girls, even Paige with her foot problems, danced well. The trio took second place in the group dance competition.

The group was second. It was adorable. Age appropriate, fun...this is the kind of dancing I love to see. The girls seemed to genuinely enjoy it. When the girls did rolls and Mackenzie was on their backs, it was so cute and original. Plus, each girl was given her own chance to shine while the others were behind an umbrella. It was fantastic. Still, this only took third place in the group dance competition.

Abby was congratulatory about the second and third place victories because the girls were competing against older competitors. Strange how second place is fine when Abby decides it is, right?

Maddie's solo was first. Fortunately, Maddie didn't slip on this gym floor like she did the last time she performed on a gym floor. Maddie danced beautifully as usual. It was so cute to see Mackenzie watching Maddie dance with so much admiration in her eyes.

Chloe was second. Her dancing was amazing. She did some tough moves where she had to continue to turn many times in a row. The song and choreography suited her very well. Abby noted that Chloe made mistakes but said she did a good job.

Nia danced third. Holly noted that she was worried because Nia had been so shaken up by Holly and Abby's argument. Nia started off strong, but suddenly, she froze. She had a look of pure terror on her face. Nia then ran offstage where her teammates comforted her. Holly joined her backstage and told Nia that she knew the dance and was psyching herself out. Holly went to the competition director, who allowed Nia to do her dance again. Abby went backstage to talk to Nia. Instead of being horrible to her, Abby told Nia that she's getting a second chance, so she has to do 1,000 times better than she would have the first time. And she did. She rocked it. She had attitude like nobody's business. She's not as technically proficient as some of her teammates, but she has onstage attitude that the others can't match.

In the solo awards, Nia took third place in the elementary division. Chloe took second. Maddie took first.

The show ended with the previews for next week's episode, which made it seem like we'll be dealing with a lawsuit and a conflict with Cathy.


Anonymous said...

Do you know what the name of the song was that Nia danced to?

Anonymous said...

Do you know who the artist is that sang All of My Life?

Anonymous said...

The song is "Baila" by Zoel.

Anonymous said...

Who sang the group dance song , "Reputation"?

Anonymous said...

Abby was so wrong it's amazing that every other mom yells at her and when nia mom speaks up she is exspelled. Makes you wonder