Monday, March 12, 2012

Celebrity Apprentice 3/11/12: Wow, Really?

Because Daylight Savings Time messed with my sleep schedule, I was able to stay awake for the entire episode of Celebrity Apprentice last night. I'm glad I did because of the absolute ridiculousness that took place on the show.

The teams were given the task to promote the new Buick Verano through a ten minute presentation and ten minute Q&A. As soon as the task was given out, things started to go wrong.

* Adam Carolla nominated himself as the leader for the men's team. Okay, whatever, right? He claims to know a lot about cars. No - not 'whatever'. The team had Michael Andretti on it. You know, the race car driver. The FAMOUS race car driver. Who was not the leader in the car challenge. Yeah, you figure it out.

* Deborah Gibson, as leader for the women, managed to alienate members of her team, including Teresa Giudice. Okay, I guess that happens - you don't want table flipping to interrupt your planning. But the thing is, Teresa brought her husband and daughters in for their presentation, and she was a huge part of making it a success. So Debbie went out of her way to alienate someone that actually brought value.

* Michael Andretti was underutilized in his team's presentation. That was ridiculous. Sure, he's not an actor, but he can definitely talk about cars! Also, Adam Carolla's heckling idea was funny until Paul Teutul Jr. talked about liking the car but not Adam. Ohh...kay. That got weird really fast.

* Aubrey O'Day, while she did have good ideas, also had her ego in full force. She referred to the van she and Deborah were in as the 'cool van' (very mature) and talked about how awesome her ideas were. Worse than that, though, was how she talked about her mom being in a car accident for emotional appeal during her team's Buick Verano speech, and later made a big deal about how she was lying and she's such a great actor. She also called the Verano the Verona twice...nice, right?

* When she was given a chance to talk to Donald before the firings, Teresa Giudice was calm and quiet. The judges called her out for being too reserved to contrast the image she portrays on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. While I can't blame Teresa for not wanting to freak out on yet another show, I think she could have at least defended herself.

* Adam Carolla seemed to know that he screwed up, so he said he would only nominate himself to leave if this team lost. He claims it's because he knew his team won (they didn't) so there was no risk, but when they lost, he stuck to his word. In retaliation, Donald fired two people: Michael Andretti and Adam Carolla. I understand team loyalty and knowing when you're wrong, but Adam screwed it up, costing himself his place on the show.

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Lola said...

Wow, sounds like a very interesting episode I missed! I’m very surprised to hear Adam was sent home, but based on your review it sounds like both deserved it. That’s just a mind boggler to hear that for a challenge about cars, the professional race car driver didn’t step-up. Oh well, I guess he learned his lesson in the end, lol. Although I ruined the surprise of who got fired by reading reviews on this episode, I’m still pretty curious to see how it all played out. I noticed it was available to view on my TV provider Dish’s site Dish Online, so I’m thinking this weekend when my co-worker at Dish comes over, we’ll check it out. Thanks for the read! :)