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Celebrity Apprentice 3/18/12 - A Viral Video About Mops

Patricia Velasquez began the episode of Celebrity Apprentice by noting Aubrey O'Day and Lisa Lampanelli's clique is creating negativity among the women, and Arsenio Hall noted that Lou Ferrigno needs to leave this week, no matter what. The season is getting dirty.

Speaking of dirty, this week's challenge dealt with that's been around for 104 years, O-Cedar, which makes products that clean floors. The teams were challenged to create a viral video about brand's new spray mop. Now, I know this show thrives on product sponsorships, but really? A video about floor cleaning products? And also, you can't make a video viral. You have to hope that a video goes viral, but you can't "make" a viral video.

 The underdogs nominated themselves as project managers this week. Lou Ferrigno took the role for the men, and Tia Carrere took the lead for the women. Aubrey O'Day made a crack about how Tia was an appropriate project manager because she's old like the project. Very nice, Aubrey. (Sarcasm.)

When the women's team met with an executive from O-Cedar, he told them they'd have to come up with a phrase for their next theme promotion. Last year's was dirty little secrets. Aubrey jumped in and said the video would have to appeal to her age bracket. She's correct, but again, she made everything Aubrey, Aubrey, Aubrey! You know, like Marcia, Marcia, Marcia from the Brady Bunch.

Lisa Lampanelli came up with a "What's your number?" theme to make the mop campaign sexual and appealing. Particia Velasquez wasn't thrilled with the idea, but Tia approved it, so she went along with it.

The men didn't have a smooth time either. Lou took the statement "make the mop the hero" to mean that the mop had to literally be a superhero. Penn Jillette disagreed and made it evident, and Clay Aiken took Penn's actions as condescending. He may be correct about Penn, but I can see how Penn was frustrated with Lou because of his past performance. At this point, Clay seemed to take the lead, and things took off. Dee Snider contributed and an idea was created. Even after this, Penn was not thrilled. Arsenio Hall called out Penn's issue to Clay, noting that Penn was having trouble not being the shining star like he has been throughout this season of The Celebrity Apprentice so far. On the other hand, Clay and Arsenio vowed to win this challenge for Lou, which is nice, but also strange considering Lou's lack of contribution throughout the competition. Ultimately, the guys decided to feature Lou Ferrigno wearing an apron and dancing with a mop.

The roles in the women's team seemed to be shaken up. Debbie Gibson, presumably after last week's accusations towards many people not participating, was frustrated when she didn't get to work on the team's t-shirts because Patricia Velasquez got to do graphic design yet again. Also, Tia and Aubrey had a power struggle - Tia said that Aubrey gets frustrated when things don't go her way, and Aubrey stated that Tia's an idiot for not listening to her good ideas.

Debbie Gibson and Dayana Mendoza met up to whisper about how they didn't agree with the sexual concept of the mop video. They said that the concept was too confusing, but it was too late to make changes. Aubrey, who wants to be involved, noted that she felt useless in this task. Debbie and Aubrey actually got along about not liking how things were going, so you know they felt strongly. On the flip side, Lisa Lampanelli seemed really confident about the project and the fact that the women's team will win the challenge. Until she freaked out about everybody wanting to be the star, that is. At that point, she got downright nasty, although it wasn't completely unwarranted.

Penn's insecurities came out because Clay told him he was being condescending. It seemed to hit a sore point based on his past. Clay, who likes to see the best in people, couldn't get through to Penn and decided he had to give up on making things right between them. He felt as if he tried his best but couldn't get through.

Meanwhile, on the women's team, Dayana called flower shops to ask for peonies, but ended up asking for 'penis.' This is the kind of stuff you can't make up. It was hilarious.

The men presented their video first. It featured a woman cast as Lou's wife talking about the mop as Lou danced with the mop in the background. My opinion? It was pretty awful. Lou spoke during the video, and his speech impediment made it difficult to understand him. His dancing looked disjointed, and the woman's speech was a bit too long. Plus, at the end, Lou kissed the O-Cedar mop and said, "I'm going to mop the floor with you." The problem? That line is an insult, not something you say before you put your lips on something.

The women were second, and they had a great skit as a lead-in for their video. It was fun - the editing was fantastic and the number theme was great. The problem is that it was the video didn't focus on the mop enough. The reason for the video wasn't clear until three-fourths of the way through the video, and even then, the tie-in wasn't great. As a judge stated, the mop wasn't the star of the video - the women were.

When all is said and done, I think the men described and showed the product better, but the video was boring. The women had a great video, but it was all fluff and gave hardly any information about the mop.

The Judging Panel

At the judging panel, Lou told Donald Trump that he stands by his team's work and when asked, said his team worked together well. Donald asked Paul Teutul Jr. (who barely showed up in this episode, if at all) thought the team did well, and he agreed. Clay stuck up for Lou as well. Penn stayed quiet, or at least from what we saw onscreen.

The women were next. Tia was asked who the star of the team was, Tia said Lisa because she works hard and quickly. When Donald turned to Lisa, she said that Tia lacked leadership and she wasn't thrilled with her performance. In turn, Tia disagreed and said she's not a micro-manager and knows how to appoint people to do what they do best. As the discussion continued, it came out that Lisa, Aubrey and Debbie do most of the tasks during the challenges. Tia agreed, and Donald said that doesn't show good leadership on Tia's part. Tia tried to defend herself, but it didn't work out.

Lisa talked and talked and ended up insulting those who weren't in her inner circle. When Donald asked how Teresa was, Lisa said she contributes a lot too, but Donald accused her of backtracking. After that, Donald asked Lisa who the weakest link on the team was, and she was quick to say Dayana. She also said Patricia's not one of the creative people on the team.

Tia made a big mistake during the panel. She noted that she liked a different idea than they'd used, but because others shot it down, she didn't use it. Donald noted that as the project manager, she should have stuck with what she wanted.

Dee Snider was asked about who didn't contribute this week, and he said Paul. Dee defended him, noting that it wasn't Paul's domain. Paul agreed, saying he does what he's asked and he wasn't asked for much. It did come out that Paul suggested the video's concept so he did play a big role. Next, Donald asked Arsenio who he should fire, and he was torn between saying the leader should take the fall and the fact that Paul didn't contribute throughout the challenge. Finally, when asked who Lou would take with him to the table, Lou nominated Paul and Penn. Penn was chosen because of his attitude. This led to a discussion about Penn's emotional disconnect and negativity during the challenge.

The O-Cedar executives thoughts on the teams' performances were discussed. The executives at O-Cedar liked the men's tagline - I'll mop the floor with you - and liked the men's video. However, they disliked the fact that the video came off too much like a commercial and focused on eco-friendly cleaning when the mop can use any kind of cleaner. The executives at O-Cedar thought the women were entertaining, but didn't focus enough on the video and the product.

In the end, the men took the win. I have to say, I was disappointed and I disagree. Yes, their tagline was better, but their video was weak.

Dayana made it clear, again, that she didn't like the women's concept. Lisa, when asked to defend herself and the women's performance , said that everyone went along with the concept that the women used. Aubrey spoke next and said this was an unenjoyable task. She said it's because Tia didn't utilize people correctly. Patricia was asked who should be fired. Donald asked who brings more to the team and will going forward: Tia or Lisa. Patricia said Lisa. Lisa said she shouldn't be fired because her idea for this project was great, but the project manager failed at putting it together. Lisa then said Dayana is the most distracting on the team. Aubrey was asked who should be fired, and she said Tia. She said Dayana's a weaker player than Tia, but Tia should be fired. Patricia stuck up for Dayana, and she said that Teresa Giudice is the weakest player. Teresa said Tia's a stronger player than Patricia. We finally saw the strong side of Teresa!

Aubrey spoke up again and said the women's team is failing because they aren't focusing on the business and their charities. She then insulted Tia, saying she should know more by now since she's in her fifties. Tia, who corrected Aubrey on the age thing because she's in her forties, was not thrilled. Aubrey continued. She said she works hard for every project manager, but Tia was condescending towards her. Aubrey continued about how great she is, and the guys, from their room, said that Aubrey should leave for her self-righteousness. It was brought up that Aubrey was the head of a sorority, and Aubrey shot back by saying she was fat and people picked on her. Probably true, but still, strange to bring up in this situation.

Tia was asked who should be considered for elimination with her, and she point blank asked Donald if someone would go home with her if she nominated herself to leave. Donald said no, so Tia said she'd take the fall, and in the end Tia Carrere went home this week from Celebrity Apprentice. The truth was that she wanted to leave, so it wasn't quite as noble as it seemed. That being said, I think Tia deserved to go, so it was a win-win for her and her team.

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